Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pennie Post November 2015 "Starry Night" Review + Pipsticks Coupon Code

Pennie Post is a stationery subscription that sends paper goods designed by Elsie J. Every month you'll receive a variety of seasonally appropriate, useful and fun greeting cards, notecards, gift tags and/or stickers. This month includes a fun extra from Pipsticks.
This month has three cards (all with stars to celebrate the "Starry Night" theme) and a package of fun stickers.

The Cost: $10.23/month or $11 one-time shipment. Ships internationally for $13.50.

What You Get: At least three pieces of stationery, like greeting cards, notecards, stickers or gift tags. The more useful cards, like Thank You  notes and Birthday cards will appear more often but there will always be a variety.

Unicorn Magical Holiday Card- A fat unicorn prancing across the sky! While I wouldn't typically send something like this out as a holiday card (I'm a diehard Christmas card fan), I'll be sending this to a friend who is obsessed with unicorns. She'll love it!
Starry Sky Birthday Card- I love this card. It's just my style and I would love to have this sent to myself. However, instead I'll have to send it to someone else. Probably my brother because his birthday is next. He lives in Alaska. And he probably does have a starry night. And a starry day for that matter. Ugh. Winter in Alaska. Not my thing.
Hello Darling Elephant Card- This is seriously cute. It's probably meant for children but I'm going to use it to brighten up my husbands' day at some point. I've discovered he really likes that kind of thing. He's a lot more... sentimental... than I am. He's the one that remembers the anniversaries.
Pipsticks Sticker Pack- Since this is my first Pennie Post, I don't know if it's usual to have extras like this but it's definitely a fun one. A bunch of super cute, varied stickers plus a coupon to get your first month of Pipsticks for $1. I'll do that! Fifteen pages of stickers plus a bunch of other stuff. It's usually $15/month. Use code STICKERMAIL and sign up at

VERDICT: Pennie Post is a LOT of fun. The benefit is having cards on hand without having to make a quick run to the store to pick one up. The next benefit is the reasonable price. Three really nice, heavy cards for $10 without having to make an extra stop? Absolutely worth it. I don't know about you but around here I'd be paying at least $3 for the plainest card available.

If you would like to sign up for Pennie Post, you can do that here. You can see their past months, as well, to get an idea of what you might receive. I'm very pleased with the variety.

Would a subscription like this be useful to you? Are you like me and hunting one down at the last minute?

*This subscription was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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