Tuesday, January 26, 2016

PetGiftBox January 2016 Small Dog Subscription Review and Coupon

This review is for the January 2016 PetGiftBox for small dogs. I have two rat terriers that weigh about 17 pounds and this size is perfect for them. I don't really recommend it for dogs under ten pounds but if you've got a teacup sized pup, you probably already know this.

The theme this month is "Tail-gait Party" and the contents are so perfect for football season!
PetGiftBox sends fun, themed boxes with usually two toys and two treats plus an extra that can be anything from another treat to clothing or even cleansers and spritzes. I think they send some of the best extras and sometimes the most unusual, as well.

The Cost: $28.99/month-to-month down to $18.99/month if you get a year.

What You Get: A box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Vintage Flat Football- A squishy, flattened football with a squeaker. This wasn't super durable but I do have heavy duty chewers. It was destuffed and desqueaked in record time.

Pet Pro Bowl- A football shaped bowl for water, food or kids snacks. This isn't something I'll use but I know someone who will get a kick out of it.

Bowser Beer in Beefy Brown Ale- This is hilarious and weird!! It's made from beef broth, barley and glucosamine for joint health. I mixed some (maybe a quarter cup) into their water bowl. Let's just say I left the dog door open because they drank so much. I probably won't do that again but they liked it!
Grillicious All Natural Tailgating Beef Burgers- These are half dollar sized treats and are one of my favorite kinds for giving the dogs when we leave. They're crunchy and distracting while we head out the door without them. I started this when they were puppies. Now when we get ready to leave, the dogs get so excited and run to their beds. Separation anxiety? I don't think so. Hah! All I have to do is put on my shoes and they try to rush me out the door.

Brew Buddies- Made with malted barley, these are fun treats that fit very well with the theme. My dogs really like "beer" treats, too. We've had a couple brands featuring the leftover malted grains and the boys happily do all their tricks for them.

VERDICT: I'm a big fan of subscription boxes like PetGiftBox for my dogs. You get fun, interesting treats and new, unusual toys. In my house, with rat terriers, we go through toys pretty quickly. My goal is to keep the dogs occupied and happy while providing a healthy outlet for their natural instincts. PetGiftBox definitely helps by providing treats made in the USA and toys they can play with. All without me leaving the house or making another trip anywhere. It's pretty convenient. Especially considering I would spend the same amount on the same things but without the access to so many options. However, I freely admit that these boxes work because of my dogs and their personalities. Dexter will happy nom on just about anything and Bugsy will play every toy to it's inevitable death. And then some.

If you would like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can do that here. Use coupon code BITSANDBOXES to get 25% off your first month.

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