Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FabFitFun VIP Subscription Box Review Spring 2016 plus Coupon Code

FabFitFun VIP is a quarterly lifestyle subscription that sends anything from beauty products to fitness gadgets and everything in between. You can expect just about anything if you're subscribed long enough. The other great thing is that you'll receive full size items. This is not a sampling box, everything will be a proper size and good enough to use as a gift if you so choose.
It's kind of like Popsugar Must Have but only four times a year with a somewhat higher retail value. They also work with different brands so you'll tend to find certain things only in a FabFitFun box and not in any others.

The Cost: $49.99/quarterly

What You Get: The latest and greatest full size products in food, beauty and lifestyle categories with a total value of more than $200.

Maker's Kit Herb Garden- This is a kitchen herb kit with Basil, Thyme and Mint. I don't know about you but every time I try these, I kill them. It's probably the lack of sun Seattle has so I'm going to wait til June or something to start this. I have one warning. Do not ever plant mint in the ground. Trust me. Mint spreads like wildfire. So it's good to grow it inside in a little pot like this. It's amazing all the things you can use these herbs for once you put your mind to it. Fresh thyme is wonderful in soups and stews. Basil is glorious in pestos, sandwiches, caprese or in your lemonade. Mint? Any drink from tea to mojitos, lemonade to Fireball. Plus it's great for Mediterranean cooking.
Value: $35 (Uh, considering you get about ten seeds each and they're super cheap to begin with, you're basically paying that much for the little wooden box)
Jook & Nona Tag Necklace- Mine says Happy and it's pretty accurate. I'm always smiling or laughing about something or other. This is 18k gold plated stainless steel. It's not really my style but the thought is fun.
Value: $65
Keratin Gloves and Socks- I'm so glad that companies are catching on to the Korean awesomeness of foot peels. I mean, I know these are peels (sadly) but it's a start! These are for moisturizing your feet and hands and giving them some keratin love. Designed to strengthen both your toenails and fingernails along with moisturizing. Yah, I'll totally use these!
Value: $10

Merrithew Yoga Mat Strap- I have a yoga mat but I don't do yoga. I de-stress by reading and if I'm going to work out, I want to burn calories while doing it. However, it is suggested that this be used as resistance bands which I will do.
ISH Contour Kit- So this was a surprise. This is a FabFitFun branded product. I think that makes me lose a little respect for it's efficacy. Is that bad? I wonder who is making these. There are two color versions Light/Med and Med/Dark. Make sure you've filled out your profile online so that you get the right color. I did get Light/Med which is appropriate.
This palette has a highlighter, blush, bronzer and contour color. I think they should have included a guide even though not everyone would need one. Just because this would be a great place for a beginner to start. Except there's no instructions.
Value: $32
Marrakesh Argan and Hemp Oil Therapy- Since I've been dying my hair ridiculous colors (it's a blue-green right now), I've been getting more into hair products. Since bleach is terrible for hair I have a lot of frizz now. I just cut off all my split ends but I want to keep everything as healthy as possible. So that means good conditioners, lots of oil and leave in treatments. This is supposed to give a healthy, frizz-free and glossy shine to my hair. I totally need that!
Value: $25

Hello Legs Shaving Emulation Lotion- What an interesting... name? Emulation Lotion?! This is a body lotion with shaving cream with "blade butter" to give the smoothest shave ever. Well, summer is coming and this sounds more fun than just boring shaving cream so I'm all over it!
Jus D'Amor Bath Bomb Trinity- I don't take baths because it seems so germy but my MIL loves them so these will go to her. She'll love them! There's a Peppermint Eucalyptus, Rose and Jasmine and a Lavender Ylang Ylang.
Value: $28
31Bits $25 Gift Card- To be spent at 31Bits, a jewelry brand that sells hand crafted jewelry made in Uganda for a living wage. Not only that but they educate women and their familys in best practices for health, financial stability and life management. The jewelry is distinctive and playful and I have two pieces already that I love. I bought another bracelet. The gift card counts toward shipping, in case you were wondering.
Value: $25

Sterling Power $30 Gift Card-  $30 to spend on jewelry at Sterling Forever. I didn't see anything I really liked but maybe they'll restock. This gift card also includes free shipping and is good until 4/1/2017. That's a good long time and I like gift cards that are open ended like that.

VERDICT: The variety in this FabFitFun VIP box is a great example of what a box should be composed of. I like the fact that FFF tends to always have a jewelry piece of some kind. Plus there's makeup, haircare and skincare. Something for the home (garden!) plus a fitness item and a little splurge relaxation item in the bath bombs. Is it really weird that I'm actually sort of excited about trying that Hello Legs shaving lotion? It'll probably be nothing special but what if it is?! I don't tend to love getting gift cards but in this case I've already happily used my 31Bits one soo.... :D

If you would like to sign up for FabFitFun, you can do that here. Use this link to get $10 off your first box. You'll start with this Spring box if it hasn't sold out yet (it usually doesn't). Just to make sure, it should tell you what box you'll start with when you're filling out the billing info.

What did you think of this box? Love it, hate it? What's your favorite thing?

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  1. I just got a second box yesterday. Free. Happens almost every time with this company or Pop Sugar. I'm not complaining, but I'm totally at a loss as to why it happens. :)

    1. That happened to me only once (sadly!) and I think it had something to do with contacting customer service about cancelling way back when their website was way worse than it is now.

  2. Well, they didn't charge me for it, so I'm thrilled about picking another 31 Bits necklace.. I'm thinking about going for the big multi-color jawbreaker looking one. :) I LOVE color and my necklace I chose is very petite and hardly shows with all my hair. It's beautiful though. :)

    Oh, and if like me you got 2 Feb. Pop Sugar MH boxes, don't forget to redeem your #20 discount coupon before April 1. :)

    Not sure I'm going to bother with the Sterling coupon..

    1. 31Bits has so much cute stuff. It was hard to choose just one thing. That gift card miiiight be the best thing in the box.

  3. I haven't got the Spring FFF (yet?) because I'm trying to cut spending and reduce clutter… but this looks so good! I want! :)

    Please share pictures of your blue-green hair! I've only seen the pink-purple… which was so beautiful and cool looking!

    1. The blue-green didn't turn out as well as I would like. Or maybe I just don't like it as much as the other colors. Just today I was thinking maybe I should try to dye purple over it. Haha! I feel like it brings out my undereye shadows... :\