Friday, March 11, 2016

Popsugar Must Have March 2016 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

I have rarely encountered a Popsugar Must Have box that I haven't liked. Maybe once or twice in the almost three years I've been subscribed. That's saying a lot. It also means that I'm probably going to be getting Popsugar boxes as long as they're sending them. This is a lifestyle box that sends full size products every month. This is not a sample box. You'll get real, useable products that you can incorporate into your daily life. I absolutely love that.

The Cost: $39.95/month

What You Get: Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

Nanette Lepore Classic Rose Gold Watch- Rose gold is definitely trending right now. I've already got a similar watch from Rachel Zoe's Box of Style but the fact that Popsugar is also sending one says good things for them!
Value: $55
Pixi by Petra Book of Beauty in Minimal Makeup- I love minimal makeup. My husband likes it, too, which is good. He prefers an understated, natural look which works really well for me because that's pretty much all I do. I'm excited to try this and see how it works for me. Palette includes 2 highlighters, 2 cheek shades, and 4 eye shades.
Value: $24
Miss Ivy Pearl Five Tassel Necklace- Okay, so I thought this was kinda weird at first but it turns out that it goes perfectly with my new blue sweater so I'm keeping it. It hangs really nicely, too.
Value: $38
Govino Go-Anywhere Carafe and Water Glass Set- Technically, it's not glass, it's plastic. This is for taking on a picnic or something but I'm going to use it for water with lemon and mint. We were served that in Ireland at a cafe and I loved it. This fits right in with my plan to do it that way at home.
Value: $15
Hello Extra Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste- I feel like I'm overflowing with toothpastes these days. I got a GIANT one in my New Beauty Test Tube, a cinnamon one in my OuiPlease box and now this one! I'm not complaining because toothpaste will always get used. It's pretty practical.
Value: $5
Goodie Girl Cookies in Toffee Chaos- Okay. All I have to say is be careful! These are horribly addicting! They're so so so good! I ate five and then looked at the calorie count and croaked. I'm still going to eat them but I need to ration them or something. It's going to be hard.
Value: $5
This Lola Gift Card is a Special Extra. It's $10 off a tampon subscription. I think. Or maybe it's just for a free box. I could look more closely but I'm being lazy.

VERDICT: Love it. As usual. It's like Popsugar knows all the things I like and then sends them to me before I know I need them. Or after I know I need it. I don't know. I just really enjoy getting this box! It's different from all the rest and I appreciate that. In this particular box I will use everything except the Lola gift card. My favorite thing is the Pixi Minimal Makeup kit followed by the necklace. Or the cookies. :D

If you'd like to sign up for Popsugar Must Have, you can do that right here. Use code REFER5 or MUSTHAVE5 to get $5 off your first box.

What did you think of this box? Have you used the Pixi palette yet?

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  1. Beautiful close up photos of the Pixi palette. It usually looks very dull, even on Pixi's site.
    I found out about nightstand carafes when I was a child. My parents kept a crystal one in their bedroom. I was so fascinated by the water covered by the pretty crystal glass.
    Played with it and broke it, of course.

    I'm looking forward to this box so much.
    Also, CLUSE is so popular now that all the rose gold trim straps are sold out on their site and everywhere else ( except black leather- yuck).
    I got an email from them yesterday when I asked if the Boheme watch had been discontinued. Had NO idea the watch brand would take off like this! :)

    Is the Nanette Lepore watch as large? I just took my CLUSE watch out of the pouch to wear this week with the pink leather watch straps instead of the gray.
    The face covers the entire front of my wrist. ( I'm getting skinny, which changes the look from last fall).

    Mostly, I have been dying to know about your trip to Ireland. Are you going to blog about it? :) With photos? :)
    If not, please email me and fill me in when you're caught up with the stacks of boxes to the ceiling, probably.

    So glad you're back safely and had a great time. It is severely cold in Europe in March-- compared to the weather I'm used to this time of year, anyway.


    1. The watch has a smaller face and it doesn't have quite the luxurious feel of the Cluse. It's also not real leather which I think makes a difference for me. I like leather. It's a nice substitute for those who missed out, though.
      I've been digging through copious amounts of photos trying to decide which ones to put into a post about Ireland. I need to go through my husbands as well because you would not believe how many of mine have my finger in them. HAHA! I'm so terrible!
      I think I'll have the post ready by the end of next week. And yes, the weather was insane! In a space of a few hours it was sunny, rainy, snowing, raining and sunny again. So bizarre! But it makes for great rainbows. :)