Friday, February 12, 2016

Sweet Organic Box February 2016 Organic Snack Subscription Review

Sweet Organic Box is a new snack subscription that sends only organic snacks and treats each month. You won't find GMO's, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. This might be their very first box, too, so this will give you an idea of what to expect. Based on what I've seen there can be a little variation but not too much.

The Cost: $45/month

What You Get: Every SweetOrganicBox includes 6-10 organic items such as snack, coffee, tea, candy, cookies, and other surprises.

Go Organics Hard Candies in Cherry- Everything you want and nothing that you don't. Plus they're made in America. I find that these tend to be super sweet sugar-wise. I've had the Apple and I can only eat about two before my mouth curdles. But that's a good thing because while these are organic, natural, GMO-free and all that stuff, they are still sugar-tastic. Caaalories!!
Value: $6

Ocho Peanut Butter Organic Candy Bar Minis- A soft peanut butter center covered with a creamy milk chocolate. Real peanuts in the peanut butter filling to creates a unique crunchy texture with a pleasing balance of salt and sugar.
These are really tasty. The middle is slightly crunchy and peanutty. The milk chocolate adds a sweetness to the peanuts and it's basically a perfect combination. YUM!
Value: $9
Grower's Alliance Coffee Ethiopian- This is an award winning coffee that is both Fair Trade & USDA Organic certified which means that the coffee guarantees farmers a fair price, fair labor conditions, and environmentally sustainable farming that protect farmer's health and preserve our valuable ecosystems.
It was fun to find a bag of coffee in this box. It's not every day you see that!
Value: $10

Theo My Cherry Baby Milk Chocolate Bar- Cherries in creamy, dreamy 45% milk chocolate – tangy, sweet and yummy. A Seattle baby! Theo can be found almost everywhere here in Seattle but I know lots of people across the US haven't had this (and should!). Excellent chocolate, organic and delicious. This is milk chocolate which isn't my favorite but I'll pass it along to my mama. She never says no to Theo.
Value: $4.50

Late July Organics Mini Cheddar Cheese Crackers- Organic mini cheese sandwich crackers. I like a few Late July crackers but these not so much. They taste a little weird.
Value: $1
Surf Sweets Organic Fruit Hearts- Chewy hearts in yummy watermelon and cherry natural flavors. I love these! I love Surf Sweets gummies of all kinds pretty much. The watermelon ones are fantastic!
Value: $4 total
Clif Kid Z Bar in Chocolate Brownie- Clif bars tend to be a texture that my brain refuses to synthesize as being good for me. My husband's family makes fun of me for being an "unadventurous" eater because of my texture issues but I don't care. I can't do anything about it. I've tried. I wish I could eat these! Chocolate Brownie sounds delicious (except that they're made with fig paste).
Value: $1.50

Nature's Path Organics Chunky Chocolate Peanut Bar- Sweet and salty bar with roasted peanuts, certified Fair Trade dark chocolate chunks with creamy peanut butter, crispy brown rice and whole grain gluten-free oats. They're also organic, non-GMO and free of all those synthetic preservatives and additives.
I'm not a fan of energy bars mostly because they tend to contain soy which I find difficult to digest. This one doesn't have any, though, so I think I'm going to take it on the plane as a snack.
Value: $1

Nib Mor Hot Chocolate in Mint- A minty drinking chocolate or as a chocolate mint martini! Sweetened with coconut palm sugar. I am resisting this tonight because I ate some other snacks earlier. Otherwise I'd be drinking this right now. I can't wait to try it. I love drinking chocolate. The nice thing is that if I love it, it's reasonably priced and I can buy more!
Value: $1.50

VERDICT: I love the idea of this box and the inclusions are tasty and fun but the value comes in under the price paid. Again, this is the very first month so I'm hoping that the feed back will be taken into consideration when preparing boxes in subsequent months. It's not super bad (the value is $38) but it's something I know a lot of us care about. The selections and variety are fun. I found some new brands to love along with some old favorites. I'll be interested to see what Sweet Organic Box does next!

If you would like to sign up for Sweet Organic Box, you can do that here. If you've been looking for a snack box with only organic goodies, this could be just the thing for you!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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