Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Subscription Box Finds of 2015!

This is the window into my world! These are my Top Ten Favorite Finds for 2015. It's always hard to narrow this list down, especially with the wonderful subscription boxes available. However, I did it and I'm happy to share with you the things I loved. I tried to get it to ten items but there's a few bonuses.

It's been really wonderful having the opportunity to try so many subscription boxes. One of the best things is discovering new products that make life just a little bit better. First, there's the fun of opening up the box and finding out what's inside. Then there's those particular products that slip into everyday use until you can't believe you ever lived without them. That's what these products are for me.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Hydro Peptide Solar Defense SPF 50- This is from the BeautyFix June 2015 box. It came as a tiny sample and I almost didn't even bother trying it. When I squeezed it out of the tube, it was purple! Little did I know that I would find the best sunscreen ever in that little tube. With the tint, there's no white cast and it evens out my skintone before I've even got my makeup on. Plus it's packed with peptides to help my skin stay wrinkle free (well, as much as it can).
Value: $44
House of Harlow Arrow Ring- This showed up in my very first Rocksbox back in August. Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription but you can buy the pieces you receive if you so choose. I fell head over heels for this ring and I'm hardly ever without it. I thought I hated arrows but I guess I was wrong.
Value: $38 You can find it on Zappos or sign up for Rocksbox and use code sarahbff1115 for your first month free.
Frankie and Coco PDX Cosmetic Bag- Arriving in September in an Aster Market box, this wiggled it's way to being my absolute favorite makeup bag. It sits on the counter, holds a ton and for some reason that zipper pull just makes me smile. Plus I love the pattern. I always take this when I travel.
Value: $24 on Etsy
Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water- While I've received this in the mini size a couple times, the first was in Birchbox in June. It was so cute I didn't want to use it but because I have an affinity for cleansing waters (I hate rinsing my face over the sink), it didn't stay unopened for long. I loved it right off. It's reasonably priced which also worked in it's favor. I've since emptied that initial mini, kept a mini for travel and am already on my second full size bottle. Yep. This product was sneaky like that. How I managed previously, I'll never know.
Value: $32 on Birchbox (I buy it with points) or $25 on Amazon
Too Faced Brow Envy Kit- This should really go at the top of my list, I think. Popsugar subscribers in September all received this kit and I'm thrilled with it. Keep in mind that this was the first non-pencil brow makeup I've ever had. It was basically magic for my brows. I use it every day and prefer it over my Clinique Superfine eye pencil. It looks so clean in this photo! It's not nearly so pristine now. Hah! Oh, and the tweezers stink.
Value: $39 at
Previse Nutrify Serum- This product arrived at my door in March with Boxycharm. It has a high price tag and I was initially skeptical but the ingredients checked out. I let it sit on my counter while I finished a Missha serum. I shouldn't have waited. This is a perfect moisturizing serum that hydrates without any irritation. It's easily layered under a regular moisturizer and was very soothing over the summer months. I'm going to be pretty sad when this bottle is empty. A little goes a very long way, though.
Value: $48 at
Scentbird Michael Kors- I can't believe I ever said I didn't like perfume. I was so wrong! I'm in love with Scentbird for offering me the perfect way to try fragrances without spending an arm and a leg. The vials are the perfect size and I've liked every perfume I've picked based on their selection system. I probably have enough by now to last me awhile but I can't help trying new ones!
Value: $14.95/month on
Miansai Cuff- I was very trepidatious about this. This was the "hero" item from the very first Box of Style by Rachel Zoe. I knew, of course, that I was going to subscribe no matter what but I was afraid the cuff just wouldn't be my style. I was so wrong! I love it! It helps that every time someone notices it, I get a compliment, too. But it's understated yet edgy (for me, anyway) at the same time and it's the first thing I reach for when I think "bracelet."
Value: $200 for sale at
Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel- Shockingly, before I received this in the April 3B box, I'd never tried it. Considering Benton has reached HG status for a lot of people, you'd think I'd have purchased this earlier. No. But after using up this sample and liking the way it treated my face, I bought the full size. I still like it and I use it interchangeably with the CosRx 96 Snail Essence. I just like having aloe in my skincare (and the Snail Essence doesn't have it).
Value: $13 on sale at Memebox
Baggu Shopping Tote- This was from the now defunct Style Quarterly Spring box. Since plastic bag bans have gone in place in the city near me (thou^gh not mine), if I'm out and about I need sturdy bags. I loved this one so much I bought two more for myself plus one for my mother in law. It's the perfect size for holding a ton of groceries (as much as I can carry slung over my shoulder) and its got perfect handles. When my car exploded, I walked home two and a half miles carrying my perishables from my major shopping trip using this bag. It didn't dig into my shoulder and the arm holes (there's probably a better word for what I mean...) are large enough that I could easily hold it just behind me while I walked. I should probably get more. If you don't have one, get one.
Value: They're $9 with Prime on Amazon.

Honorable Mention:

Fortune Cookie Soap "We're All Mad Here" Hand Sanitizer- Spring Soapbox 2015
Ripauste Red Leather Cuff - OuiPlease February 2015
Stowaway Lipstick Trio- Popsugar December 2015
Cluse Boheme Rose Gold Watch- Box of Style Fall 2015
Alexis Bittar Cocktail Ring- Box of Style Winter 2015
Illume Tonka Noir Candle Tin- Allure April 2015
Patchology Hydrate Sheet Mask- New Beauty TestTube May 2015
Harry Josh Hair Brush- Quarterly NGQ05
So Susan Statement Skin- Boxycharm August 2015

Based on my Favorites, I see I should definitely keep subscribing to Box of Style, Popsugar Must Have and Boxycharm. Easily done! And it seems I might have a penchant for jewelry so I should start checking out jewelry subs. Any recommendations!?

What about you?! What have you received that has made itself a part of your life?

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  1. I love Baggu bags! :) The 5p plastic bag charge came into force in England and Wales a few months ago (everyone went crazy but then we are British so we have to have something to moan about eh). They carry so much and the handles are so big they fit right on your shoulder. I even managed to find a bunny print one. :D

    1. Yesss! You know! They are the perfect size! I have a billion other bags and totes for groceries but these are hands down the best and easiest to carry.
      And now I know I need a bunny one. I have a couple stripes and the elephant. I want to find a llama one somehow, too.... :D

  2. Love this post - thank you for sharing your top finds of 2015! I may have to try the HydroPeptide (I got the June BeautyFix and don't remember this at all.. will have to search!) and the Previse Tonic/Serum. I think I'm close to 2000 BoxyCharms which would be $20 off and I see it's still in their shop for the same $48 price. I may have to try the Benton Aloe Soothing Gel too…

    1. Ack! That's actually from me but my husband's stupid profile was on our computer for Google… I hate that.

    2. Haha!! The Hydropeptide was a tiny white tube. I almost just tossed it. I got my mom hooked on it, too. It's the easiest way to wear sunscreen for me. I like that it's tinted so even if I don't want to put on a full face, my skin still looks good (and protected). Ooo. I'm going to save up my charms then it didn't even occur to me to look there! *races to Boxycharm*