Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PetGiftBox March 2016 Small Dog Subscription Box Review and Coupon

PetGiftBox is a subscription box for dogs and cats. This review is for the Petite Pup Box which is for dogs up to 20lbs. There are also Mid-Size and Hefty Hound boxes for larger dogs. I find that the Petite Pup box is perfect for my 20lb rat terriers. Treat sizes are great and the toy sizes tend to be pretty spot on. I think if you have a dog under 10lbs, it probably won't work as well for you.

The Cost: $28.99/month

What You Get: A themed box of four to six toys and treats for your pet.

Spot Hedgehog Plush- This has one of those honking "squeakers" in it and it drove Bugsy nuts. This was shredded in record time. I had to throw it away because it was waaay too shreddable.

LOL Lick out Loud Beef Treats- These are wheat, corn and soy free beef training treats. They're a good texture for traning treats and the dogs loved them. While they aren't made in the US, I trust Canada. :D
Silly Faces Smile Toy- This is a great squeak toy but for some reason neither of my dogs are big into rubber toys. I'm not sure why. The only one they like in this sort of style are Kongs.

Doggy Delirious Cranberry Carrot Bones- These treats use fresh produce, whole grains and fruits. They're really, really crunchy. My dogs loved these and I'm pretty sure they're good for teeth because they took some major crunching to chew.
Butcher's Block Funny Bones- Smoked pork knuckles! The info card says these are made from beef raised in the US but I've never seen a cow with pork knuckles... Haha!

VERDICT: I like PetGiftBox because they have difference sources for their toys and treats so there usually isn't any kind of overlap with other dog subscriptions. The only thing I tend to find is that the toys they include tend not to be very durable. So if you have a dog that's a major chewer, that could be an issue. My boys are heavy chewers and so most of the plush toys in this box are ruined fairly quickly. Not that it isn't an issue with other dog boxes just that it happens more often with PetGiftBox.
Personally, I really love getting boxes like these for my dogs. Saves me a trip plus it offers so many toy and treat options that I would either never know about or never think to even get for my boys.

If you would like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can do that here. Use this link to get your first box for 50% off! Your first box will be just under $15 which is a great offer.

What do you think of subscriptions for dogs?

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