Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Beauty TestTube January 2016 Review and Coupon

New Beauty TestTube is a bi-monthly beauty subscription that sends full size and deluxe spa quality products each month. It's an interesting subscription, to say the least. It's not without it's issues, though. While getting full size products is great and the value is there, the brand scope is very narrow and they tend to recycle products. As is evidenced in my box this month.

The Cost: $29.95/month + $8.95 shipping

What You Get: A combination of deluxe-size samples and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands, including  Mally, Moroccanoil, Perricone MD, Philosophy and SmashBox. In addition to the products, members receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine.

Cailyn Dizzolv'It Makeup Melt Cleansing Balm- I like cleansing balms and the transformation they go through from jar to face but my preference is still an oil. Cailyn hasn't been around very long but I think it's fun they jumped on the balm bandwagon so quickly.
Massage the balm onto your dry makeup covered face, add a little water, massage a little more and rinse.
Value: $3

Neocell Beauty Bursts Soft Chews- This brand was in the last TestTube. I'm surprised they put these in again so soon. There was two packs of Biotin bursts in the Novemer 2015 Tube. These are Beauty Bursts so technically they're different but... As someone on my Instagram mentioned: I'd rather not eat my beauty products.
Value: $5
Hask Beauty Repair That Hair- This is a variation with the other option being Express Blow Dry. Oo, which reminds me, I got a BlowPro hairdryer for Christmas. I love it. Anyway, I've been using hair product a lot lately because of  my dye job. This leave-in spray moisturizes, detangles and smooths hair. It controls frizz, adds shine and prevents breakages. Basically it's a miracle product. :)
Value: $6

Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste- Okay, so this is a variation. You could get this or a pack of gum. Yeah. $40 product vs $6 doesn't seem fair. Anyway, this toothpaste uses baking soda, flouride  and something called Calprox to get rid of stains and keep your teeth clean. I like white teeth so I'm using it for sure. This is a gigantic 8oz tube so it'll last awhile.
Value: $40
Mally Long-Lasting Liner in Sailor- Mally is a staple for New Beauty TestTube. I've received a few Mally products from them, eyeshadow and liner both. This is a pretty color and I like Mally so it goes on my counter.
Value: $18
Fromm Beauty Diane Wet Brush- A small brush that works really well on wet hair. I have one of these (not this brand but this type) and I absolutely love it. I was so skeptical but it really does allow for brushing wet hair!
Value: $5
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant- Oh, hello, Dermalogica! I've seen you before! In last years January box. Same lot number and everything. Gentle, daily use exfoliating powder for all skin conditions. Unique Rice-based powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells, instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter.
Value: $10
Bliss Incredi-Peel- I wish they would have put in more than one of these! It's sort of necessary to know if it really works or not (or if it was a fluke). Wipe the pad over a clean dry face, no rinsing necessary. It uses glycolic acid as an exfoliant to remove any dead skin cells on your skin so the fresh new ones can shine through. Glycolic acid is amazing and you should have a product that uses it in your skincare routine. AlphaHydrox makes one that is absolutely stellar (I know because I use it). Seriously, my skin is SO soft after I use it. I put it on at night (it's a cream) and in the morning... new, soft and glorious skin!
Value: $2

TanTowels- These were tossed in my box as an extra. You do get extras from time to time and they vary from box to box. TanTowels might not be the awesomest thing but I'm happy to have them. And yes, they were in one of my past TestTubes.
Value: $12

VERDICT: Okay, here's the thing. I like this box. However I think it could be much better for the price. These are the same people who do BeautyDNA so I know they've got to have some kind of inventory clout. I absolutely think it's worth trying for the coupon price. It's fun! If you're looking for some strange yet interesting skincare (I can't help thinking of this box and those eyelid things), it's worth a try. If you're new to NBTT you won't have any issues with repeats because it will be all new to you.
With all that being said, this is a pricy box with shipping and unless you adore skincare or you don't care about the price, I don't think a continuing subscription would be something you would want to do. Especially since it's the same price as Popsugar.

If you would like to sign up for New Beauty Test Tube, you can get 30% off with my referral link. So your first box will be $20.95 plus $8.95 shipping. If you sign up now, you will receive this box (or one of it's variations). If you don't want this specific box, wait til spoilers for the March one come out.

What do you think of NBTT? I'm conflicted because there are things I don't like but then there's things I do... I'm thinking I may unsub after March. We'll see, though. FOMO is real.

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  1. FOMO is real! I've never subbed to this box but keep looking at the reviews every month and have always been interested... but not at that price - especially with that shipping! Even with 30% off, it's still $30! I know the toothpaste alone is worth $40 but I'd probably get the gum.

    1. Yeah, what's up with that gum thing!? It's not even fair! I'd wait til March and see what they have. And yeah, $30 is a lot. But since they still have the box available, you'll at least be able to make the decision about whether to subscribe or not. Like the time they did the It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Brush? I shoulda got two tubes :D