Friday, January 22, 2016

Glossybox January 2016 Beauty Box Review and Coupon Code

Glossybox is a very popular beauty box subscription. I feel it's aimed toward women who are interested in skincare although there is usually always a makeup product and hair product in the box, too. Over the months of subscribing, I think if you don't want anti-aging skincare and you do want a lot of makeup, this box is not for you.
If you do want all the skincare and anti-aging type products and you don't care if the box is full of makeup, you'll be interested.

The Cost: $21/month

What You Get: Five luxury deluxe sized beauty essentials, from both well-known and emerging brands, delivered to your door each month.

Emite Make Up Diamond Heart Base Primer- The peachy fluid balances skin tone, boosts radiance and creates a smooth finish, perfectly prepping skin for the day (or night) ahead. I tried this on my hand when I was making the unboxing video. It didn't seem glowy but it did fill in my fine lines and make my skin super soft. I'm definitely trying this for real.
Value: $12
MeMeMe Lip Glide in Playful Peach- An apricot hue. I don't know that I would go that far. It's got a matte finish but it's so bubblegum 80's I would never wear it.
Value: $10
-417 Foot Nourishing Cream- Don't let the dry weather destroy your feet. Moisturize! I already have a foot cream I'm kind of in love with. It has peppermint in it. Which basically means it's perfect for me. This one has lavender in it so I can't use it anyway. The active ingredients are: Dead Sea salt, sweet almond oil, lavender oil.
Value: $7

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment- This smells SO good. Lemon-tastic. I'm going to use this just because it smells good. It's supposed to be used after you shampoo and condition. Rinse it and do it again in a week.
Value: $3
Royal Apothic Cream Creme To Go- This moisturizer ismade with milk proteins and lactic acid. It also has niacinamide in it. This seems like a pretty good creme. Too bad I'm the laziest person on earth when it comes to body moisturizers. I'm sure I'll regret sooner or later. /sigh
Value: $14

VERDICT: I signed up for six months and I'm glad I started with January. I'm thinking I may really like the Emite primer and the lemon rinse. The foot cream and probably the Royal Apothic will go to my mom and the Lip Glide... well, the lippie is so not my color. At all. I've been unsubbed from Glossybox for awhile in order to try out other things but I have to admit I'm happy to be back!

If you would like to sign up for Glossybox, you can do that here. Use code VOLUMIZE to get a free Doucce Mascara added to your first box.

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  1. I LOVE glossybox so much. I pared down a lot this year but this box I will always get bc of the great prod and the variety you spoke of (hair, makeup, skin care). This month had it all. PS I'm using the foot cream for my hands and it's great, I know u can't bc of the lavender : ( thanks for a great review tho! I'm glad your subbing to this again so I can follow your opinion! Elle

    1. I'm glad to hear you like the -417 cream! I've found some great products in Glossybox over the last two years. In fact, Glossybox was the very first box I subscribed to. I've missed it! I love collecting the boxes, too. The February one this year is SO cute! I feel like subscribing to all these boxes is making me something of a hoarder... I just can't throw away the boxes when they're so pretty. Haha!

  2. Sarah,
    I use a Glossybox to store my Scentbird sprays in. I take the cases off and store them separately, and have the small Glossybox with the even smaller Scentbird perfume sprays right in front of me in a dressing room drawer. I just thought of using the pretty pink box in this way this month, and I got the very first Glossybox released in the US.

    I liked this box well enough, especially the tiny tube of primer, but my Royal Apothic Cream Creme' is... wait for it...
    Lavender scented. I can't use it, of course, even though I can't find lavender as an ingredient on the box. Still not going to chance it. ]
    I'm glad you received another scent. I'm a lavender magnet. I can't subscribe to the natural type beauty boxes because there WILL be at least 2 boxes a year which are full of lavender products.
    I wish the trend for lavender and rose scents would go away!

    1. That's an excellent use for the box. I was just thinking I needed a better way to store my Scentbird vials.

      I think we really miss out on some great products because of lavender allergies. The only good thing about that is that it's less product to find room for on my counter. Hah! (and I'm only halfway joking).

    2. I got really inspired ( for me ) today, and took one of the little black velveteen-type pouches that is stamped " Scentbird", flattened it out, used the black ribbon from the Glossybox and tied it over the Glossybox logo.

      You know the new a la' carte' offers Scentbird has now? I somehow got the stinkiest perfume ever as one of those ( didn't mean to at all), and it was $20 shipped. I was really shocked, and I won't be buying any more add- ons. I'm pretty sure the shipping charge for the small padded envelope was higher than it should be. I think, but do not know, that their perception of shipping costs, or maybe it is their shipper company's high charges for shipping, is why they don't offer us any type of lovely cushioned storage case as an additional purchase.
      I know a lot of us have asked for them.

      Yes, the lavender thing stinks, literally. But, a lot of women are allergic to much more than just lavender. I'm having quite a bit of problems with the new " Rosemary" trend, too. I sprayed the Supergoop setting spray on my face as directed and almost choked. I'm wondering if lavender and rosemary are closely related plants/ herbs.