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BeautyDNA Subscription Box Review March 2016 plus BOGO Coupon Code

BeautyDNA is different from other beauty subscriptions because each month you receive a product catered to your specific profile. The first thing you do is fill out a SIXTEEN page profile! They want to know everything about your skin, your concerns, your hair, your eyes, your lips and your body.

This is so they can choose the perfect product for you using their algorithms. It's a very in-depth questionnaire and I had to go look in the mirror a couple times to make sure I was telling them the right thing. They also make it really easy to understand what they are looking for by providing an explanation if you hover over an item with your mouse.
Then they scan through the thousands of beauty products they have and find you the perfect full-size product that addresses one of your skin, hair or body problems! They promise to not to send an item to treat the same area twice. So you'll get a skin product, then a hair product, then a body or lip or eye or whatever product! I personally only want skin products and I filled out my profile accordingly.

The Cost: $25/mo with free shipping

What You Get: One (possibly two) full-size products specifically tailored for you from your profile. You'll also receive a card explaining exactly why the product was sent.

This month I was matched with Avene RetrinAl 0.1 Intensive Cream. This is a moisturizer with a high Retinal content. Retinal is a form of vitamin A and is the direct precursor to Retinol. They are not the same thing but they're close. Retinal breaks down to Retinol and is considered in the industry to be much less irritating and therefore better for sensitive skins that have a hard time with actual Retinol. So if you've been having trouble getting your skin to utilize a Retinol cream without irritation (mine does react, especially at 1%), you should look for a Retinal product instead.

Derivatives of Vitamin A are essential to your skin and should be incorporated into any anti-aging skincare regimen. Or whenever you want to start. I'm late to the party because I won the genetic lotto when it comes to good skin. It was only when I turned 36 that I realized that I should really start taking care of what I had and not take it all for granted.

Vitamin A in it's retinoid forms have been proven to boost collagen production, reverse sun damage and hyperpigmentation and increase skin cell turnover and the moisture content of skin, All this means softer, smoother, brighter and even-toned skin. Sounds like a good thing, yes? Yep!
I received a sample of this cream before in a BeautyFix box and had no issues with it. At the time, though, I didn't pay a whole bunch of attention to what was in it. It's ridiculously expensive so it's not something I would buy on my own. Not for $70! When it comes in a BeautyDNA box, though? Oh, yes, I'll use it for sure! (Especially because I got my box in a Rue La La deal for about $11!)

VERDICT: If you choose to subscribe to BeautyDNA, you have to be willing to accept a certain value fluctuation. Sometimes it can be worth $30 and other times $70 or even $150. The goal, though, is less about getting a deal than it is getting the perfect products for your skin. The algorithms aren't perfect but they're pretty close. The weights of each question are different and they may choose a product that has 8 of the less important attributes instead of 1 which might mean more to you. As an example, you might only want products without parabens but they have a product that's perfect for you in every way except it has parabens. That's probably an extreme example but you know what I mean. And if that is the case, just email them and let them know right after you subscribe (before they have time to send you a box).

Their customer service has been wonderful for me. If you have a specific issues (I'm allergic to lavender) just send them an email and they'll make a note in your account. I've been really happy to have a subscription that I know will never send me something I'm allergic to. Yay!

If you would like to sign up for BeautyDNA, you can do that here. Use code ECBOGO to get your second month FREE! That's so worth it! At $12.50 a box for the first two months (essentially), it's a steal!

What have you received in your BeautyDNA boxes that you now can't live without? It's funny because one of my lesser valued boxes ended up having two products that I LOVE! And with the reasonable price, I had no problem snagging more. That was my Dermaquest Algae Polishing Scrub. The only bummer is my husband also loves it, too, It's been going fast. I should buy stock or something.

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