Thursday, March 17, 2016

Energy Supply Co. Drink Subscription Review and Coupon Code

If you're always looking for more energy and down energy drinks on a regular basis, Energy Supply Co. could be just the subscription you are looking for. Every month you'll get six energy drinks by three different companies. The best part is that these drinks can come from all over the world so it's entirely possible to get a box of energy drinks you've not only never tasted but never even heard of.
Here at home we always have some kind of energy drink in the fridge. You never know when you'll need one. My favorite is the Rockstar Zero Fruit Punch. My husband will drink just about anything so he became the ultimate taste tester for each of these drinks. I had to switch up my routine a little because I tend to work more at night and the last thing I needed was to be pumped full of energy drink while trying to eventually get to sleep.

The Cost: $24.99/month (including shipping)

What You Get: You'll get six energy drinks each month, with information cards and promotional offers. Each month will feature at least three brands you'll get to try a couple different flavors from each brand, however, at times a brand only comes in one flavor and you may receive two.

BAWLS Guarana Original- I haven't had BAWLS since it first came out and was all the rage. The information card included says that was in 1997. I believe it. This is has a pretty mild taste for an energy drink. I mean, it doesn't have that typical flavor. It's sort of like a cross between Sprite and cream soda but not really. It's pretty drinkable. However a 16oz bottle only has 100mg of caffeine. I'm not sure if the caffeine from guarana is counted in that. Still, you'll be awake for sure!

BAWLS Guarana Root Beer- With the original tasting almost like cream soda, it seems like the Root Beer flavor would be pretty tasty. And it is! Surprisingly so. If it weren't for the sinful amount of sugar I would happily drink the whole thing.
Da Vinci- This drink has 90mgs of caffeine and is described as tasting like blue raspberry with menthol. Da Vinci was created by a guy who says he's an aeronautical engineer but whose LinkedIn profile says he's never actually done any work in that field. That's probably why he's making energy drinks! He needed them to get all his degrees. It's got ingredients like L-Tyrosine and magnesium to make you think smarter.
I did not like this at all. To me it was Robitussin mixed with Halls cough drops. Yuck. My husband thought it was fine and drank it. I'm not sure if it made him any smarter, though. Only because he's pretty smart as it is. (Just in case he reads this...)

Energa- I can't find out much about this drink. They're pretty sparse on details on their website. However, it's not special. Mainly because it tastes similar to Red Bull. I'm not a fan of Red Bull to begin with so I didn't care for this. Maybe with vodka this would be better.
Socko Original- Socko was apparently on haitus for the last five years but is back with better ingredients. Meaning no more high fructose corn syrup. It has tons of sugar, though, at 61g. Forget the caffeine, that's a sugar high right here. I don't envy anyone that crash.
In any case, this is delicious! I would never guess it was an energy drink. It tastes like... I don't know... a sort of applish citrus? It's really good.

Socko Slim- All the tastiness of the regular without all the sugar. That's a win for me. I wonder if I can find this around here. I don't ever remember seeing it but I wasn't actually looking.

VERDICT: I'm surprised that the majority of these drinks do not tell you how much caffeine is actually in the bottle. That makes it a lot of guesswork or learning the hard way. It seems like 100mg seems normal for a drink like this. That's less than a 12oz cup of coffee. Of course that's not counting the caffeine from guarana. I'm guessing? Guarana contains caffeine just like coffee beans do, although guarana leaves have more.

The rundown: I liked the Socko Slim and the BAWLS Root Beer the best. Props to Da Vinci for having the best art on the can. Energa has the least amount of sugar besides the Socko Slim and it's cane sugar not high fructose cane syrup. I think the overall winner would have to be BAWLS for also listing the amount of caffeine in the can. None of the other ones let you in on that secret.

If you would like to sign up for Energy Supply Co., you can do that here. Use code SAVE10LIFE to get 10% off for life

Also in the box was a little swag which I didn't notice until later. Some stickers and pamphlets as well as some coupons. Get free shipping on with code BAWLSENERGYCOSHIP by 5/1/17. That's pretty sweet because shipping can be outrageous. I can only imagine what it costs for Energy Supply Co. to ship out all these boxes. It definitely puts the drink prices at a premium but if you're a connoisseur and want drinks you wouldn't get otherwise, this is a good way to do it.

What do you think of this subscription? While I wouldn't order it for myself I think it would be a fun thing to do for a college kid.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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