Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Popsugar Must Have December 2015 Review and Coupon Code

One thing I love about Popsugar Must Have is that they send full size products and things for your home. The December 2015 box has alll the things I love! Popsugar Must Have is still one of my favorite boxes and probably always will be. It's so different from anything else I get monthly that seeing it on my porch gives me an extra boost of excitement. Even if I already know what's in it.
Every box comes with an insert explaining what you've received and tells you whether there are special extras for the month. This month, there is! Yay for special extras!

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

Swing Design Nova Blue Mist Jewelry Box- LOVE!!! Even though it's imitation leather and fake suede, I love this. I can think of a million things to put in it and a thousand places I would like to keep it. As soon as I narrow it down, it will be placed and filled.
Super cute!
Value: $36
Love Aj The Rose Gold Ombre Bracelet- This is a chain bracelet. It appears that someone at Popsugar "designed" it. I am not big on gold chains. Especially not with big links. Not around my neck and not around my wrist. Blech. Luckily, this box is bolstered by the other items I love.
Value: $65
Stowaway Cosmetics Creme Lipstick Trio- The goal of Stowaway appears to be providing the perfect sized products that can fit anywhere and for half the price. I am LOVING these colors. All three are gorgeous, I love the creaminess. This is my favorite size of lipstick, too. I love that these can be tucked easily into a clutch or when completely handbagless, other handy places.
Value: $30
Nima Oberol Lunares Geo Stopper- Her candlesticks were in the Holiday for Her and now the matching wine stopper is in this box. I like it but I don't drink wine. It's insta-headache for me so it's not worth it, even for a sip.
Value: $24
My Cup of Cake Classic Belgian Chocolate- Souffle in three minutes?! Gimme! I haven't made this yet but I'm thinking I will as soon as I finish this review.
Value: $6
Meri Meri Silver Stars on White Glitter Tape- It's like Scotch tape only with glitter stars on it! I'm using it for presents. Or maybe for a little decoration in my planner. :D
Value: $4
Tiny Prints Gift Tag Stickers- These are a special extra and aren't counted toward the value of the box. It includes a $20 off promotion. But these are cute gift tag stickers. I'm going to use a red pen to write on them.

VERDICT: I really loved this box despite the hideous bracelet. It's a large part of the "value" monetarily at least but the rest totally makes me feel like my $40 was well spent. The lipsticks are fabulous, I love the jewelry box so much. Everything is giftable (even the bracelet, I suppose) which is another good thing. Because I accidentally got two. I'm still not sure how that happened. Oh, well. I have a white elephant family Christmas party to go to and I think it'll be the perfect girl gift.

If you would like to sign up for Popsugar Must Have, you can do that right here. You can get $5 off with code MUSTHAVE5 or REFER5.

What did you think of this month's box? Did you love the bracelet and I just have bad taste?

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  1. Honestly I was hoping to love the bracelet but it just seems so huge on my wrist. :( It doesn't look awful when it's layered with other pieces to offset it's massiveness on it's own lol. idk it just seems kind of masculine and clunky to me!

    The souffle thing wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be, either! :( Maybe I made mine wrong, but it was a little on the bland side and kind of had the consistency of a gelatinous brownie LOL

    I loved the curation of this box objectively though- and the jewelry box and lipsticks MORE than made up for anything I was feeling "meh" about. Those two items are probably some of my favorites for the whole year!

    1. I thought I responded to this but the internetz must have eaten it. I tried the souffle today and it was on the sweet side but definitely edible. It does have a weird consistency but it seems that it's normal for a souffle (souffles having weird consistencies, imo). So you probably made it right!

      The lipsticks are heaven!! The raspberry... /swoon

  2. I signed up with the family & friends discount so this box will cost me $25 which is a great price especially considering the bracelet. Looking forward to the box, tape and stickers the most!

    1. Heck yah! For $25, totally worth it! I signed up for another six months with the deal as well. I have always liked my boxes and on the occasion that I haven't (once or twice in two years), I find that it ends up being super useful even if it's boring.