Thursday, January 21, 2016

Litu Box January 2016 Fair Trade Artisan Subscription Box Review

Litu Box is an eco-conscious, fair trade subscription dedicated to providing high quality, handcrafted artisan products as well as organic and eco-friendly items each month. You will receive anything from healthy foods, bath and body goods and women's accessories to handmade jewelry or home goods from ethical businesses.

The Cost: $30/month plus shipping

What You Get: Each month you will receive a box of handmade and artisan goodies worth over $35. You will receive high quality, handcrafted products made by local and international artisans featuring anything from bath & home goods to women's accessories, eco-friendly products, jewelry & more!

Ceramic Buddha Incense Holder- This is a fair trade incense burner with a Buddha figure sitting on the top. It holds both the thicker "dhoop" incense as well as the skinny sticks. Though this isn't really my style, I've been needing an incense holder.
Value: $12
Best Quality Incense Sampler- To go with the incense holder, there is incense! Three different kinds. There are Sandalwood & Jasmine Dhoop incense that are handrolled by Newari nuns in Nepal. Then there are some Nag Champa Sai Baba Joss incense that is a special blend of herbs, resins and flower oils, hand rolled. My MIL burns Nag Champa every day. I do not like the smell at all but she loves it so I'm going ot pass these on to her. Along with the Nag Champa Satya Baba Super Hit Joss incense, which is a sweeter Nag Champa. The dhoop incense is for me. I love sandalwood.
Value: $4
Windhorse Prayer Flags- Two strands of ten flags each. These are 3" flags. In Tibet, prayer flags are hung so that the prayers on them will be blown all over the area. These are hand stamped in Nepal.
Value: $2
Alluvia Handmade Leather Journal- This journal is made in India using cruelty free leather (from animals that died naturally) and recycled cotton paper. It's 4" x 6" and snaps shut at the fold. The leather is beautifully embossed, too.
The pages have an interesting texture and aren't made of paper at all. I find this whole process intriguing.
Value: $26
Earnest Eats Energy Bar in Double Espresso- Normally I stay away from super healthy, wheat free, 100% natural bars like this. However the ingredients look super tasty (dark chocolate!) so I decided to try it. It's really, really good. Probably because of the dark chocolate. It was pretty addicting.
Value: $2

Oskri Mini Coconut Bar in Milk Chocolate- Litu Box always includes some kind of snack, which I appreciate. This month it's made by Oskri Organics using wind energy and prepared with natural ingredients. It was so coconutty and delicious!
Value: $1.25
Organic India Tulsi Tea in Holy Basil- This is 100% organic, caffeine free tea made with three strains of Holy Basil- Vana, Rama and Krishna. I've never had tea made of basil before so I'll have to try this. The info card says it's calming and energizing at the same time. I'll find out.
Value: $6

VERDICT: Litu Box has such an interesting feel to it. I like the international, fair trade vibe because it gives a sense of connection to the people creating the products. When I burn that incense, I'm going to think about the fact that a nun in Nepal created that stick so I could enjoy it. There's something about knowing things of that sort that makes each product even more enjoyable. I can depend on Litu Box to provide new and unusual products that I won't find anywhere else. It's always an adventure to open the box and find out what's inside.

If you would like to sign up for Litu Box, you can do that here. Signing up now, I believe you will receive the February box.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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