Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snakku December 2015 Review "Winter in Japan" Plus Coupon

Snakku is a very elegant Japanese snack subscription. You won't find brightly color candies or playful DIY kits. This is for the true connoisseur of desserts, treats and snacks.  You'll find authentic Japanese snacks that have been sold in local snack shops for generations along with a few more widely found goodies.
Your box will be beautifully packaged and wrapped in a paper furoshiki wrap if you subscribe monthly. With a prepaid subscription, you'll receive a cloth furoshiki wrapped first box. I cannot get over how gorgeous the packaging is. Not only is it wrapped in gift cloth but it's also packaged in a slide box that opens to show the carefully packed snacks. It's so much fun to dig through and find everything.
Another nice thing is the information card that is included. You'll receive a little history on some of the featured snacks along with a description. There's a combination of special, curated snacks and also some popular snacks as well. So if you really love some of the more common snacks, Snakku will not disappoint.

The theme this month is "Winter in Japan" and all the treats revolve around the cold season and the snowy areas of Japan. Did you know that parts of Japan regularly get over 25 feet of snow?! I sure didn't. You can't find a single "snowiest place on earth" list without at least two Japanese cities or regions. I had no idea! I did like it when I discovered that Paradise, here on Mt Rainier, used to hold the record for most snowfall (1175 inches) and is considered the snowiest place on earth with an average of 56 inches a year. It's a fantastic place to visit, I have many fond memories of being there.

The Cost: $38.95/month

What You Get:  You will receive a beautifully packaged box of 10 - 15 expertly curated, hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan, along with a selection of familiar Japanese snacks. Information describing the snacks and their creators will also be included.

Snakku has also introduced a Tasting Box that is $14.95 and will have 5-7 curated snacks in it. So if you're looking longingly at this box but $38.99 is prohibitive, this is your chance to experience Snakku much more affordably.

Usagi Cream Daifuku- Mine are a little squished but these are supposed to look like Japan's snow rabbits. These have a green tea mochi outside and a cream filling sourced from northern Japan. My husband scarfed these and said they were really good.
Yukizuri- These snacks are made from rice from Kanazawa, plum from Noto and eggs from Kaga. These locally sourced treats are fantastic! There's the crumbly pastry part with the creamy drizzle on top and the perfect tartness of plum. So good! They're formed to look like tree branches covered in snow.
Tsuyahime-tri Senbei- These senbei are made with roasted rice grains in order to look like snowflakes. They're made in Yamagata with Tsuyahime rice.
b- These are puffy, crunchy snacks made with sweet shrimp (amaebi) that is only in season during the winter. They're made by a senbei shop in Tokyo using real amaebi! That's pretty awesome. I don't like shrimp but my husband does. He was sad there were only two.
-41°C Below Freezing- Another snack representing the cold Japanese winters! These made of baked almonds and white chocolate. They're wafer thin and delicious!
Ottoto- A fun snack shaped like animals and tasting like savory veggies! They're kind of like goldfish crackers only lighter (and better tasting). They're also addicting! The taste kind of reminds me of the salad flavored Pretz. This box has two bags of little tasties in it.
Hokkaido Manju- This is a glazed, slow baked Manju cake filled with red bean paste from Hokkaido.

Ramune Soda Candy- I know I said no brightly colored candy but here's a pop of it! I don't really like getting loose candy but it was fun to try these.
Bourbon Chocoliere- Biscuits with chocolate layered on top. French pastries are all the rage in Japan. Each package has two cookies and there were three packages.
Mini Rice Crackers- Someone tell me how to get more of these! I love them! I ate the whole bag, enjoying every crunchy bite.
Salty Senbei- I'm a big fan of senbei so I loved seeing these in here. It seems like every box has some kind of senbei which makes sense since it's such a popular snack. I think they're different brands every month. These are so tasty. My favorites so far have been the ones with the Hokkaido creme on top. Mm!

VERDICT: Snakku is more than just a box, it's an experience. If you've ever received one, you know what I mean. If you've never tried Snakku, I definitely recommend it. It's pricy but so fun and well curated. It's not designed to give you a sugar rush or a bunch of interesting but inedible snacks. Snakku endeavors to show off the best parts of Japan and the tasty treats you can find in out of the way places. At the pricepoint, though, I would like to see more treats or higher number multiples. There is an inherent value in receiving something you can't get anywhere else but whether it's worth it will always be subjective. In any case, this also would make an absolutely stellar gift for someone loves, misses or enjoys Japan and their treats.

Sign up here at and use code BITSANDBOXES to get 5% off your first box. You can use that code on any length subscription and the Tasting Box!

What do you think of this box?

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. My comments are a bit late, and I'm sorry because Snakku deserves all the love and praise I can possibly give them. As most subscription box addicts know, after a while, it really is the little things that come to matter and make one box stand out from the rest.

    While Snakku is so different and delicious that they never have to do a thing to be tops in my subscription world. I dropped all other food/ snack boxes, and to be honest, I wrote and told Snakku that with my goals for 2016, I really couldn't afford the box every month but how much I love it and that I wish them the best success with the best boxes out there.

    Shigeki did the sweetest thing. He ( or she, I'm sorry I don't know which) sent me a tasting box as a Christmas/ New Year's gift.
    I really was happy with the size of the items and the size and price of the tasting box and I'm dropping down to it to keep my resolutions I had to make after buying too much in other sub categories that I didn't use.

    This is a wonderful company with a great owner and staff. They respond personally to email, not send a canned response. Their snacks are wonderful ( no exploding Japanese mini plastic toilets!!) and the boxes are beautifully curated, as Sarah has pointed out.

    I may have cut my subscription list down to my top 5 boxes, which are some of the higher priced luxury boxes but Snakku was the only food box to make the cut. It's that delicious and also beautiful. :)

    1. What great customer service! This is a pretty wonderful company so I'm glad to know that they've created a smaller box option so more people can enjoy what they're doing.
      And Snakku is definitely the most "luxe" snack subscription I've ever tried. :) I'm so happy to hear you were able to keep it.

  2. I love the packaging on this! So tempted to subscribe, but it's so expensive for what you get. Might have to try the snack tasting box instead :D