Monday, January 4, 2016

Viking Crate December 2015 Nordic Candy Subscription Box Review

Viking Crate sends all kinds of candies and snacks from the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland! If you're far from home or you wish you could try some unusual treats or if you're like me and have some Nordic roots and are just plain curious, this review is for you.

Viking Crate ships all over the world so no matter where you are you can have it shipped to your home!

The Cost: $27.99/month plus shipping based on country ($10 to US)

What You Get: Candies and snacks from Nordic countries directly from Norway.

Nidar Troika-A confectionery chocolate with three layers of truffle, marzipan and jelly. The jelly part reminds me of something but for the life of me I can't get my brain to remember what it is. This is actually pretty good.
Nidar Doc Halslinser in Original- This is a Norwegian licorice cough drop with menthol. It's actually pretty tasty but I love licorice so I'm biased! I think it's funny that their cough drops are licorice flavored. I guess I wish Hall's had a licorice flavored version. :D
Nidar Gullbrod-Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan. This had my favorite chocolate on it since it was dark. It tastes like well... marzipan with chocolate on it. Marzipan is okay but not my go-to treat. It seems like it's really popular in Europe.
Mokka and Melkesjokolade- Mocha and milk chocolate in two delightful layers. Chocolate and coffee together is pretty tasty! I think these are my favorite thing in the bag. I like the fact they were individually wrapped, too.
Nidar Favoritter- This bag has mini bars of Gullbrot, Troike and Mokka & Melk (which are already in this box) along with Spesial (milk chocolate filled with delicious, soft nougat) and Fest Karamell (Classic tenacious and good caramel, covered with dark chocolate). I wish they'd all been wrapped since tumbled chocolate doesn't look too appetizing.
Nidar Jule Marsipan- This is a bag of Christmas themed chocolates in the shapes of pigs and Christmas decorations. Some are just plain chocolate and some are marzipan with chocolate.
Nidar Caramello- Caramello has a delicious, liquid caramel center. It's like Caramellos we have here. The caramel center is good but I prefer dark chocolate over milk.
Nidar Stratos Melky- This is a newly launched candy for Nidar. It's chocolate with cream filling and little air bubbles. I don't know what the air bubbles signify except less chocolate. I tried another chocolate like this from Germany, I think.
Nidar IFA Salt Lakris- These are salty licorice drops. Personally, while I love licorice, I really don't like salty in my desserts. Not my caramel, not my licorice. However, salty licorice is *really* popular in some areas of Europe. These actually weren't too bad (not like ones I've had before) and weren't so salty that it overpowered the tasty black licorice. But not so tasty that I would run to go buy them.

VERDICT: I really like the idea of VikingCrate. It's always fun to experience a new style of snack. I think this box was chocolate heavy because of Christmas but I'll be interested to see what they include in later boxes that is more savory. I'm more of a sweets person over a chocolate person so I am not always the best judge. Give me all the hard candies, though! My mom despairs but is secretly happy because I never raided her chocolate stash. This box is pricy for what was received this month but I know shipping can be killer. This could be a fun gift for a kid or someone who gets a kick out of trying unusual snacks. I would like to see an information card included with each box of snacks, though. I had no idea what most of these were until I looked them up on the internet. I like learning little snippets about snacks and if there's any history behind them.

If you would like to sign up for Viking Crate, you can do that here. If you sign up now, you'll get the February 2016 crate. It's going to be featuring sweets from Iceland!

What do you think? Do you think this is a good representation of Nordic chocolate?

*This box was received complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. so, there's this video of me as bjarni herjulfssen's father from what, 20 years ago. it's hilarious. it was a school project that we won awards for and it was SO BAD. my aunt digitized it and we all have a copy.

    1. Your aunt probably laughed the whole time when she was giving everyone a copy...

    2. every time i think about it i just pray it doesn't make it on the internet. fortunately everyone in possession of a copy would be mortified. back on topic, i want to eat all of half the things, but i'd need to skip coffee & licorice. i don't understand the obsession!

  2. As a norwegian I would say this is pretty representative of what is found in the candy shelves here.

  3. I'm crazy for chocolate so I would have loved the box. You had good suggestions. I won a box, I'm excited to get UT. Thanks