Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scentbird November 2015 Perfume Subscription Review and Free Month Coupon

Scentbird is one of my favorite subscriptions. I've been able to affordably expand my fragrance repertoire in a way I never would have imagined. The Scentbird program is perfect for me because I get to try new perfumes that I've chosen myself based on answers to their perfume preference profiles.

I enjoy it especially because so far, I've always received perfumes I actually like based on the suggestions given to me. Now it's been some time and I've started branching out a little. Becoming a little more adventurous with my perfumes. They're a perfect size and each vial is supposed to last one month with three spritzes a day. Mine last a lot longer than that because I don't stick to just one perfume and I don't spritz that often (or every day).

The Cost: $14.99/month

What You Get: One 8ml atomizer of the perfume of your choice. Your first month you will receive a black case and velvety drawstring bag. Subsequent months will just be the vial.

This month I chose Michael Kors Glam Jasmine. Normally I'm not big into floral but I like jasmine so I thought I'd try it. Especially because it also has notes of Sandalwood, which I love. This is *almost* too sweet and flowery for me. Almost. I don't get headaches from it which is key.
Since I tend to go for more spicy, warm scents, I don't have anything even close to this sweet and I'm okay with that. I am actually glad to add this to my collection because I enjoy the scent and it's different from anything I have currently.

I think Scentbird is a great way to experience a fragrance without having to shell out for a full bottle. We all know how expensive those can get. That's why I had so few previous to Scentbird. I only have one complaint. Just one and it's minor. I wish they had more reasonably priced the extra cases. I think they're far too overpriced at what they are now. So even though I really want that pink one... And the purple one... Okay, fine, and the blue one, I'm just not willing to spend that much on one. Wouldn't it be nice if they offered an extra case for subscribing for a six month subscription?! Or two extra for a 12 month? That would be incentive for me!

If you would like to subscribe to Scentbird, you can do that here. I really love their service and recommend it. They've been adding new fragrances by the likes of Juliette Has A Gun and Comptoire Sud Pacifique.

I have two (possibly three) coupon options for you. You can get a free month added to your subscription (you'll pay for the first but the second will be free in a month-to-month) using this link. OR you can get 15% off with this link. OR you can get 25% off with coupon code SCENT25. This last is iffy, I'm not positive it still works.

This is also an excellent subscription to gift to a perfume lover. It's thoughtful but also they get the choice of exactly which perfumes they want so it shows you know them but still gives them leeway to make the best perfume choices.
Currently, Scentbird also has five Holiday Collections available for both men and women. Use code GIVETHANKS until 11/30 for $5 off one collection or $30 off three collections. The collections ALSO include a free month of Scentbird!

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