Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monthly Munchy December 2015 Review/Rant

Well, it has to be said. Monthly Munchy is not worth it. At all. In fact, it's so undervalue, I can't recommend it because it doesn't even have the redeeming value of having excellent contents. No. In fact, the idea that my hard earned money went to pay for this box makes me so grumpy that I'm staying up later than I want to in order to write this review. At least I can say it's energized me. hah! And I'm mad at myself for subscribing/throwing my money down the toilet.

The Cost: $32.95/month

What You Get: Each box will have 2-3 Salty/Savory Snacks, 2-3 Sweet Snacks and 1 Munchy of the Month (this quantity can and does increase depending on what the munchy is for the month!)

Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee- This is the best thing in the box and it's delicious. It's a light, crispy almond roca and I love it.
Value: $5
Candy Canes- Um. No.
Value: $0.50

Smores/Cookies and Cream Brownie- Here's the thing. Even though I know that this is made in a commercial kitchen, I'm not a big fan of unprofessional packaging. I don't want to know that something was homemade. I don't want to know that someone was touching my food and they have hair. I would like a cello-sealed, professional package that makes me feel like this is a sanitary, safe piece of food to eat. Am I the only one like that or is my OCD getting the best of me? I would also like a use-by date. This is insanely sweet and dry/crumbly.
Value: $4
Hot Peanuts- A small bag of peanuts with spices on them.
Value: $3?

Dove Peppermint Bark- Several pieces of Dove Peppermint Bark chocolates, repackaged into a small bag.
Value: $1
Route 11 Potato Chips Dill Pickle- Tasty! But again... two bags of potato chips? Can we get some variety?
Value: $1.50

Route 11 Potato Chips Barbeque- I like potato chips but my last box had potato chips in them.
Value: $1.50

VERDICT: I'm looking at maaaaybe $16 worth of product. And that's a big maybe. After paying $32.95, you can imagine what I'm thinking. First, what a rip off. Second, this sub is not long for the world. And third, this is a terrible collection of boring items that I can get at my regular grocery store! That is not why anyone subs to a snack box.

I was already grumpy because my subscription un-suspended and charged me on the same day so there was no option to re-suspend or cancel before I was notified. Then I thought I'd give them another chance. No.

Normally, I'd say something like "If you want to subscribe, do it here" but I'm eliminating that portion of events. I cannot, in good conscious, allow you to subscribe to a subscription that is worth less than half of what you pay for it.


  1. wow, I thought for a moment I read the price for the subscription wrong - just wow and the items themselves another wow and not in a good way. I also agree I wouldn't touch that bag of smore or what ever they are calling it and that bag of peanuts. The packaging just look for the better term unhygienic(?).

  2. Before even reading your description of the brownie, I was thinking the same thing about the packaging. It just...reminds me of some kind of snack dessert that they give out in cafeterias or summer camps. *shudder* The price is unfortunate though, I'd expect a bit more for $33/mo. D:

  3. I paid $22 for one box a couple of months ago after reading your review. Honestly, I have not liked one single Cratejoy umbrella subscription box and I think they are rip- offs.
    My box had inedible fudge goo in an unlabeled little jar. No way I'd eat that.
    The snacks were as dismal or more than yours this month.

    I got out after that one month. Oh, and after I complained about the two items that were apparently either homemade or removed from some industrial restaurant sized packages, they fully refunded my money and had the audacity to act tush hurt that I wasn't thrilled with their box or the lack of product labeling which I do believe is illegal in the USA for all food items.

    1. I think a lot of Cratejoy subscriptions are family run businesses and/or sub boxes that are just getting started. There are some boxes that started out on Cratejoy and moved off of their platform to get their own website when they started becoming successful. I think it's a nice way for someone who wants to start a business to test the subscription box waters but it also means that a lot of them are new to the business world and not so hot in a lot of areas.

      I am SO glad you got your money back! They did have the ingredients list online but it would be impossible to find unless you saved the slip that had the webpage address on it and had access to the internet. I had to dig mine out of the garbage.