Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Subscription Box Finds of 2015!

This is the window into my world! These are my Top Ten Favorite Finds for 2015. It's always hard to narrow this list down, especially with the wonderful subscription boxes available. However, I did it and I'm happy to share with you the things I loved. I tried to get it to ten items but there's a few bonuses.

It's been really wonderful having the opportunity to try so many subscription boxes. One of the best things is discovering new products that make life just a little bit better. First, there's the fun of opening up the box and finding out what's inside. Then there's those particular products that slip into everyday use until you can't believe you ever lived without them. That's what these products are for me.

Here they are, in no particular order:

New Beauty TestTube January 2016 Review and Coupon

New Beauty TestTube is a bi-monthly beauty subscription that sends full size and deluxe spa quality products each month. It's an interesting subscription, to say the least. It's not without it's issues, though. While getting full size products is great and the value is there, the brand scope is very narrow and they tend to recycle products. As is evidenced in my box this month.

The Cost: $29.95/month + $8.95 shipping

What You Get: A combination of deluxe-size samples and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands, including  Mally, Moroccanoil, Perricone MD, Philosophy and SmashBox. In addition to the products, members receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RawSpiceBar December 2015 "Scandinavia" Subscription Box Review and 50% Off Coupon

RawSpiceBar sends freshly toasted and ground spices along with recipes to your door every month. The nice thing is that they also send recipes to use the spice blends with! I've had so much fun experimenting in the kitchen with the blends I've received. We've eaten all sorts of interesting things that we never would have had otherwise.

This month features spices for Nordic cuisine. I'm Swedish on my dad's side (my maiden name is basically the Swedish version of Smith) but have Norwegian cousins, who are quite sure that Norway is superior to Sweden in all things. There is, however, an overlap in cuisine that can't be denied. Christmas is always the best time because we get krumkake and struva! Yuuum!

The Cost: $6/month

What You Get: Three spice pouches, which are enough to create 3 individual dishes serving 4-6 people. The total amount of spices will typically weigh between 1-1.5 ounces each month.

Snakku December 2015 Review "Winter in Japan" Plus Coupon

Snakku is a very elegant Japanese snack subscription. You won't find brightly color candies or playful DIY kits. This is for the true connoisseur of desserts, treats and snacks.  You'll find authentic Japanese snacks that have been sold in local snack shops for generations along with a few more widely found goodies.
Your box will be beautifully packaged and wrapped in a paper furoshiki wrap if you subscribe monthly. With a prepaid subscription, you'll receive a cloth furoshiki wrapped first box. I cannot get over how gorgeous the packaging is. Not only is it wrapped in gift cloth but it's also packaged in a slide box that opens to show the carefully packed snacks. It's so much fun to dig through and find everything.
Another nice thing is the information card that is included. You'll receive a little history on some of the featured snacks along with a description. There's a combination of special, curated snacks and also some popular snacks as well. So if you really love some of the more common snacks, Snakku will not disappoint.

The theme this month is "Winter in Japan" and all the treats revolve around the cold season and the snowy areas of Japan. Did you know that parts of Japan regularly get over 25 feet of snow?! I sure didn't. You can't find a single "snowiest place on earth" list without at least two Japanese cities or regions. I had no idea! I did like it when I discovered that Paradise, here on Mt Rainier, used to hold the record for most snowfall (1175 inches) and is considered the snowiest place on earth with an average of 56 inches a year. It's a fantastic place to visit, I have many fond memories of being there.

The Cost: $38.95/month

What You Get:  You will receive a beautifully packaged box of 10 - 15 expertly curated, hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan, along with a selection of familiar Japanese snacks. Information describing the snacks and their creators will also be included.

Snakku has also introduced a Tasting Box that is $14.95 and will have 5-7 curated snacks in it. So if you're looking longingly at this box but $38.99 is prohibitive, this is your chance to experience Snakku much more affordably.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

W.Lab Honey Beam Cushion #21 Light Review and Q-Depot Offers

Q-Depot offered me a chance to try the W.Lab Honey Beam Cushion Pact and I couldn't say no. If there's one thing I love, it's Korean beauty products and I've always wanted to try a cushion. I've noticed that mainstream cosmetics companies are now copying the cushion idea (I just saw MAC is debuting one) but these have been around for years in Korea.

If you're looking for ways to purchase Korean beauty products, Q-Depot is an online kbeauty merchant based in Korea.  They offer free shipping for any order over $69USD. Shipping starts at a flat rate of $2.99 depending on your country. Sale pricing is somewhat competitive but the free shipping at $69 is where the savings really are in comparison to other shops. Use code PREXMAS10 for 10% off.

Q-Depot has great brands like Banila Co, Missha, The History of Whoo, Secret Key, Leaders, Tony Moly, etc. If you're looking for cruelty-free brands, Q-Depot is very proud to offer Etude House, Laneige , Mamonde, Sulwhasoo , IOPE , Hera and Innisfree. And of course, W.Lab!

You can't tell me that face isn't just like a two year old who didn't get their way. I'm sure I sported that very look from time to time. Korean makeup has some of the cutest (and most random) packaging ever.


Cozy Reader Club ~ New Book Subscription Box Launching Soon!

Cozy Reader Club is a brand new subscription box for book lovers. You know that this is totally my thing so the second I saw it on Instagram, I was following their page for updates. Currently subscriptions aren't open but I believe they'll be launching in January with the first box arriving in Februaray 2016.

This subscription is still in it's preliminary stages and doesn't have a website yet, I'm just excited about it. You can follow on Instagram.

Definitely sign up for emails so you'll know. You can do that here. Signing up for emails will get you entered to win a 3 month subscription, too, so get on it!

So what's inside the Cozy Reader Club box?

Each month you'll receive a delicious treats, small batch artisan coffee, tea or hot chocolate, beautiful handmade items and, of course, a recently released hardcover women's fiction novel!

I have no idea how much the subscription will cost yet since it's not official yet but I'm excited! I love tea and I love books. It's basically a match made in heaven. Sort of like chocolate and peanut butter.

The first spoiler was released:

Birchbox x Charlotte Cho Kbeauty Box!

Charlotte Cho from Soko Glam has curated a Birchbox for January 2015! I'm happy to see this because I would love it if Birchbox got ahold of more kbeauty products.

Sign up by January 23rd and use code KBEAUTY16 to get this box as your first box!

Here's what's inside:

Monday, December 28, 2015

Avalai "Time of the Month" Canadian Subscription Box Review

Avalai is a Canadian subscription box that provides all the necessities during that time of the month. You can get it in other parts of the world but the shipping is prohibitive. This box takes care of everything! Fill out your profile, indicate any allergies and your chocolate preferences. Then you'll receive a box of everything you could possibly need. Including chocolate!

Here's what makes me happy about this. Opening up this box and finding all sorts of goodies makes me happy. Not having to run out for a new box of "unmentionables" is pretty awesome. They send a lot of product, too, so you're not going to run out anytime soon.

I've reviewed Avalai before but it seems like they've done some big changes since then.

The Cost: $34.95/month plus $3 shipping (in Canadian dollars)

What You Get: You'll be sent a customized selection of pads, tampons, gourmet chocolate, tea, pain relievers, bath and body products and other treats all in the same discreetly packaged box. Your first month, you will receive a one-time gift of an Avalai carry pouch in a pink and white chevron print.

PetGiftBox December 2015 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon

PetGiftBox sends curated and themed boxes of toys and treats for both dogs and cats. This review is for the Small Dog box which is up to 20lbs. If you have a toy type or a dog under ten pounds, you probably already know that getting the right size toys and treats isn't easy and these boxes are likely not going to work for your pup. If you have a 17lb rat terrier, these boxes will be awesome. I have two rat terriers and they both get lots of enjoyment out of their PetGiftBoxes.

These boxes always have a great mix of toys and treats, too. Even better there's a good variety between the toys so you're sure to get at least one that's the kind your dog likes. If your dogs are like mine, most toys get played with unless they're those heavy rubber kind.

The Cost: $28.99/month-to-month down to $18.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A themed box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Kloverbox December 2015 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Kloverbox sends natural, cruelty-free and/or organic beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home products to your door every month. This is one of my favorite boxes of this type, mainly because I love the wide spread of product types received. It's a great way to get to know new eco-friendly and health conscious companies and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Receive premium products to sample from top brands and hand-picked by health conscious curators in beauty, health, nutrition and home categories.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pipsticks December 2015 Sticker Subscription Review and Coupon Code

Pipsticks is a monthly subscription of stickers! It is possibly one of the most addicting things you'll encounter. I'm a grown woman and you don't even want to know how much fun I had sticking these things all over the place. A kid would probably go out of their mind with happiness.
You have a few options to pick from, too! If you want a pack for kids, you can get a specially curated Kid's Club shipment. If you want to expand your own stash for fun and excitement, you can get the Pro Pack. There's a Classic with 15+ sheets of stickers or the Petite with 7+ sheets. This review is for the Pro Pack Classic.

The Cost: $14.95/month for the Classic, $9.95/month for the Petite.

What You Get: Each Pipsticks sticker subscription pack is full of stickers in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. In addition to cool stickers, you'll also find some paper goodies like quote cards and post cards (or craft paper in Kids packs) to make good use of your stickers.

Planner Packs Subscription Box Review December 2015 and Coupon Code

Planner Packs is just the thing a planner addict needs in their life! What could be better than getting a box that will give you a supply of stickers, washi tape, pens, and all kinds of other cool stuff to fill your planner days?!

Since I just got my first planner, I'm really excited about getting creative and decorating it to my hearts content. I think something like Planner Packs is fun because it gets you out of a possible creative rut but also provides SO MUCH stuff that you'll never run out of ideas or things to do with what arrives.

The Cost: $23.48/month ($17.99 plus $5.49 shipping)

What You Get: Every Planner Packs monthly box will include some recurring items such as pens, washi tape, and stickers. There are also extra special items found on Etsy or from other suppliers.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1Up Box December 2015 "Galaxy" Review and Coupon Code

The December 2015 1Up Box has a "Galaxy" theme and I'm really glad I was subscribed because anything Star Wars tends to make me pretty happy. I saw The Force Awakens last Friday and enjoyed it. I promise not to spill any spoilers but I freely admit that I had tears a few times. The nostalgia of it all really got me.

1Up Box is a geek and gamer geared subscription box that sends a t-shirt every month. It's one of the reasons I like this box so much. It is definitely cursed with the inevitable "filler" but I feel like getting a t-shirt can cover a multitude of sins.

The Cost: $18.92/month (including shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

Flicker Box December 2015 Candle Subscription Review

Flicker Box is one of the oldest candle subscription boxes out there. I really have enjoyed the candles that are sent. They tend to be handmade, soy or beeswax and generally from well-known Etsy companies or small businesses. The scents are always seasonally appropriate and amazing.

Since my favorite scents tend to be around this time of year, I have been subscribed for a few months in a row. Flicker Box recently changed it's pricing structure and is now charging for shipping and while I was grandfathered in at the older (better) price, I decided to make the most of it and subscribe through January.

The Cost: $34/month plus $5.95 shipping

What You Get: A carefully curated box of all kinds of unique, handmade artisan candles with appropriately seasonal scents.

Duncan's Bookshelf Grab Bag o' Books Science Fiction/Fantasy Edition Vol. 2 Review

Duncan's Bookshelf is an interesting box. It's not a subscription box yet, though I do think they are moving that way. Instead, four times a year they release Grab Boxes. There are two sizes, Mini and Large, and have four and eight books respectively. This review is for the Mini box. The Large boxes have a chance for an autographed book inside, the Minis do not.

Since I read a LOT (almost 180 books this year with an average of 432 pages - thank you, Goodreads), I did not get the Large box because I figured there was more potential for getting ones I'd read before. Plus the Mini was $24.95 and the Large was $44.95. Shipping is free.

There are about eight categories and range from Science Fiction/Fantasy, Young Adult and Geeky/Gamer books to Music, Romance, Horror, Urban Fantasy and even a Seasonally Appropriate box. In other words, no matter your predilection, there's a box of books for you.

As of now, these are not newly released books, although in the future that may change, so keep that in mind. I'm actually really impressed that I've only read one of these books.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Boxycharm Coupon Code for December 2015

I have never seen Boxycharm do a coupon code! Yet, here is one for 5% off if you sign up by December 31st!

The code is DECEMBERBOXY* (actually, I'm not sure about that asterix, it seems weird to have it in a code but...).

The Cost: $21/month

What You Get:Full size and luxury size beauty samples of the best beauty products from popular and chic brands. Anything from nail care and hair products to the top skin care and cosmetics.

Sign up at!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Barkbox Allergy Friendly Review December 2015 and Free Box Offer

Barkbox is a subscription box for dogs. This particular box is for dogs with allergies. I love getting it and the boys do, too. Each month has a nice array of toys and treats. In the case of this allergy friendly box, none of the treats will contain beef, chicken, turkey, gluten, wheat, soy, and corn. These are all common allergy triggers and one of my rat terriers, Dexter, cannot process chicken so it's great knowing that what we get, he will be able to eat.

Usually, each box comes with a specific theme and an information card that explains what's in the box. Lately, there's been a card but it only has information about a "featured" toy. I don't know if that's because it's the allergy box or what. I hope they go back to it.

The Cost: $29/month, less with longer subscriptions.

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products.  Food items will not include beef, chicken, turkey, gluten, wheat, soy or corn.

Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2015 The "Old Lady" Box

Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly sampling box. It's only $5 but I admit that the Winter box wasn't worth that to me. There tend to be a few versions out there; I've seen up to five. I do know that there are different boxes for age categories above 35 and that's the one I get. For reference, in case you're still waiting on yours, my email labeled this box as WM Winter C1.

This hasn't been the only lackluster box, I have to admit. There was a point where I was just about to cancel but then the other part of me thought that it's only $5 so why not keep it. When this box is good, it's really good. And when it's bad... well, it's pretty stinking bad. :D

The Cost: $5/quarterly

What You Get: Deluxe size products and foil samples with the occasional full size goodie.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Something Snacks December 2015 Snack Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

I've been subscribed to Something Snacks for a year now. They send both familiar and more unique snacks each month which I like. Mostly because it means I know there will be something I will likely enjoy no matter what. They tend to have more unusual snacks, too. Things you won't have received in a different snackbox.

The Cost: $13/month

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks.  You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.

Bonjour Jolie December 2015 Time of the Month Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Bonjour Jolie is a subscription that sends everything you need to make it through "that time of the month." It's one of the few subscriptions of it's kind that sends full boxes rather than unboxed, individual items. This is the main reason I subscribed.

They do try to send it to you either in the beginning of the month or the end but really, at least for me, it doesn't matter when it arrives as long as it does. I've seen some complaints for similar boxes saying that they didn't arrive "on time." But most cycles are 19 days so if you say you want it at the end of the month, eventually the box arrival is not going to sync with your period. Just keep that in mind and don't expect the process to be exact.

The Cost: $16/month plus shipping. ($5.75 US, more for worldwide)

What You Get: You can select a mix of products up to 25 items OR a full box of one product (your choice from a list). Each box will also contain a hand chosen gift, specialty bath and body products, sweets like chocolate, teas and/or drinks, feminine wipes and Advil.

Buddhibox December 2015 Yoga Life Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

Buddhibox is designed to encourage and invigorate your yoga lifestyle. Each box contains items to enrich your life, body, mind and soul. BuddhiBox is committed to sending ethically sourced, cruelty-free products created with intention. They work only with organizations and businesses that follow ethical and eco-conscious practices. BuddhiBox also strives to send organic and vegetarian items when at all possible.

The Cost: $32.95/month

What You Get: Each month, delivered straight to your mailbox, you will receive a mix of 4-6 samples and full size products all dedicated to pure and mindful living.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Birchbox Winter Essentials December 2015 Review and Coupon Codes

Birchbox is a beauty sampling subscription. It's one of the most popular boxes and may have even been the first. It's a fun box as long as you don't want anything specific. I think Ipsy is better if you want makeup and you're trying to decide between the two. Birchbox sends skincare, haircare, some makeup and sometimes extra goodies like tea and chocolate.
Where your Birchbox subscription really comes in handy is via their points system. For every review of the items in your boxes, you get 10 points. One hundred points is ten dollars to spend on anything you want in their shop. In other words, your boxes can pay for themselves.

This box also came with a coupon for $10 off a $35 order in their shop. It's nice except its a promo code so it takes up that spot.

I signed up for one year with a Black Friday coupon code and I think that if you're in it for the long term, it's the best way to go. Right now I think gift subscriptions are 20% off with code GIFT20 and that's a great deal. Buy one for yourself or someone else!

The Cost: $10/month

What You Get: Five samples and sometimes full size items, including everything from makeup and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea. Plus a really great points program.

Love with Food December 2015 Deluxe Box Review and Coupon Code

Love with Food is a snack box subscription that sends generally healthy, organic or natural treats to your door every month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. In other words you're not going to find Cheetos in here but you will find some delicious organic chocolate.

This review is for the Deluxe box but there is a smaller size that is $7.99/month. All I have to say is that this December box is full of chocolate awesome.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: 16-20 new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. (The regular Tasting Box has 8+ snacks).

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monthly Munchy December 2015 Review/Rant

Well, it has to be said. Monthly Munchy is not worth it. At all. In fact, it's so undervalue, I can't recommend it because it doesn't even have the redeeming value of having excellent contents. No. In fact, the idea that my hard earned money went to pay for this box makes me so grumpy that I'm staying up later than I want to in order to write this review. At least I can say it's energized me. hah! And I'm mad at myself for subscribing/throwing my money down the toilet.

The Cost: $32.95/month

What You Get: Each box will have 2-3 Salty/Savory Snacks, 2-3 Sweet Snacks and 1 Munchy of the Month (this quantity can and does increase depending on what the munchy is for the month!)

Tuesday Tidbits on a Thursday

I've had an interesting couple of days. First I dyed my hair and then my car decided to throw a conniption fit while I was driving it. But my car is being taken care of with a new radiator and my hair is ridiculously fun.

For those of you interesting in my hair dying experience, here's what I did:

Treats Box Premium December 2015 Review and Coupon Code

Treats Box is a newer subscription that sends snacks based on a specific country or region each month. This review is for the larger Premium Premium Pack. There's always a variety of salty and sweet, which I appreciate since I tend to be a more of a savory snacker than a chocolate one.

This month, the treats are from Germany!

The Cost: $13.95/month for Standard, $25.95/month for Premium

What You Get: Either 4-8 or 8-12 fun treats and snacks from around the world.  Each month's box will feature snacks from a different country in the world.

FabFitFun Winter 2015 VIP Box Review and $10 Coupon Code

The FabFitFun VIP Winter 2015 box is packed with full size products for your home, life, beauty routine and fitness regimen. I like this box because it has such a wide variety of products and tends to send items you won't get anywhere else. The fact that it's worth five times what I paid for it always helps, too!

The Cost: $49.95/quarterly

What You Get: You’ll get a box of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, hand-picked by the FabFitFun team, delivered once per season. Each box is limited edition (once they're gone, they're really gone!) and contains $200+ in retail value.

Allure Beauty Box December 2015 Review

The Allure Beauty Box is my favorite low cost beauty related subscription box. I find they send great brands, good sizes and an even array of skincare, makeup and haircare. It's always worth it and sometimes we get fun things like candles!

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products as well as fragrance.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Popsugar Must Have December 2015 Review and Coupon Code

One thing I love about Popsugar Must Have is that they send full size products and things for your home. The December 2015 box has alll the things I love! Popsugar Must Have is still one of my favorite boxes and probably always will be. It's so different from anything else I get monthly that seeing it on my porch gives me an extra boost of excitement. Even if I already know what's in it.
Every box comes with an insert explaining what you've received and tells you whether there are special extras for the month. This month, there is! Yay for special extras!

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

Litu Box December 2015 Review and Coupon Codes

Litu Box is dedicated to providing high quality, handcrafted artisan products as well as organic and ecofriendly items each month. You will receive anything from healthy foods, bath and body goods and women's accessories to handmade jewelry or eco-friendly home goods.

This is their first official month as a recurring subscription! I reviewed an earlier box here and loved it so seeing this at my door made me very happy.

Litu Box supports the fair trade movement and only works with businesses that are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Their goal is to help improve the lives of farmers to artisans in order to support developing communities. A living wage and good working conditions help men and women earn respect and improved life while allowing children a childhood without forced labor.

The Cost: $30/month plus shipping

What You Get: Each month you will receive a box of handmade and artisan goodies worth over $35. You will receive high quality, handcrafted products made by local and international artisans featuring anything from bath & home goods to women's accessories, eco-friendly products, jewelry & more!

Clean Bar Box December 2015 Soap Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Clean Bar Box has sent some gorgeous scents in their December 2015 box! Droolworthy, for sure! The nice thing is that there are scents that I love and scents that my husband loves in this box so it's a big win!
Clean Bar Box sends small-batch soaps right to your door every month. You'll receive soap scents in seasonally appropriate scents and you have a variety of box sizes to choose from. They're also vegan, contain no preservatives, animal products, petroleum products, parabens, or lauryl sulfates. They're made with coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter with some other ingredient differences depending on the scent.

The Cost: $19.99/month for the Large Box, $14.99/month for the Half-Bar Sampler. This review is for the Large Box. You can also get a box bi-monthly.

What You Get: Four new seasonally inspired scents of artisan crafted handmade vegan soap every month. The Large Box sends two ~5 ounce full bars and two ~2.5 ounce half bars of soap every month. The Half-Bar Sampler sends four ~2.5 ounce bars.

Loot Crate Mass Effect Special Edition Review

When Loot Crate announced a Limited Edition Mass Effect Crate, I jumped at the chance to get one. While the Fallout 4 crate was awesome, it was more for my husband. So is the Mass Effect one, except that it was also a little bit for me, too, since I've played all the Mass Effects and loved them (except for the ending of ME3- eff that). My favorite is still the second one and I've played it through more than once.

This Crate was $75 and sold out fairly quickly. Not as quickly as Fallout 4 but quickly enough. I'm super happy with it and I think I might like it better than the Fallout one. Keep in mind that all of these products are licensed by Bioware and many of them are exclusive. As in, you can only get them in this box. (At least for now).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Popsugar Must Have Special Edition Holiday for Her Review and Coupons

Popsugar Must Have releases a limited edition box at least quarterly. This season there are two available: Holiday for Her and Holiday for Him. I decided to get the Holiday for Her box because I loved last years so much. The special editions are $100 each and the Holiday for Her has over $400 in value.

They did release a spoiler of an Elizabeth Cole bracelet which I wasn't too sure about but I'd already made my decision and bought it so I was hoping I liked it.

Book of the Month Club Review and Coupon

I love reading so when I saw Book of the Month Club, I had to subscribe. Every month you'll receive a shortlist of five new books.  You get to choose the one you want from that list. So far none of the books have been ones I've read, though I have heard of most of them.

This is a bare bones subscription. You're getting a hardcover book plus a note and that's it. I actually prefer that over some of the more expensive book boxes that also have little trinkets. To me, the best part will always be the book.

The Cost: $16.99/month or get 3-months for $38.97 ($12.99/book) or a 12-month plan for $107.88 ($8.99/book).

What You Get: Each month a panel of Judges selects a limited number of exceptional books to offer to members. New Selections are announced on the first of the month, and members have six days to decide which book (or books) you would like to receive.

Every month you get five choices. Here are this months selections:

This month I chose Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell. I didn't choose it because her first name is so amazing, though. I chose it because when I was much younger I was halfway in love with the Marquis de Lafayette from reading copious amounts of books about the American Revolution. He's painted rather consistently as a hero-type and supportive of anything that defies what England wants.
Value: $15.89 on Amazon in hardcover

Blurb from Amazon:

Chronicling General Lafayette’s years in Washington’s army, Vowell reflects on the ideals of the American Revolution versus the reality of the Revolutionary War.  Riding shotgun with Lafayette, Vowell swerves from the high-minded debates of Independence Hall to the frozen wasteland of Valley Forge, from bloody battlefields to the Palace of Versailles, bumping into John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Lord Cornwallis, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Antoinette and various kings, Quakers and redcoats along the way. 

Drawn to the patriots’ war out of a lust for glory, Enlightenment ideas and the traditional French hatred for the British, young Lafayette crossed the Atlantic expecting to join forces with an undivided people, encountering instead fault lines between the Continental Congress and the Continental Army, rebel and loyalist inhabitants, and a conspiracy to fire George Washington, the one man holding together the rickety, seemingly doomed patriot cause.  
While Vowell’s yarn is full of the bickering and infighting that marks the American past—and present—her telling of the Revolution is just as much a story of friendship: between Washington and Lafayette, between the Americans and their French allies and, most of all between Lafayette and the American people.  Coinciding with one of the most contentious presidential elections in American history, Vowell lingers over the elderly Lafayette’s sentimental return tour of America in 1824, when three fourths of the population of New York City turned out to welcome him ashore.  As a Frenchman and the last surviving general of the Continental Army, Lafayette belonged to neither North nor South, to no political party or faction.  He was a walking, talking reminder of the sacrifices and bravery of the revolutionary generation and what the founders hoped this country could be. His return was not just a reunion with his beloved Americans it was a reunion for Americans with their own astonishing, singular past.

So far, BOTMC has been on target value-wise, saving a few dollars over regular price with the month-to-month subscription. Even better however, is a deal! You can subscribe for 45% off using code BOTM15. Now that is an incredible deal! I hope the code is still working, I can't check for myself. No expire date was indicated. I got a three month deal and it's worth it. I'm thinking of getting another three months just because.

Which book did you choose?

*affiliate link was used in this post.

Monday, December 14, 2015

BeautyFix December 2015 Review and Half Off Offer!

BeautyFix by Dermstore is one of the few beauty boxes that send spa quality brands and products every month. It's the reason I like it so much, mainly because I like getting good skincare. The boxes aren't usually big on makeup so if that's what you're looking for, look another direction. I also think this box is geared more toward mature skin, especially with so much skincare involved in each box.

The Cost: $24.95/month.

What You Get: Each month offers a different selection of full- and travel-size of the latest and greatest products in skin care, hair care and makeup, worth at least $100.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Dottiebox December 2015 Review and Unboxing

Dottiebox is a subscription that sends well-curated boxes of handmade products featuring small businesses and indie brands. I find that of all the boxes featuring these kinds of products, Dottiebox tends to suit me the best.
Included (along with a lot of coupons) is a information card detailing what is in the box along with the name of the person who packed your box. I think it's fun to wonder who Carly is. Haha!

The Cost: $20/month plus shipping or one-time purchase $22 plus shipping.

What You Get: You will receive 4-6 high quality handmade items from small businesses and indie brands. You can expect to get home and beauty products, jewelry, edibles and many other types of goodies.

TeeBlox T-shirt Subscription Review Plus Limited Edition StarWars Subscription Category!

TeeBlox is one of my new favorite things. In reality it is probably going to substitute for all those other geek and gamer boxes that cost more and don't come with t-shirts. TeeBlox is a subscription service that sends a new t-shirt to your door every month.
I'm going to start off by saying that they have a NEW subscription category! There are some changes coming to the selection process but this is available now. You can now choose to receive ONLY Star Wars t-shirts!! I am already getting a HotMeex (some of everything) t-shirt every month but I think I need to sign up a second time for Star Wars only stuff! It's only until December 21 so get on it. This is a perfect gift for a guy, especially with The Force Awakens coming out!

The Cost: $9.99/month plus $2.50 shipping

What You Get: One 100% authentic licensed geek and gamer shirt delivered to your door every month. You'll also get two extra goodies that could be posters, comic books, decals and/or stickers.

OralCare365 Toothbrush Subscription and Coupon Code

OralCare365 is a subscription that sends you new toothbrushes every one, two or three months. If you didn't know you should change your toothbrust every three months, you probably did but you forgot. I'm guilty as charged about using the same toothbrush for way too long.

The great thing about the OralCare365 subscription is that you no longer have to wonder when to change your brushes, you just do it every time your new shipment arrives. There are toothbrushes of all sizes and colors to accomodate for childrens chubby grips and teen girl penchants for bright colors.

The Cost: $2/brush + $1.50 shipping

What You Get: Your choice of toothbrush(es) every month. Electric heads coming soon.

The best part is the completely reasonable price. Every toothbrush is $2 no matter what kind you choose. So get a little something for everyone and never have to think about all the toothbrush germs ever again. Plus, you can change your brush selection or delivery frequency anytime you want to!

If you'd like to sign up for OralCare365, you can do that here. Use code 2free to get two toothbrushes added to your shipment for free!

It's pretty practical. And likely the perfect thing for a guy living in a dorm or away from home. In my family, it would be my brother who lives away from home and probably rarely even *thinks* about his teeth much less buys a toothbrush. I'm this close to getting a subscription for him because it's hilarious! And it's only $3.50 every three months.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Brushing your teeth is always a good thing!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Memebox Holiday Vault Boxes and Other Upcoming Deals!

Memebox is launching some holiday deals Friday, December 11th and Tuesday, December 15th at 12pm PST. I've been holding off while I try to whittle down my current stash but after I missed the Vault with 100 masks I am determined to snag this new one.

 memebox holiday vault box
First up is the Holiday Vault Box! It has eleven items and a retail value of over $200 but you can pick it up for $105. It does include some of the new Memebox beauty products as well as skincare. It looks like it will contain one of the Lure Red sets, the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, Memebox Lip Gloss, Memebox Eyeliner, Memebox Makeup by Evon Matte Lipstick, Ciracle Snail Hydrogel Mask, Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet, Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream, Diaforce Gold Eye Gels and a Hair Treatment by Reen Yungo.
 memebox holiday deals 2015
Next,the Memebox I’m Lure Red Edition Set will be launching just for the holidays! This limited edition set includes: 1 Eyeshadow Palette in Lure Encanto Brown, 1 mini I’m Eyeliner in Lure Tail, 1 I’m Lipstick in Lure Red, and 3 I’m Nail Polishes in Lure Black, Lure Burgundy, and Lure Champagne.
This set will be launching at a special price of $33 for the holiday sale here.

These two deals will be available on Friday.

On Tuesday, there's even more available, along with a re-stock of the Holiday Vaults. New stocking stuffers will be available along with gift sets at a great value as well as a K-Beauty Travel kit!

You can also expect a Fifty Sheets of Masks Box that contains 50 sheet masks, a $143 value for $49. There will also be new specially curated boxes! I don't know what's in them but I'm excited!

Will you be shopping at Memebox for these? I'm not really into their makeup line but I missed out every single day on the 100 masks Vault box so I'm going to try for the fifty this time around.

*affiliate links were used in this post.