Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Luxor Box Holiday "Luxe Gifts" Limited Edition 2015 Review

Luxor Box is a newer subscription that's definitely in the higher echelon of price ranges.  The subscription is bi-monthly selection of full sized products with a value of around $275. They also have a new Petite Box with fewer items and a much lower price.
The "luxe" theme is very apparent with all the metallics involved! I miiight be drooling over mostly everything.

The Cost: Luxor Box- $125 every-other-month for US deliveries and $155 every-other-month for Canada deliveries.  Petite- $39.95 every-other-month for US deliveries (not available in Canada).

What You Get: Luxor Box features 5-9 products ($275+ value). The Luxor Box Petite contains 2-4 ($75+ value) of the 5-9 products being featured from Luxor Box for each shipment.

This particular box is a Limited Edition version and cost a whopping $175. Before you wonder why on earth I got it, I have to admit to a certain penchant for clutches. And this particular box offered a choice of colors for a 1951 Maison leather clutch. Since these are about $90 on their own (and shipped from France) and I've been wanting one, I bit the bullet and subscribed. This box was advertised with a total box value of $500+ and six unique products.

I've not been super thrilled or overwhelmed by the previous regular or limited edition boxes, at least enough to actually subscribe but this seemed like a good way to get the clutch I wanted.
1951 Maison Franciase in Silver Leo- This is what I've been wanting! Since OuiPlease refuses to manage to send me one, this at least guaranteed it. Made of genuine cow leather pouch with a red and white polka dot inner lining. Size large is 9" x 5.25
Value: $93
Graphic Image 2016 Notebook- This is heavy duty! It's a notebook, a planner, a map, a subway guide... It basically has everything you need to know along with abilites to collect everything you want to write about each day.
Value: $70
Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder This creamy, water-activated exfoliant polishes skin daily to a jewel-like luster. Nourishing Japanese rice bran blends with papaya extracts to address fine lines, uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts. Crushed pearl conditions and balances skin while natural exfoliants gently buff away dullness and dead skin cells—leaving skin perfectly prepared for your favorite serum or moisturizer with more effective results. 
Value: $65
Deepa Gurnani Claire Fantasy Flower Skinny Cuff- I think this is ridiculously overpriced. For the most part, everything from this brand is. The crystals are not high quality and I think the color combination is weird. The crystals are hand sewn onto a leather backing and has a sort of drawstring type "clasp" that can be lengthened to accomodate pretty much any size wrist.
Value: $90
Jesse and Co. Hope and Love Catch All- Handcrafted in a Metallic Platinum leather lining inside and a contrasting Taupe pebbled leather on the outside. It is embossed with inspiring words Hope & Love. The measurements are 4-1/2" X 4-1/2" and 1" high.
This is very pretty. It smells kind of funny. I cannot believe that it's $130... Hm.
Value: $130
Checkerboard Conversation Cards and Envelopes-Comprised of paper stock with a velvety-rich texture. The entire set comes in clear plastic packaging for preservation and portability. This item is sold in sets of 8.
These are heavy duty cards and are very sleek and professional. I need a reason to use them because they're so nice!
Value: $19.99

VERDICT: I am so happy to have the silver 1951 clutch! The other items are not as awesome. They're nice but not for the prices that are listed as retail. I don't think I would ever spend $175 on another box. The value of this box is $468 (retail) and is basically about $35 per product in the box. I figure that it'll be worth it in gifting abilities. I don't know. I'm sort of ambivalent because I love the clutch so much that it makes up for other inadequacies. 

This box is no longer for sale but you can sign up for one of their bi-monthly regular and petite boxes on their website. No coupons that I know of. They do ship to US and Canada.

What do you think of this box? Someone either validate my feelings or make me feel better or something... haha!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that clutch! I too love clutches... So I buy a bunch of cheap ones - ha! One day I'd like a really nice one though.

    Yes, the retail values for the other products are ridiculously high... That being said, I do really like the look of everything! (Except maybe the cuff... I'd need to see it in person.)

    1. I have nothing even remotely similar to the clutch and I love it so much! Plus I love leather... :D The cuff is actually growing on me even though I think the colors are a strange combination. The pull-tassels are pretty cute.

  2. I'm so sorry but except for the fact that you KNOW the brand of the clutch, it looks like about 10 in my closet from Deux Lux and Michael Kors and a few other brands ( many with leather and then jewel encrusted exterior, some just leather in reptile print) that LBB sold for practically nothing.
    I don't really care if sherpas in Tibet hand chewed the leather to soften it, it's just not that special. Agree that the bracelet is a dog- I don't know of any true adults wo tie bracelets on in the year 2015.

    I would have been seriously upset with this box and Rachel Zoe's. That ring of hers is so gaudy I can't even wrap my head around how she thought that looked " high end".

    I think I got the best holiday boxes and they cost a LOT less and my expectations are much lower as well. (the Holiday PS boxes).

    1. I feel bad for agreeing but, I agree! T.J.Maxx and places like Marshalls or even thrift stores have these items by the dozen and for tons cheaper.

      On the other hand, if there's money to spare, there's no point in critiquing the cost effectiveness of items bought because it wouldn't matter.

    2. Luckily, the clutch was something I wanted and would be willing to pay for because I have nothing similar. But the other things? /sigh And all this Deepa Gurnani stuff needs to go. Most of it (not all) isn't even pretty!

  3. This was my first Luxor box and I figured since the clutch was included the rest would be great. Overall pretty disappointed... the bracelet is just not me (plus overpriced); the catch-all - cute but way overpriced.