Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chococurb Mini Premium Chocolate Subscription Review

Chococurb is a way to pamper yourself or someone you love. Perfect for Valentine's Day! It's a whole chocolate experience and each month, you'll receive a new, delicious box of chocolates unlike any other chocolate box around.  This type of box is for spoiling yourself or treating someone you love to something wonderful.
The presentation is perfect and helps to make this a unique and beautiful gift. Chococurb would make a great gift for a co-worker or a business related "thank-you" type of thing. This box is truly an excellent all-around gift for just about any situation.

The Cost: $20/month.

What You Get: An assortment of 3 extraordinary chocolates from small, local chocolatiers to more established, national brands.

Woodblock Chocolate Manufactory Salt and Nibs- This chocolate bar is made of a blend of 70% Ecuadorian and Peruvian cacao. It is pure, dark chocolate heaven with the salt and the crunch of cocoa butter rich cacao nibs! I normally am not a fan of salt with my chocolate but this was an unbelievable medley of chocolate flavors. Absolutely delicious! I savored every single bite. Slowly.
Value: $4
Michel Cluizel Plantation Mangaro Madagascar Chocolate Bar- This single estate milk chocolate has notes of caramel, exotic fruit, gingerbread, and honey. This is milk chocolate which is not my favorite so I'm not really a good judge. I love a good strong chocolate flavor and I find milk chocolate to be too sweet and not chocolatey enough. However, this is insanely smooth and silky.
Value: $8.99

Dolcetta Artisan Sweets Black and Tan- Extra dark Arriba 72% Ecuadorian chocolate sprinkled with roasted cacao nibs and topped by a veneer of caramelized white chocolate for a hint of sweetness. I wasn't sure about this because I'm not a fan of white "chocolate" but it tempered the deep bite of dark chocolate perfectly. Plus a little nib action took this over the top. I had planned to share with my mother but... yeah. That didn't happen. I'll have to get her her own box.
Value: $5.50

VERDICT: I've been a fan of Chococurb for awhile now. This box makes a great gift in either size. I sent my mom a big box for Mother's Day and she called me the day she got it, raving about how good all the chocolate was. The fantastic thing is that you can personalize your box. Which means if you only love dark chocolate, that's all you'll get! I've had some excellent chocolates and Chococurb sends some of the best. It's fun seeing local Seattle chocolatiers represented, too. We've got some pretty tasty chocolate around here. I love knowing that these chocolate are made by small businesses that focus solely on producing the best bar of chocolate you've ever tasted.

This is specialty box and the value comes in right at the price paid which is usually the case when it comes to niche subscriptions like this. Priority shipping is free!

If you'd like to send a gift box of Chococurb or get one for yourself, you can do that here. Their customer service is fantastic so if you have any questions, just contact them. Order by Feb. 10th to the February box.

You can read my review of the larger box right here if you're curious to know what you might find.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. I love dark chocolate. Also, wouldn't this make a great gift for an awesome lady boss?! And it's way better than a boring box of mediocre chocolate bon bons.

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