Monday, January 18, 2016

Hamptons Lane January 2016 "Power Bowl" Review and $10 Coupon

Hamptons Lane is a kitchen focused subscription that sends not only artisan foods to help you create a delicious meal but also the tools to do it with. It's a unique subscription and as someone who loves to try new recipes, it's a ton of fun. I've been very happy with the boxes I've received so far and even purchased more as gifts for fellow cooks in the family.
The theme this month is "Power Bowl" and is set up to show you how to make healthy meals and take them with you wherever you go. Here at home we eat a ton of veggies and when my husband heads to the office, he takes his lunch with him. In other words, this box is basically perfect for us.

The Cost: $47/month.9

What You Get: Curated artisan ingredients, handy kitchen tools with unique recipes delivered in a monthly themed box.

Onyx Airtight Stainless Steel To-Go Bowl- This is actually pretty interesting. I've never owned or used a food container like this one. Normally, I just pack everything into a Rubbermaid container but this is extra nice because it can go in the oven. It saves cleaning up an extra pan at least!
This bowl is designed to contain all the delicious food you can make with the other contents of the box and their recipes.
Value: $26
Evriholder Salad Dressing Container- Now this I love! I can use this for a thousand things, I'm sure of it. It's actually for holding 2 ounces of salad dressing. Leak free and easily squeezed out. Perfect for work lunches or fresh squeezed lemon juice for spritzing in my water. I might have to get more because I think all my friends need one of these. It's got a serious seal, too, which is nice.
Value: $9
North Bay Trading Co. Minnesota Crown Wild Rice- I learned not too long ago that wild rice and/or black rice is not rice at all! It's grass seed! Isn't that weird? My husband loves wild rice because it's higher in protein than regular rice. It takes a lot longer to cook but it's very flavorful.
Value: $3.50
Lucky Dog Dia del Perro Hot Sauce- An alderwood-smoked serrano pepper sauce with green tomatillo, toasted onion, roasted garlic and chile tepin. While I am not a fan of spicy things, my husband is. He said this wasn't very spicy but it had great flavor. According to him, the tastiness makes up for the lack of heat. He splashes hot sauce on anything from eggs to stir fry.
Value: $7 Organic Pearled Farro- Pearled farro has a complex, nutty taste with oat and barley undertones. It retains a tender, distinct bite, even if it sits awhile after cooking. Farro is rich in fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B. With 4 grams of protein per serving, it's a great plant-based protein source for vegans and vegetarians. It's also easily digested and low in gluten.
Value: $3
Spiceologist Chile Margarita Rub- This warm and bright rub gets its flavor from ancho peppers, aleppo chile, orange peel and lime peel. Great on chicken, fish, shrimp, veggies and french fries. Or in your Southwestern Power Bowl recipe. This is 3 oz of tastiness.
Value: $6

And no specialty food box is complete without some recipes!! The included booklet had so many recipes in it!
I'm making this Beet, Farro and Chicken Power Bowl first. Next will probably be the one called "The Green Machine Bowl. I was just thinking that I could fill the salad dressing container with hot sauce and put that inside the bowl. Then he can put on as much as he wants at work.

VERDICT: Hamptons Lane is a foodie experience. This particular box fits my cooking style well and is packed with foods my husband loves. He's always my guinea pig with new foods and he really enjoys trying new things. Especially if they can be topped with hot sauce. Heh. This specialty box comes in right at the value paid which is typical for the style. I always love how they included so many recipes, too. So many choices!

If you would like to subscribe to Hamptons Lane, you can do that here. Get $10 off your first box with code Bitsandboxes10! There are a myriad of boxes to pick from and you'll know what comes in each one. It's easy to decide on the perfect box or, if nothing appeals to you that particular month, you can skip right from your account without any issues at all. It's a great system.

Have you received a box from Hamptons Lane? Which one and did you enjoy it?

*This box was received complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine (except when theyre my husbands).

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