Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm so excited right now! I just booked us a trip to Dublin! While I really wanted to go to Germany (and still have all the places I want to go picked out), heading to Ireland for 8 days is much more my husbands style. I love to travel and would happily be gone from home for a month but he isn't like that. Germany will be a longer trip so maybe this will help him work up to it. Plus I think he's relieved Ireland is English speaking. He doesn't seem to trust my five years of German. I admit it's been 15 years since those college classes but I can still speak and read it! (Understanding? That might be harder).

I still haven't planned out any day trips but we have a place to stay and our plane tickets. I want to go to as many awesome and historical places as we can in the amount of time we have since it's unlikely we will go back. Definitely going to the Cliffs of Insanity, though! I can't resist a place where Princess Bride was shot. I'll take any recommendations, though, if you've got good memories of a place you went.

I've been trying to get back to my blogging after the Thanksgiving holidays. We had family in town and of course they take priority. I love my adorable niece and I got her a twirly pink dress and ballet slippers (she's three). The look on her face when she saw her new dress made my heart melt all over again. I got my 5 year old nephew a big bag of dinosaurs. They're not coming for Christmas so I had to give them the goods early.

I *finally* just today (hence Tuesdays Tidbits on a Wednesday) got my Christmas tree and decorations up. Normally I have all of this done before Thanksgiving except for the tree. I was horrified that it took me so long but all those Black Friday deals... So I got up today and decided I wasn't going to do a single thing until my tree was up, lit and decorated. Now- done!

I have SO MANY packages coming in the next few days. If you saw my post on All the Things I Got, well, I got more. *cough* Drat Cyber Monday and all those extensions!!

Lists and Lists of Lists
One thing I'm really excited about is my new planner! I got an Erin Condren planner and some extra goodies because I'm planning on reviewing a bunch of planner/scrapbooking subscriptions! How fun is that going to be?! I'm suuuuuper into planning and lists and marking things off. And blogging needs to be planned. Posts must be scheduled! Haha!

I've subscribed to some boxes I'm really excited about sharing so get ready for some fun once they start showing up.

Make sure you enter the TooFaced Brow Envy Giveaway! I seriously love mine so much. Everyone needs one!

What did you get that you're the most excited about?!


  1. I'm excited about all of it - ha! I already got my orders from Sudsy & Co., Ellovi, Kosmatology, Birchbox and Honest Company… more to come!! I'm hoping I love my first month of both Kloverbox and Herbal Bliss - I've loved all the recent boxes so I'm sure I will. :)

    I haven't been to Dublin but my first Europe trip was in June - I went with my husband another couple (our BFFs) to London, Cambridge, Wales & Amsterdam… all in 10-11 days! My first choice was/is Italy (trying to plan for 2017!) but we had a friend to stay with in Wales and my friend's family to stay with in Cambridge. Plus I assumed the whole speaking English thing would help make ME more comfortable (my husband is pretty fearless about those things), however, heads up: between the accents and the strange words they use for some things… it might have been easier understanding Italian!

    1. Oh, wow!! That was fast! I got my first thing and it was my Rifle Co Calendar. Not even super fun BUT a ton of things shipped yesterday and today so soon I will be reveling in all the things I wanted.

      I didn't even think about the accent thing but I bet you are SO right! I have a hard time here just visiting the Southern states. It's a whole different English over there.
      Isn't it nice how everything is so close in Europe?! Did you like Amsterdam? My BIL just went to Italy and he had a great time but said it was sooooo expensive. But knowing him, that's because he picked expensive places to go/stay. hah! Did you feel that 10 days was enough for you?

  2. We LOVED Amsterdam! I think it was my favorite part of the trip - very cool city with the canals, bicycles everywhere and little cobblestones streets with lots of shops… yes, we saw the coffee shops and red light district at night. We didn't personally partake in those sorts of fun things but partly because I was fighting off a nasty cold the entire trip. :( So yes, after 10 days of go, go, go, I was ready to go home. Amazing trip though. I have also heard that Italy is expensive… I need to stop buying sub boxes and save money!!

    1. Everyone loves Amsterdam! I better allot a few days there for sure. Uh huh, blame it on the cold... ;) I'm hoping that with an 8 day trip my husband will say he could have stayed a few days longer and then our next trip can be ten days (plus one for that pesky dateline). Now I'm wishing the trip was sooner... It's not til March.

    2. yes, it's definitely hard to travel all that way and not stay at least 8-10 days! March will be here before you know it - it's already December!!