Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barkbox Small Dog March 2016 Review and Free Box Offer

Barkbox has been my constant companion since I started blogging about subscription boxes. I continue to feel it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel like I know so much more about my boys and how they think and what they enjoy. Normally, I pick out toys *I* think they should like and I freely admit to being in a toy rut. This way they are constantly entertained and I never have to leave the house!

I've been getting Barkbox for two years now and I've always been very impressed with their treats and toys. They send such a good variety. Barkbox also has a box for dogs with common allergies, too. For now, though, this is the Small Dog regular box. I get one box for my two 20lb rat terriers.

The Cost: $29/month

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Harry Barker Scottie Dog- They used to send an information card but now it's mainly a card telling you all the things you should buy in their shop. Pfft. Not that they don't have good things in their shop but unless you want something specifically branded by Barkbox (that would be Barkmade), you'll find things cheaper elsewhere.
This is perfectly plump with eco-friendly fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles. Bugsy loves it. It has a squeaker and it's still intact which means it's a favorite (and that's a good thing!).
Value: $10

ThinkDog! Sherlock Pocket Watch- A squeaker, a stuffed interior, fuzzy exterior, and a rope made of t-shirt material, great for gnawing and tugging. This is carried around by both Dexter and Bugsy because they both have a thing for rope toys.
Value: $10
My Doggy Soft Baked Mini Cookies in Peanut Butter- These are wheat free, all natural treats packaged for Barkbox. They're made in the USA which is key for me. The boys love these though they're a little crumbly for holding in pockets.
Value: $7

I'd Rather be with my Dog Paleo Trainers- Beef, bacon and eggs- all the good stuff! Sourced and made in the USA and grain free. I don't know if my dogs really care about grain free. I mean, they're dogs, they can eat garbage and survive. Gross. These will be snarfed handily by Bugsy but since they have chicken, Dexter doesn't get any. Poor baby.

Barkworthies Beef Jerky Chew- Barkworthies Beef Jerky is additive-free, chemical-free and preservative-free. My dogs love these and I'm happy that Barkbox tosses one of these in most boxes. Well, I definitely prefer them over those Etta Says ones. That's for sure!

VERDICT: Barkbox does seem pretty committed to providing good quality toys. I think that Barkbox is a great box of toys and treats for dogs. The treats are always made in the US, the toys each month are varied and inventive and I absolutely love having a constant rotation of new toys for the dogs. I figure it's good for their brains to be stimulated in new and interesting ways each month. While Dexter is more about the treats, he's not the brightest of the bunch. Bugsy, on the other hand, needs the mental exercise. We have made him learn names for all his toys and he has memorized a ridiculous amount of names, thanks to Barkbox. His ultimate favorites? The Peas in a Pod and the Cornucopia from the Thanksgiving boxes for the last two years. Apparently, the November boxes are where it's at. hah!

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