Thursday, January 7, 2016

Elizabeth & Clarke Winter 2015 Collection Review and Coupon Code

Elizabeth & Clarke is perfect for professionals who want to painlessly add work appropriate tops to their wardrobe. Each season, you'll have the opportunity to choose one, two or three high quality tops and blouses in neutral colors designed to fit seamlessly into your collection. Materials include soft jersey, cotton ramie and luxury stain and wrinkle resistant fabric blends.  While they are work-appropriate, they aren't boring- and that's a good thing!
Each season E&C releases three tops. You can get them all or just choose the ones you want.

Cost and What You Get:

Premium – $20 each shirt / 3 shirts per season
Signature – $25 each shirt / 2 shirts per season
Starter – $30 each shirt / 1 shirt per season

I'm no longer working in an industry that requires dressing up which is wonderful but I'm always looking for new tops and blouses. These are very good quality and definitely interesting so I had to try it out.

I started with the Premium collection of three shirts but for Spring 2016, I downsized to Signature because I only liked two of the three top options. That was easily done via email and the response was super quick.

All the shirts are named after famous Elizabeths which I think is fun. Maybe when they run out of Elizabeths they'll go to famous Clarkes? I can only think of Clark Kent...

The Scott- This is a black jersey top with cut outs at the neckline. It's sort of weird looking but works. I love the long sleeves and the way it drapes is very flattering. I can tell this will easily become one of my favorites.
The Carson- A ponte de Roma knit vest with an asymmetrical zipper. The color doesn't really work for me but I love the thick material and everything is sewn very well. My problem is that it's too big and it loses it's shape on me. I'm pretty busty so I tend to go for larger rather than smaller but this thing definitely swallowed me up. I should have stuck with smaller, for sure.
The Cooper- This is actually one of my favorite looks. With a real blouse and a real sweater. This is fake! It totally works, though, and I really like it. I think I could wish that the grey sweater was a teensy bit longer and I unbuttoned and folded up the cuffs on the blouse sleeves (it looks way better) because they were a little long. Super cute, though.

VERDICT: I was very happy with the material and quality of these tops. I felt they were absolutely worth the $20 each that I spent on them. I think I'm a little hard to fit because I'm so short yet (too) well-endowed so my proportions are naturally a little awkward to fit. I feel like I need to get a 6 because of my bust but the rest of me is a 4. So hard.
I'll be getting two of the shirts (the first and second) in the Spring Collection to see if I can narrow down my size matches and then we will go from there.

If you would like to sign up for Elizabeth and Clarke, you can do that here. Take 10% off with code NEWSLETTER10 when you check out!

What did you think of these tops? Do they work for you?


  1. I think it would be hilarious if you took your dress form into an office all dressed up and just had it at a cubical! Anyway I enjoyed this review as always!!!

    1. Thankfully, I happily have no access to a cubical!!! My dressform prefers to be (and spends most of her time) being inappropriately nude, so thats a good thing. I prefer sweats and a hoodie. ;)

    2. Sounds like your dress form likes to party!