Monday, February 8, 2016

Popsugar Must Have February 2016 Review and Coupon

The Popsugar Must Have box for February 2016 shipped out so quickly I can hardly believe I'm already holding it in my hot little hands! I have to give Popsugar props for making sure we had this in time for Valentine's Day, thats for sure.
This is one of my favorite boxes, though it is one of the more expensive ones. I love getting full size products and I love the variety of items included. This is not a beauty box, this is an "everything" box. Or more technically, I guess it's a "lifestyle" box.
Every box comes with a foldout information card that explains everything you'll be receiving along with designating any bonus items that are included. I think it's one of the best info cards out there because it also lists the websites where you can discover more about the product and gives the values for what you're getting.

The Cost: $39.95/month

What You Get: Five luxury deluxe sized beauty essentials, from both well-known and emerging brands, delivered to your door each month.
Tilo Heart Print Scarf- I am so glad that this is gray! I wouldn't like it as much or find it as useable if it had been pink or red. Instead this is a perfect accessory to all my black and gray outfit goodness. Although... Hm. Hearts. Maybe I'll have to think about that. I'm not really a big fan of hearts. It's exclusive to Popsugar so if you see someone on the street with this, make sure you run over screaming and ask if they're a subscription box addict too. Haha!
Value: $125 (wait... really?!)
Beauty Counter Nourishing Cleansing Balm- I'm not a super fan of cleansing balms, I tend to stick to the straight up oils but I'm going to try this one. The ingredients are decent although if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, you may want to skip it- Cosdna analyzed it as having six acne trigger ingredients (2/5 score). The $80 price tag for a full size is a little hefty considering you can pick up a Banila Co. Clean It Zero Purity (with far fewer trigger ingredients) for about $20.
If you've never used an oil cleanser before, this is a perfect way to start. It also comes with a muslin cloth and a plastic spreader/scoop thing.
Value: $50
Fringe Studio "Hello Beautiful" Square Tray- So cute! I got the anchor one from the PSLE in a swap and it's so cute. This one is square which I think I like better. I'm not sure what I'll use it for. I almost feel like I need to hang it up like people do their plates or something. Just so I can see it all the time.
For perspective, here it is with the ring.
Value: $14
Victoria's Secret Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion- I'm not a big fan of body lotions. I always feel like they're too greasy, take too long to sink in or just don't do any good. You can laugh but I actually use my face creams on my legs, etc. I have a billion of them and I might as well use them. The ingredients are always better anyway. Nonetheless, it's fun seeing Victoria's Secret in this box. I don't recommend them for fittings or bras if you're more than a C cup but that doesn't mean they don't have cute PJ's.
Value: $18
Victoria's Secret Sport Socks- I can't find these exact ones on their site, though they do have socks. These have the band around the middle so your sock doesn't slip around while running. I don't run much to the sadness of some of my friends who would love a running partner. Part of me wishes I liked it but the rest of me is glad because it's pretty hard on your body.
These are cute and I'll totally wear them. I only have a few with the band around the middle and they're my boot socks. I'll have to experiment and see how they do in the gym. Not that any of my other socks slip around but whatever. Socks. And I love socks.

Victoria's Secret $20 Gift Card- This is pretty sweet. I like gift cards with no strings. Well, this one does have a little string-- It must be used by March 31st but other than that? Free as a bird!
Both the socks and this gift card are considered Extras and are not counted toward the value of the box.
Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix- Foodstirs is actually a baking subscription box that I can't really recommend. It's not worth the $30. Getting one in a Popsugar box is way more fun anyway! I think this is half size from the regular version, too. I'll totally make them but it's not a subscription I would ever go for because of the consistent and obscenely low value.
Apparently this is cofounded with Sarah Michelle Gellar but if I was her, I'd run far away from this idea.
Value: $12.95
JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring- I have discovered a love for arrow rings. I currently am loving and wearing the House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Ring from Rocksbox. This one is not nearly as sturdy and nice but it's cute. Too bad it's gold. I don't really wear a lot of gold.
It's adjustable and mine arrived as a size 5 with the arrow and fletching pressed close together. You can pull it apart with some muscle. I like the hammered band, it adds character. Maybe I should wear gold...
Value: $28

VERDICT:  This was a great box for me! I never expect to love everything in a box but this one turned out to have a majority of items I will put to good use . One of the wonderful things about Popsugar is that if there is something I don't like, it is eminently giftable. It's one of the reasons Popsugar is always of value to me. Not to mention the fact that I've become hooked on certain things I've received over the years. I love fun surprises and Popsugar is *always* a good surprise for me. I get a little giddy when I see it on my porch.

If you would like to sign up for Popsugar Must Have,  you can do that here. Get $5 off your first month with code REFER5 or MUSTHAVE5. I believe this February box is sold out but you can check the small box that says something about getting the previous box if possible. It doesn't always happen but it can! It will tell you when you sign up which box will be your first so keep an eye out.

Did you love this box? What was your favorite or least favorite item? My favorite was the Hello Beautiful tray and my least favorite was the body lotion.

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  1. They kinda lost me at the price of that scarf. LOL

    1. Yah, I have no idea who would pay that much money for it. I mean, it's a cute scarf and it's my favorite material (it squashes up really small) but $125? Never in a million years. This isn't Hermes!

  2. I also really loved the tray from Fringe Studio! My least favorite was the scarf! It's cute, but not my taste:) A great re-gifting item though:) Thanks for your review!

    1. I love it, too! And Popsugar is good for squirreling away gifts for when you need them. I always know someone who will like whatever it is that I don't. It's one of the reasons I don't mind that this box is more expensive than the rest.