Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BeautyDNA Subscription Box February 2016 Review

BeautyDNA is a unique beauty subscription in that it sends only full size products each month. I usually get one to two products in a wide variety of skincare and beauty items. This month I received a product for eyes. I like how they do it, making sure to send a product for a different area of the face or body so you don't get overwhelmed with a certain product type.

When you sign up, you'll fill out a very extensive profile questionnaire regarding your preferences in skin, hair and body care. Everything from the consistency of moisturizers you prefer to whether you are okay with parabens or not. It's pretty fun.

The Cost: $25/month.

What You Get: One (possibly two) full-size products specifically tailored for you from your profile. You'll also receive a card explaining exactly why the product was sent.

This month I was matched with Grande Lash MD Eyebrow Formula. I don't remember what I filled out but the Match card says that it's because I'm interested in brow growth treatment for sparse brows. I do wish I had fuller brows but in this case I'm actually going to give this to my sister. When she was in high school, she plucked her eyebrows right into oblivion. She hates it but she's not the type to go out and look for a product that might make it better. I'm not sure it works but I know that she'll use this religiously hoping that it will.
This is a little brush-on treatment that is supposed to produce thicker, fuller brown in six to eight weeks. This is a four month supply and goes on before bed.

The value of this product is $80 which means this is an awesome deal. It also means there's no way in hell my sister would pay that kind of money for it. But I only paid $25 so it's *definitely* worth it for me.

VERDICT: BeautyDNA can be a lot of fun. It tends to send spa quality products which I like because it's not easy to get ahold of some of these things. The value varies each month but over the course of your subscription, it really pays off. Last month, I think I got $36 worth of product but this month it's $80 and once I got a $150 moisturizer. For me it's less about the value and more about getting the perfect product for me. If you want full size products, this is a good way to get specialized skincare chosen for you with your specific needs.

If you would like to sign up for BeautyDNA, you can do that right here. No coupons but they do pop up on RueLala every once in awhile. Make sure you have some time to fill out your survey because they will send out your box right away. You'll need at least ten minutes.

What have you received in your BeautyDNA boxes that really wowed you? Or didn't?

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  1. Do they send cosmetics or just skin care or a mixture of both? I can't even see the Beauty Profile until I pay, and that's just not the way I want to do it.

    1. It's just skincare. You could probably email them and ask for a copy of the questions, they might be able to send it to you to give you an idea. Its a pretty intense questionnaire. Their website is poorly designed but their customer service via email is quick and efficient.