Monday, November 2, 2015

Nina Garcia #NGQ06 Review sends boxes that are curated by specific celebrities and people of reknown. I'd like to say they actually ship quarterly but they don't. This is Nina Garcia's sixth box but it should actually be her eighth (or maybe ninth...).

Nina Garcia is the editor of Marie Claire magazine and the first two boxes included a copy of that months magazine. Those were the two best boxes. All the other ones have been downhill from there and I think it's because Nina is less involved. It is my suspicion that this will be the last box "curated" by Nina Garcia.
The Cost: $100/quarterly (or less often)

What You Get: Cool stuff handpicked by Nina Garcia in home, fashion and beauty genres.

Baggu Duck Bag- A classic everyday tote that incorporates an inner padded pocket to cradle and also offers a convenient pocket for your phone. Constructed of 100% recycled cotton canvas, the bag features two handles and a 40-inch adjustable strap that fits comfortably over your shoulder or across your body. Bag body is 16" high, 10" wide, 5.5" deep.

Why did I get leopard?! Whyyyy!!?? Of all the things I wouldn't like, this was the only color I thought "Ew" over. Hopefully someone will trade me. It's actually a pretty awesome bag. Really heavy duty and strong. It'll hold a lot. It has a snap pocket inside, handles and an adjustable crossbody strap. But it's not really something I would take travelling with me. It's not the right shape.
Value: $26
Chic Buds Clutchette Power bag-  Take charge of your battery life with the chic Clutchette featuring an ultrathin battery, built-in USB cords and room to carry your keys, lip gloss and other essentials!

I received a sort of salmony orange one and I am totally okay with the color. I've seen a pink and a blue one so far, as well. This actually turned out to be a lot cooler than I was expecting and I can see myself using it. I can incorporate orange. Watch the YouTube down at the bottom to see inside. It's got credit card pockets and two zip pockets. It's actually bigger and more roomy than I was expecting.
Value: $49.99
Flight001 F1 Eye Mask- Plenty of in-air shut-eye, thanks to a light-eliminating insert that provides extra coverage across your nose bridge. Wide elastic straps and velvety lining ensure crease-free comfort.

I just cannot see Nina Garcia sporting one of these. Or any of these Flight001 products. My guess is that she just suggested some products and Quarterly went out and found versions of them on the cheap (and tacky).
Value: $16

Flight001 F1 X-Ray Passport- Protects your passport while making it easy to find your bag.

Well, with a neon orange like this, everyone will know exactly where my passport is if they want to steal it. Sheesh. Ugly.
Value: $10

Flight001 Standby Champion Luggage Tag- Rubber tag is transparent revealing the identification card in the back.

Hideous. And no way would Nina use this. I would expect something leather with fringe or fur on her bag. Heh.
Value: $7
Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit for Her-With 17 beauty, personal care, and style essentials, our signature petite pouch contains everything a gal needs.

I've always wanted one of these! I can't believe how small they are and how much stuff is fit into it! So cute! Yay!
Value: $16
Emi Jay Hair Ties- Emi Jay hair ties are handmade from a soft and stretchy material that provide a comfortable, all day hold.

I like these EmiJay ties and I use them all the time. They appear in subscriptions a lot and I don't mind them at all. But in a $100 box? /sigh
Value: $11
Weleda Skin Food (1 oz)- Weleda Skin Food is a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts.

I'm not big on hand cream although I should be. This has lavender in it so I can't use it anyway. That's okay, it'll be a stocking stuffer!
Value: $6

Jane Iredale Blotting Paper Compact- Made from organic flax seed, which is even more absorbent than rice and linen, these all-natural blotting papers are gentle on skin while ridding it of excess oil for a shine-free finish and come in a sleek, modern compact.

I think this is one of the products Nina sourced. She definitely loves blotting papers (I think these are the second ones to appear in a box by her). I'm not a big fan. Only because my skin tends to be dry and I don't have issues with blotting. And of course, the one time I will need them, I won't have them. Hah!
Value: $11

VERDICT: I unsubscribed. One hundred dollars is just way too much for a box sliding downhill as fast as this one is. I think that if Nina was still had a hand in procurement, we'd be more likely to see good products. As it is, I think she sent a note to Quarterly with all the kinds of things she wanted and then they ran around to find them. I do think she likely chose the clutchette and the blotting papers. And possibly the Baggu.

The nice thing about Quarterly is that they don't charge you until the box ships. So you're free to change your mind up until that point. This is a good thing because they don't ship on time. Ever.

If you would like to sign up for a box, you can see them all right here. There are varying price points. I like Rosario Dawson's box. If you are okay with nebulous waiting periods, you might find something you'll like.


  1. Replies
    1. Huge. Huuuuuuuuuge disappointment. /sigh

    2. Lesson learned, I guess. :( This was somehow even worse than NGQ04 with that Baller hat and fringe crossbody. XD But at least those weren't a complete trainwreck like this box. It sucks that we both got stuck with the leopard print, haha. Lucky us. :pp

      I really like your point on how Nina probably gave them a list... and then Quarterly screwed it all to hell. XD I hope she reads some of the negative feedback on this box and takes her name off of it so that her reputation doesn't get further damaged. This box has probably angered at least 90% of its recipients...

  2. I got the Baggu in a solid navy - I will totally trade you! I love the leopard print one you got! Can you see my eddress? If not I'll look for yours so we can connect, if you might be interested in navy (I'll send a picture).

    1. Hi Mica, someone on Instagram wants to trade as well but if it doesn't work out I will definitely trade with you. You can also trade with Iris (her comment is above yours). I vouch for her 100%. :)