Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pipsticks Sticker Mail Subscription Review March 2016 and Coupon Code

Pipsticks is a subscription I get purely to bring a smile to my face. I don't know about you but I think stickers are ridiculous amounts of fun and can be used in a myriad of perfect ways. Every single time I open up this envelope I end up with a giant grin on my face. It's like grasping a moment of my childhood, forgetting about being an adult with a home and a husband to take care of and things like bills. You know what I mean. Surely you've longed for those good old days at some point. Usually in your 20's staring at a phone bill or an invoice for the work that needs to be done on your car.

Pipsticks is the exact opposite! This is a FUN envelope to open and it's jam-packed with sticker goodness!

The Cost: $14.95/month for the Classic, $9.95/month for the Petite.

What You Get: Each Pipsticks sticker subscription pack is full of stickers in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. In addition to cool stickers, you'll also find some paper goodies like quote cards and post cards (or craft paper in Kids packs) to make good use of your stickers.

I love pages of little stickers. These are so perfect for everything. Sticking in random places like my shopping list to make it a little more fun remember to get tomatoes and roast beef and whatever else is on it. I also use them in my planner to spruce it up a bit, too. My neice gets to pick stickers for her face... So many things!
Pipsticks also includes a stamped postcard to decorate and send off. So far I've only sent one to my sister and she called me up asking what was wrong with me. Hahaha! I only put stickers on it with no words. I asked her if she laughed when she looked at it and she admitted that she did. Mission Accomplished!
We're having a craft party at my friends house and I'm taking these with me. I don't know if craft parties are normal but we get a bunch of girls together, pool our crafting supplies and then make whatever we feel like out of what we have. The tentative plan is to make little barrettes and wear them as fascinators on a night out. We have peacock feathers.... :D
I love the sparkly silver clouds and the talk bubbles. I'm not sure what I might use the other stuff for. I think that the windows might have to go in my scrapbook. Somehow... Oooo.... I bet I could use them with magnets and polaroid photos and stick them on my fridge. A little tag board glued on, then the photo peeking out the window glued over it. Magnet stuck on the back and voila! We'll see.
Every shipment also comes with a heavy cardstock quote. Decorate away and put up somewhere. Do you not love the little man with his giant beefeater hat? I'm going to have to find the perfect place for him. Im guessing my scrapbook in the London section.
You can't tell from this picture but the hummingbirds actually shimmer just like real hummingbirds do! The eggs and fairies are sparkly.

VERDICT: I really like the option of getting just a page of so many different kinds of stickers. I looked at Michaels and stickers aren't exactly cheap and you tend to get way more than you actually need in one package. This works great for me and it's easy to find a use for most of them. Not sure about the blue sparkly triangles but I'll think of something. :) So far I'm loving this subscription.

If you love stickers and you want to sign up for Pipsticks, you can do that here. Use code BITS15 to get 15% off your first month!

Are you a sticker addict? In what way do you usually use your stickers?

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  1. OK, now this is precious! :)
    Have a special friend who has to work with hard copy documentation for her interoffice use all day long with a variety of age range clients.
    I was going to sign up for the large sized box for the Adult sticker fan, so she can add some cheer to her work ( the part that goes to corporate is on computer, just so no one thinks I'm insane.).

    This is a very cute idea for a sub box and I WISH I had thought of it! I've put stickers on everything casual all my life.
    I think it all started with my fascination with Colorforms and Band-Aids as a toddler.

    However, the code BITS15 was not accepted. I got a message that it doesn't exist.
    Maybe you could ask them about your code when it's business hours?
    One thing- This is the adult type large box, right? Did it take long to get it?
    Thanks for sharing this, because I was just on Amazon looking at stickers and designer washi tape and this sort of thing is tres' expensive there.

    1. Let me find out about the coupon code. Yes, this is the adult box (more stickers is always better than less, in my opinion!). I do love the variety, too. :)

  2. Your code works just fine. It's a clickable- only code, meaning that it's set up to click and go to the site and apply the discount, but is not recognized if typed in the box for Promo codes.

    I'm sorry. Always tech challenged here. ;)

    1. As long as you get the deal! I did hear back and they've extended the code so it should be working now if you choose to do it that way. :)