Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pop in a Box Monthly Funko Pop Subscription Box! Plus Get 30% Off!

monthly funko pop vinylsSince I've become sort of a Funko Pop addict, I have to tell you about Pop in a Box! Every month, they'll send you a new Pop. Or two. Or three! Depending on how many you want to get.

They have a ridiculously extensive rating system for all the Funko lines of collectibles. This is good because it prevents you from getting a Pop! you already have and eliminates the possibility of getting Pops! you know you don't want.
So, I want all the StarWars and Firefly but I don't want any Buffy or Walking Dead. I really like that I was able to mark each one so I know I don't waste a shipment on getting a TMNT Dorbz when I don't like them.

Anyway, it has a place for all the ones you already have, a space for the ones you want and a space for the ones you don't want. Sounds good to me. I subscribed.

You can get 5% off your first order (no matter how many Pops! you want) with my referral link. However, they are having a really awesome 30% off sale that you should totally take advantage of. Head to the website and clickie their banner. Not sure how long that will last, though, so jump on it.

*referral link was happily used in this post and I'm going to be overjoyed if someone uses it. :D Yay, Pops!

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