Friday, January 15, 2016

BeautyFix January 2016 Unboxing and Review Plus Half Off Box Offer

BeautyFix is definitely an interesting beauty subscription box. This is the January 2016 box and it is packed with... well, interesting! If you love skincare, you're probably going to want to check out BeautyFix at some point. The nice thing is that if you see one you like, you can grab it until it sells out. So if you like what you see today, you can get this box!

The Cost: $24.99/month

What You Get: Each month, we'll be offering a different BeautyFIX box, featuring full- and travel-size of the latest and greatest products in skin care, hair care and makeup, worth at least $100.

Danielle Creations Chrome Mini Mirror- Okay. Um. LOVE! This is a 5 inch, totally adorable beauty mirror, perfectly packable and with great clarity and 4x magnification on one side. If I was staying in hostels when we are in Ireland, I'd take this with me but for once, I got a hotel.
Value: $15
June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque- This mask is packed with antioxidants like Goji Berry and green tea. It hydrates with sweet almond oil and uses enzymes to help slough away dead skin. It's expensive, though, so it's nice to get a deluxe sample like this.
Value: $8

Medicell Labs Hydrating Calming Facial Mist- This is going to smell like roses. And peppermint. And lavender. I could look past the rose for my love of peppermint but the lavender kills it for me. Honestly, what a nuisance allergy to have! This sounds wonderful, though. With mists, the best way to use it (and get the most out of the hydration powers) is to spritz it right before your moisturizer (or whichever layer you choose. Just spraying it on your face and letting it air dry can cause your skin to dry out. I know. It makes no sense but... well, science.
Value: $14

Arcona Magic White Ice- The name of this product gives absolutely no indication of what it's for. I was positive it was some kind of teeth whitener! It's not. It's a hydrating gel with ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, aloe and cranberry extracts. Hmmm... tempting except for the alcohol.
Value: Sample
Karuna Age Defying Hand Mask- I have a little obsession with my hands. I don't want them to age horribly like some old hands I've seen so I moisturize them and retinol them and even slather them with glycolic acid. Why do I care? I have no idea. Maybe because they used to earn me a living? Anyway, this is right up my alley. It's a moisturizing hand mask that you wear to soak up all the moisturizing goodness over a period of time. Whoa, and I just checked out the ingredients. It has all the things! Yep, using it. Tonight probably.
Value: $9.50

Peter Thomas Roth Acne-clear Invisible Dots- At first I thought this was a foil sample and was about to get grumpy but it's not. It's 12 invisible adhesive patches that deliver concentrated treatment to blemishes. They use salicylic acid, tea tree oil and hyaluronic acid. I feel like this is a copycat kbeauty product but I'm not complaining. I'll have to see how well these work.
Value: $6
Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Luminizing Primer in Pearl- I was just extolling the virtues of my favorite Tarina Tarantino product the other day! That would be the Hyperlight highlighter/concealer. It's my favorite concealer ever. This product, however, is a primer. I don't use a lot of primer (as my stash can attest to) because I tend to go for tinted moisturizers instead.
After reading some reviews it looks like this works better as a luminizer on bare skin. Lots of good reviews for using it that way but not so much for use as a primer. I find that intriguing and far more useful so I might have to have some fun playing.
Value: $32
DS Laboratories Revita LT High-Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo- I was a little worried that maybe we'd been sent a crazy hair chemical again but nope! That's a good thing, though. This is a sulfate free shampoo that has a bunch of weird ingredients like caffeine, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Which I guess makes sense since shampoo really only helps your scalp. I've been desperate for a sulfate free shampoo with my pink/purple hair and now, just as I've decided to dye the pink fading part back to brown, this shows up. Hm.
Value: $15

VERDICT:  I love everything about this month's Beautyfix box! Sometimes I get kinda down on BeautyFix and then they send a box like this. Boxes like this are the reason I subscribe. I love getting good skincare and that mirror takes the cake! Plus, you tend to get brands you won't find in any other box and I like getting "spa quality" skincare. I'm pretty excited to see how my hair acts with the new shampoo. And to test out the Tarina Tarantino primer.

If you'd like to sign up for BeautyFix, you can do that here. This box is still available and if you are a first time customer, you can get it for $12.95! That's like buying the mirror and getting everything else for free. Haha!

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  1. Sarah,
    Were you a hand model- or a model in general? You have the beauty, for sure. :)

    1. Funny you should mention that because I did have someone approach me about hand modeling when I was in college. I didn't do it but was flattered. I haven't thought of that in ages. I figure it's all the sign language interpreting I did. :) Thanks for your sweet words!

  2. BeautyFix offered me this box for the $12.95 price to re-subscribe (which is nice because then I can use my existing login and primary email instead of setting up a 2nd account and using my secondary email) but I was waiting for your review to make my final decision! I think I'm doing it! Thank you!!

    1. Oo!! That's good to know! I like that you can wait and decide every month (if you're willing to sub and unsub all the time) but being able to re-sub at half price and get a box you know you want?! That's perfect!

  3. i'm super frustrated with them because they won't renew my subscription. i'm like where's my box? and they have no idea what happened. i only got billed once. I WANT MY MIRROR.

    1. That's weird! I thought it was only Popsugar having insane payment problems! I hope you get it figured out because the mirror is great! And I also am liking the shampoo, too. It smells kinda funny but gets the job done.

    2. i bought it again. it keeps on letting me buy it at half off. wish i'd figured that out earlier. i think it shipped - i don't really pay attention until i realize something is missing :)

    3. Looks like I need to cancel and resub... :D