Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wantable Accessories Subscription Box Review March 2016

Wantable Accessories is part of the Wantable family of subscriptions that send you products based on your profile answers. This means you'll get only things you're sure to like and if you don't, you can return it! This month I snagged an Accessories subscription because I'm heading to my first music festival and well, I just want to fit in. I'm more of a classic kind of girl and I'd feel a little bit like the odd thumb surrounded by hippies and boho style.
I've never been to a music festival (I'm only going because a mass group of my friends are) and I wrote in the Note to Stylist that I needed festival appropriate gear. The stylist really came through for me, I have to admit. I'm seriously loving everything I got.

The Cost: $40 for the first month, $36/month thereafter

What You Get: Every box will have four boutique accessories completely tailored to your tastes.  A stylist will choose items for your box based on your answers.

The great thing about Wantable is that you only get the types of things you want. When you fill out your profile, you go through several pages of questions when you delineate your style preferences. I filled it out to be as "boho" as possible and chose not to get any scarves or clutches in this box. I changed that up for my next box and added clutches in the Like territory just to see what I might get.
When you get your box, it will show you what you've received and the price. It also shows the percentage you would get back if you chose to return a piece you didn't care for. Returns are free and are literally zero hassle. It's one of the reason I love Wantable so much.
Holleen Necklace- I love this. I wasn't expecting to but once I put it on and discovered that I could adjust the metal plate wherever I wanted it, I wore it all day.
The ends have little round weights on them and they're pretty swingy but it hasn't been a problem yet.
Value: $26
Julia Ring- Shark tooth! Fish are friends not food. This ring is right up there on my favorites list. It's adjustable which is really nice because I can wear it on any finger I want. I like the translucence of the "teeth" and the nubbly bumps of silver around them.
Value: $12
Alisha Bracelet- I like the arrow motif and the subtle "worn" sheen on this bracelet. It's stretchy on clear elastic and is comfortable to wear.
It meshes nicely with some of the other bracelets I'm planning on wearing.

Random Bracelet- This bracelet was apparently supposed to be earrings but I'm okay with that. It's a hammered silver cuff bracelet with copper wire wrapped around it in two places. It was kind of hard to get on until I realized I could just pull it apart a little. I love the copper accents and the fact it's beaten. It's pretty awesome.

VERDICT: Basically, I liked everything that showed up in my box big time. While I do kind of wish there were earrings, I can get them in another box and I don't really want more than one pair anyway. Besides, it would mean that I wouldn't have received the bracelet and I *really* like it so either way this box was a big fat win for me!

If you would like to sign up for Wantable, you can do that here. They have several subscriptions: Accessories, Makeup and Intimates. Those three you pay a flat fee for monthly and you keep everything you get. They also have two Edits. Edits are where you pay a styling fee and then you also pay to keep whichever items you like from what you received that month. Those subscriptions are Fitness and Style. So don't sign up for those accidentally!

What did you get in your box this month? I'm always curious because they tend to be so different!

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  1. Very nice box! I'd like all of those pieces, too. I think the green and copper bracelet is cute. Mix things up and wear it too,:)