Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BeautyDNA January 2016 Review and $10 Coupon

BeautyDNA is a unique sort of beauty and skincare subscription. You will only receive full size products tailored to your exact preferences. There's a very indepth questionnaire for you to fill out when you sign up that asks about... well, everything even remotely related to skincare and your particular skin. I really like that aspect of it.
Usually, you'll be sent one, possibly two items. They scan through the thousands of beauty products they have and find you the perfect full-size product that addresses one of your skin, hair or body problems. They promise to not to send an item to treat the same area twice.  So you'll get a skin product, then a hair product, then a body or lip or eye or whatever product! I personally only want skin products and I filled out my questionnaire in a manner that makes it quite clear.

The Cost: $25/mo with free shipping

What You Get: One (possibly two) full-size products specifically tailored for you from your profile. You'll also receive a card explaining exactly why the product was sent.

Dermaquest Algae Polishing Scrub- This is a cooling scrub that uses jojoba beads to remove dead skin cells and leaving skin smooth and prepped for whatever you put on next. I think this is for use on your face but I'm going to use it on my decolletage, as well. The ingredients are great, I like Dermaquest and this is something I will happily use. Win!
Value: $28
Here is my match list so you can see why they picked it:
My dry skin is going to be so happy!
Theraplex FT with Peppermint- At first I was like "oh, a boring moisturizer" and then I noticed it has peppermint in it! I love, love, love peppermint in my skincare. This is actually a body moisturizer for feet, hands, elbows, and knees.
It's got salycilic acid in it to help with exfoliation but it's mainly a petrolatum based moisturizer. This kind of thing is good for KP and psoriasis, neither of which I have but my skin is dry enough that this is going to be perfect.
Value: $15

VERDICT: While this might be the lowest value box I've received so far, the products are perfect for me. Both are something I will use and enjoy. And that makes it absolutely worth it. Sure, I like getting a $150 cream (and I have) but I will always want things I know I'll get good use out of. I'm pretty picky, too, when it comes to my face. I will say that the matching thing won't always be exactly what you expect because certain answers have a higher weight than others. So if you say you hate gel moisturizer and don't want parabens, it's possible that your hate for gel will overcome the parabens and you might get a cream moisturizer with parabens. That's an extreme example and I don't actually know how much weight is assigned to each question. I did get something once with lavender in it but was matched with it because it was a light moisturizer for dry skin that wasn't in a jar and didn't smell like roses. So they matched a bunch of my preference but missed the lavender. I contacted them and let them know I'm allergic to lavender. They sent me a new product. When I suggested an allergies question, she said just email and tell them and they'll write it in the notes section so you don't get something you're allergic to.

If you would like to sign up for BeautyDNA, you can do that here. Get $10 off your first box with this link! Be prepared to take the longest questionnaire ever and maybe run back and forth from the mirror a few times. This matching thing is serious business. :)

What have you received in your BeautyDNA boxes? 

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