Thursday, December 10, 2015

The 3B Box Asian Beauty Subscription December 2015 Review

The 3B Box is an Asian beauty subscription that sends beauty and skincare products from Korea, Japan and Taiwan to your door every month. If you are curious about Asian beauty or you are just starting your collection (or obsession), this is a fun way to start. They tend to send both well known brands along with ones that are more unfamiliar in the US. The 3B box also is really good at sending cult favorites. Like they did this month!

The Cost: $12/month

What You Get: Four to five deluxe size Asian beauty samples from Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Mask- Mine is Pomegranate for Elasticity. Also, Sephora has these for $7.50 each but don't you dare pay that much for them! That is ridiculous! One of the wonderful things about kbeauty is that it's cheap for what you get. Except when places like Sephora get ahold of them and mark them up. Bleh.
Value: $4
Secret Key Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel- This is a very popular Korean product from a well respected brand. A peeling gel is smoothed onto your dry face for a few minutes and then rubbed off. When you rub it off, the product pills, taking dead skin cells and leftover make up with it. It's NOT a peel! It's not going to take off the top layer of your skin. It's only going to clean up residue of what's left on the surface of the skin.
Value: $11
Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Vita-Clinic Ampoule- This is a deep conditioner for hair and is for dull, dry and damaged hair. You can put it on dry or wet hair and rinse it off. This was a popular item in the original Memeboxes so I know many people will be happy to see this again.

It's Skin Prestige Creme D'Escargot BB Cream- I'm always looking for another great BB cream. This one has snail mucin extract in it for it's moisturizing powers. BB creams are great because they offer not only coverage, smoothing out the skin tone but also an SPF which is a must! I haven't tried this one yet but I'll put it to the test tomorrow morning.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner- I think this is like a toner. It has peppermint extract in it which is awesome but alcohol which is not (at least for me and my dry skin). It won't make your pores disappear but it will clean them so they're less noticeable. :D

VERDICT: Considering one product is worth almost the cost of the entire box, I'd say this is a win. Plus, the Lemon D-toc a cult favorite and a great intro into the world of peeling gels. Otherwise, I'm always happy to see a sheet mask, there's hair care, a bit of beauty with the BB cream (and the snail excitement factor) and I've never tried the Etude House Wonder Pore.

You'll get a great introduction to Asian beauty with The 3B Box. I believe they are operating on a waitlist so sign up now to get your name on it! The sooner it's on there, the sooner you get off!

What do you think of this box or 3B Box as a whole?

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  1. I reealllly promised myself I wouldn't spoil this month's box by reading reviews...I lasted about 5 seconds before I clicked yours HAHAH :) I still can't believe how great this sub is for the price. I'm really happy with all the products this month from first glance, and I love the variety! Go 3B! :D

    1. Haha! I can never resist... I'm pretty impressed with how well 3B is doing! It's totally worth the $12.

  2. Ahh! So excited by the BB cream. Most BB creams on me take on a grayish tinge which I hate and it dulls the color of my tone. I hope this one doesn't disappoint! Please let us know how the lemon peel & bb cream works out for you!

    1. I like the lemon d-toc! I think you may have issues with the grayness of the BB cream, though. I need to put up a swatch. It works for me but it seems gray tinged right out of the tube.

    2. Oh darn it! Another one hits the dust grrr lol. Oh well, better luck next time.

      I still like 3b box 'cause they often have such interesting picks of products and variety too. And price is insanely agreeable.

  3. How long do you stay on the wait list? Seems like I've been on it forever.

    1. I signed up right when the launched so I wasn't on the waitlist but I know there were people on it for three months in the beginning, then during the summer the wait bumped down to two months. So far it still seems to be two months but if they had a huge influx of subscribers over the holidays it might stretch out a bit.

  4. I finally went on the wait list on Jan 19th and then yesterday, they offered me a sub! I guess February will be my first box? I'm sooooo excited!

    However, if the Feb box is "meh", it's because I subbed... So you can blame me. ;)