Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Popsugar Debuts MUST HAVE Mini!!

Popsugar is debuting the Popsugar Must Have Mini box!! The Must Have MINI box is a smaller version of the regular size, including the best in fashion, beauty, and home, for only $18.95, shipping included! It's perfect for those times when you want a little surprise or just can't get enough of your monthly Must Have subscription and want a little more.

The monthly MINI box will feature two similarly themed full-sized products that will complement the regular monthly Must Have Box. The monthly mini subscription box will include products worth over $30. Now I don't know if that means $35 or if it means $90 or somewhere in between but I'm game.
 new popsugar must have mini box is on sale!
Please note that the products in the Must Have MINI Box will be different from the products offered in the Must Have Box.

That means you'll get something complementary but different in the Mini box as opposed to the regular box! So people who get both won't have overylap. You bet that this subscription box addict just signed up for one! The first one ships in April. I'm really curious to see what's in it because it seems like there's a lot of competition at this price point. If they don't manage to wow right off the bat, this might die a quick death.

Get in on it right here! Mine had tax so it was $20.75. No coupon codes worked.

Sign up for you own PS Mini! What do you think about all this?

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  1. I can't possibly have too many PopSugar curated boxes!! Seriously, it's my favorite sub box ever, and this little baby box is an added happiness every month. 3 types of PS boxes now!! That's a family of boxes in my estimation. I could not be happier for Lisa and her company, or for those of us who are dedicated PS subscribers. :)

    I have to admit, now that I've said how happy I am, that when I first got a glimpse of my email, then my email program decided to auto-update, I was SO afraid they were announcing that they were cutting down to 1 mini box per month, no reg. PSMH box per month, and the seasonal boxes. I was really confused for a few minutes.
    IMO, and just IMO, the 2016 monthly boxes have been outstanding! I have actually worried a few times about them maybe over-extending the value/ MSRP in the $39 box.
    IF I had a daughter old enough to love surprises, she'd be getting this new Mini box. I had always thought Birchbox was the perfect little " starter" box, but now, at least, I'm pretty sure the quality of PS items will win over the younger subscribers, their mothers, and the rest of us who love the PS boxes in general.
    ( Haters gonna hate, but not on this blog, thank goodness).

    1. I totally got one just because I couldn't resist wondering what they would include. I do love my regular Popsugar boxes so it can't be a bad thing, although I hope they end up extending the value range. Paying $20 for $30 might not set well with many people. I, however, am a completionist so I subscribed. :D

      You're also correct, it would be a pretty fantastic gift. Now to find out what kinds of things will be inside!

  2. I'll be subscribing as well, but would like a peek, a spoiler, a mock up box to give an idea of whether they have a different target demo for this box as it kind of feels like a " starter" type box to me..
    Also, where is a one time use small discount coupon for those of us who are already loyal PS subscribers?

    I think the subscriptions are like the larger reg. monthly boxes, always open for the next month. I'll subscribe when I know a bit more and maybe when there's a deal on a subscription or something. :)
    I'm becoming a cheapskate. Yikes.

    1. I'm here for you! The first box ships in April (no specific date mentioned) but hopefully they'll ship before they sell out. Then once the spoilers are released, those who want one can snap it up. :)