Friday, February 19, 2016

Love with Food Deluxe Box February 2016 Review and Box Offer

Love with Food is the perfect kind of box for those looking to enhance their organic and natural snacking experience. In other words, you're not going to find Cheetos in here but you may find a natural, GMO free version that might taste better. It's not a low calorie box. It's a box that introduces you to a plethora of new snack brands that feature natural, organic and health conscious ingredients.

I've managed to get hooked on quite a few things I've found in Love with Food over the years (yes, years!) which surprised me because I'm not really the type to care about whether my food has a synthetic chemical or a food coloring in it. But just because I don't really care, doesn't mean that I can't appreciate something uber tasty and make a snack swap. Like switching Cheetos for Barbara's Cheese Puffs. Or those Snikiddy ones. Nomnomnom.

The Cost: $19.95/month, $9.99/month for the Tasting Box

What You Get: 16-20 new snacks each month. Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. (The regular Tasting Box has 8+ snacks)

Popchips Boardwalk Kettle Corn Chips- These are addictively salty and sweet at the same time. Must stop eating them!

Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips with Sea Salt- Blech. I gave these to my husband, though, and he liked them.
Natural Sins Crispy Thins in Beetroot- We've had these before in an Urthbox. My husband will eat beets any way I cook them. He loves things that taste like dirt. Yuck.

Simply Organic Steam Gourmet Parchment and Seasonings Kit- This is fun! It's the seasonings and a parchment pocket to bake up some chicken!
Mrs. Thinsters Cake Batter Cookie Thins- These are so good I can't even tell you how good they are. There are no words to describe this crunchy cookie perfection. I opened the bag and ate every single one. SO good.

Belgian Boys Choco Leige Waffle- Im not a fan of this brand of liege wafels but was game to try again with a chocolate covered one. Still not a fan but chocolate covered waffles are definitely a good idea.
Ruby Rockets Stellar Strawberry Non Dairy Fruit and Veggie Blend- Since I have texture issues with food, I'm not even going near this.

YumEarth Googly Grape Organic Lollipops- I like Yumearth lollipops and we've had them before in Love with Food. But not just grape. Although, it appears to be real grape flavor because it didn't give me insta headache like artificial grape does.

Liddabit Sweets Sea Salt Caramels- This is a repeat by a few times. I've been noticing repeats have been occuring more often now that I've been subscribed for so long.
Super Seedz Maple Sugar and Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds- I have a friend who loves this kind of thing so I save up all the weird granolas and raw food and vegan snacks and give them to her. She loves it and I'm glad I'm not throwing away perfectly good food.

Baron Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Bar- Dark Chocolate is my favorite! I didn't taste this yet because I already tasted so many other things.

Nature's Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Flax Granola- More stuff to foist off on Jill. At least someone will eat it. This is why I say that I'm not super into eating healthy. I just couldnt live on this kind of thing. I prefer to enjoy every bite.
Mediterra Savory Bar in Orange and Honey- Normally this would go in the "it's too weird" pile but this is made with just sesame seeds, orange and honey. I love all those things so I'm taking this with me on the plane.

JimmyBar Mini Peanut Butter Clutter Bar- This bar is made of dates. While Im not a fan, my husband loves them so he happily snarfed this.

VERDICT: Sometimes these boxes can be a little TOO healthy for me but for the most part it's a fun adventure. Plus my husband is far more healthy eating than I am so he likes getting a healthy snack stash at his computer. I do tend to like products I have to hunt down in a Whole Foods or something, though. It's actually gotten a lot easier to find natural and organic foods in regular grocery stores but not so easy that I could find something like a JimmyBar on the shelves.

If you would like to sign up for Love with Food, you can do that here. If you don't want to spring for the Deluxe box, you can always get the Tasting Box. It's 40% off right now! Or if you're not into gluten (or gluten isn't into you), you can get the Gluten Free Box for 50% off.

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