Monday, December 14, 2015

BeautyFix December 2015 Review and Half Off Offer!

BeautyFix by Dermstore is one of the few beauty boxes that send spa quality brands and products every month. It's the reason I like it so much, mainly because I like getting good skincare. The boxes aren't usually big on makeup so if that's what you're looking for, look another direction. I also think this box is geared more toward mature skin, especially with so much skincare involved in each box.

The Cost: $24.95/month.

What You Get: Each month offers a different selection of full- and travel-size of the latest and greatest products in skin care, hair care and makeup, worth at least $100.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Mini Oval Hairbrush- Love it. I have no idea who Harry Josh is but I do like his boar bristle brushes and this is a perfect travel size!
Value: $25
GloMinerals Suede Matte Stick in Pinup- A lipstick of a very bright, orangey red hue. Too orange for me! My reds have to be on the blue spectrum to look good.
Value: $16
SkynIceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gel for Smile Lines- I love all the peptides in this product but I don't love the alcohol. However, I think if I moisturize well enough, I can get the benefit of the peptides without the drying alcohol on my already dry skin.
Value: $5
Lalicious Weighless Hand Cream in Sugar Kiss- A mango butter hand cream for dry winter skin.

VBeaute Lip Spread Anti-Age Hydrating Lip Gloss in - This is a limited edition shade! It's supposed to conceal lip lines and be non sticky.
Value: $19

Dermalogica Age Smart SkinPerfect Primer SPF 50- Use this primer after your moisturizer and before your makeup for a long lasting finish. Or wear it to smooth out your complexion. I'll definitely try this.
Toppik Hair Fattener Advanced Thickening Serum- Is it bad the first thing I though of was "toepick" from the movie Cutting Edge? Or am I so old that iceskating movie is passe? I loved that movie! Anyway, this is for hair. Like I mention in my video, I don't like getting hair products BUT!!! I am going to be bleaching my dark brown hair and then dying it ombre- pink to purple ends. I've never bleached my hair in my life (or dyed it anything so crazy) but I figure there's no time like the present to have a new experience.
I might need this keratin and shine boosting serum after treating my hair so poorly so I should probably keep this. And any other masks and conditioners I get.

Bliss Foot Patrol in Aloe Peppermint- I love peppermint anything! This also has glycolic acid to help with cell turnover. Nice bright skin for your feet! I sleep hot so I like to put on peppermint foot cream before I sleep. Am I wierd?
Value: $18

Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10- Tiny!. This has hyaluronic acid in it but it also has alcohol so I'll pass on this even though I like Vichy.

VERDICT: Here's the thing. I love BeautyFix and I love the products included. What I don't love is seeing so many "free sample" sizes in the box. The box isn't cheap and I feel like it needs to really step it up, size-wise or I'm going to seriously consider sending a break-up press release. At the same time, the box *is* valued at around $100 without counting those minis but still.

If you would like to sign up for Beautyfix, you can do that here. Your first box will be half off and it's totally worth it! No coupon needed!

Feel free to tell me I'm crazy and BeautyFix is everything you've ever wanted in a subscription. I am sort of waffling on it currently. Sometimes it is so amazing I can't believe it and others...

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  1. !!!! I'm so excited about your hair!!!! I have the type of career where I could NEVER get away with that, but that sounds beautiful… I'm so jealous! Plus the few times I've highlighted my hair in the past few years, those bleached strands of hair seemed a little angry with me.

    Oh, am I supposed to talk about BeautyFix? Sorry, distracted by more important things… like YOUR HAIR! I want pink & purple hair! Or maybe just ombre purple hair for me. Sigh, I can dream. Pictures Pictures Pictures when you get it done please!!

    BeautyFix - I canceled and December will be the first month I don't get… unless I lose my will power and sign up for the box 1/2 price with a different email address. I would like the travel size brush, maybe that lip gloss, the Bliss foot patrol b/c I'm crazy too and love minty feet while I sleep! Oh, and the Toppick Hair Fattener - I 'd use that. And I LOVE Cutting Edge! Awesome movie. Yes, probably super outdated but we're the same age and we both think we're still about 25 so I'm okay with that. :)

    1. Okay, you get the first scoop. I bleached it twice (I have dark brown hair) and it came out SUPER white at the roots and sort of orangey brownish blonde. So I used a toner on it. Tonight I dyed it pink and purple. The purple came out great but the pink... Not so much but we think it was because we didn't have enough dye, so i'm getting more tmw.

      Yes! Someone else besides me remembers that movie!! And minty feet are the best! BeautyFix is definitely hit or miss. I think I may just cancel and then sign up again after I see spoilers for a box I don't want to miss. :D

    2. So you're coloring your hair at home? You're brave! Are you taking pictures along the way? I hope you get the pink how you want - I'm sure it will look fabulous!

  2. Omg, you're attempting ombré at home?? Excited to see how it turns out, I've had every color hair in the rainbow, thinking of getting my ombré ends purple soon. Good luck,

    1. Do it!! What brands do you use? I almost went Manic Panic but found Splat at Ulta. So far my purple ends look great but the pink needs another slathering. I'll definitely post photos!

  3. so excited to see how your hair comes out. I tried dying my hair RED and I mean deep RED - just the ends of my hair and my black/dark brown hair was resistant. I guess I should have bleached it first but the directions said it was fine w/o it. I guess it never handled my hardy hair.
    If you can, please upload pictures - would love to see. Thanks!

    1. I definitely suggest bleaching it first. I used a highlighting kit for brown hair called Frost and Glow. I think it is Revlon but it could have been Loreal. It was really easy to apply. I bought a Crimson color to try next, I looove reds!! I figure if anything goes wrong I can just dye it back. I'll make a post showing my process, it's been interesting :D

  4. For that hair brush and that price? Yeah, I had to get this box! :D Signed up through your link!

    1. Sweeeeet! Thanks :D I can't believe a hair brush is what finally got you to subscribe.