Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hamptons Lane Taste of Thailand Review and Coupon Code

I had so much fun with the Thai Food Hamptons Lane box! It came in a HUGE box that weighed nine pounds and when I opened it up, I understood why. It has a giant wok! I'm pretty sure my eyes lit up with delight when I saw it.

If you love cooking or are thinking you might be in a food rut and need new ideas, getting Hamptons Lane boxes every month will throw open the doors of experimentation. I've had a great time learning new and different ways of preparing meals from these boxes and have really enjoyed the new recipes.

The first thing I did was follow all the directions for seasoning my new wok and then hunting down all the veggies I could find in order to use it.

The Cost: $47/month

What You Get: Hand-picked artisan ingredients & kitchen tools curated into monthly themed boxes.

Hand-hammered Carbon Steel Wok and Wok Ring- This is a carbon steel wok that is hand-hammered into a classic rounded shape and it sits perfectly into the wok ring. The wok and the wok ring are both designed to ensure even and quick distribution of heat. Since I have a flattop stove, that ring is essential. Well, it's probably essential no matter what, it just made me so happy I was able to use it. It's perfectly round on the bottom so it's tippy without the ring. Anyway, the ring makes it super easy to balance the wok and if you are lucky and have a gas stove, it has holes in it to allow the flames to come up and get the sides of the wok. I'm so jealous of you gas stove people. Seriously. I cooked in small batches which is recommended anyway and I didn't have a problem.
You can see all the circular hammer marks on the wok.
I had to season it with scallions and ginger (which I shockingly had) and some oil.
I didn't have nearly the amount of ginger you were supposed to (half a cup) but I did it anyway. I followed all the directions and made sure to smoosh the veggies up the sides and everything.
A nicely seasoned wok should be black and mine is on it's way, woohoo! Just gotta use it more.
Value: $35 for Wok, $8 for Wok Ring
Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce by TLA Pacific Kitchen- This all-natural sauce honors the traditional Thai flavor combination of sweet, spicy and tart. My husband is a BIG fan of this sauce. He loves Thai food and doused his stirfry with this sauce. He did it after it was on his plate, I'm not sure if that makes a difference, but he said it was great.
Value: $13

Green Curry Sauce by Thaifusions Co.- This is a Seattle company! This curry sauce contains organic coconut milk, green chili peppers, spicy Thai basil, sweet cilantro, fresh Kaffir lime leaves among other things. It's very flavorful.
Value: $17
Red Boat Fish Sauce by Viet Phu- I know the idea of fish sauce sounds awful. I never had a clue what it was for until I moved in with my best friend during my 20's. She is Filipino and she cooked so much good food, I'm surprised I didn't gain copious amounts of weight. The first time I saw her use her gigantic bottle of fish sauce was when she made Lugao, a chicken, rice and ginger soup. The soup was amazing and didn't taste or smell like fish. I was surprised. According to Hamptons Lane, this fish sauce (and probably all of them) are made with anchovies. I had no idea.
Basically, it can be used in small amounts instead of soy sauce because it's salty. She used it in pancit, sinegang, pretty much everything (except chicken adobo) and I never noticed anything fishy. Just umami goodness. You don't use a lot, seriously, maybe a tablespoon or two and it's quite flavorful.
Value: $9

Organic Pad Thai Noodles by King Soba- What's a Thai food box without Pad Thai noodles!? Hamptons Lane does not disappoint and these are organic, too. I'm going to be making one of the recipes in the booklet that accompanied this box and these are part of it.
Value: $4

VERDICT: This was a GREAT box! I loved getting a real wok. It's going to add so much to my kitchen usage and meal making. I've already started planning all the things I'm going to make in it. I may not have gas flames but it works just the same. Well, not exactly the same but it works fine. I also really appreciate the recipes that are included in the informational mini mag. I don't have to look anything up, there are recipes all ready for me to make. So far, the recipes have never led me wrong. They've always been delicious. I'm sorry I don't have photos of what I made but they turned out horrible and blurry because I smudged a fingerprint on the lense. Derp.

If you would like to sign up for Hamptons Lane, you can do that here. You can even choose this exact box for your first box if you like! How awesome is that? Use code BITSANDBOXES10 and you should get $10 off your first box.

Do you use a wok? Do you have any tips for me? Besides getting a gas stove, I mean. I'm thinking of asking for one for our anniversary.

*This box was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are mine and I happily would have paid full price for this box. That's how amazing I think it is.

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