Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Broke My Phone... A Story of Loss.

The title is a little dramatic, isn't it?

On Saturday, I managed to drop my phone so perfectly that it broke the LCD screen. First there were some green dots and now it's totally black. So annoying! It's my fault for taking off my Otterbox.

I lost a ton of photos, some of which can be retaken and some which are sadly gone forever (mostly food related). It's put a damper on churning out reviews, too. It didn't help that I'd taken a short vacation with friends and had some boxes stacking up while I was gone so I'd been a picture taking fiend right before I dropped it.

I was hoping to get everything done by Friday using my old phone which was dying every three hours and doesn't have a SIM card. Unfortunately, today it just completely stopped working and won't even charge!

My new phone is on backorder and won't ship til the 22nd. You can only imagine the disconnect I feel. No texting!? This is awful!!

Until I figured out Google Hangouts, I was feeling very bereft doing everything via email. I can't WAIT to get my new phone, though. It's a Samsung Galaxy s5 (same as my broken one) and I love it so much that I didn't even upgrade to the s6 (mainly because that one doesn't have an SD card slot which is the best thing ever for storing photos).

So anyhooo, I'm not dead or gone, I'm just phoneless, cameraless and textless. /cry

Honestly, I had no idea how attached I was to my phone until I'm unable to use it! I dropped it perfectly flat onto it's back from about three feet off the ground (the kitchen hardwood). I was NOT expecting it to be broken when I picked it up.

How have you managed to break your phone? This is the first one I've actually annihilated not that hasn't just slowly petered out over time.


  1. I feel your pain! A few months ago I dropped my phone and the screen didn't shatter, but it somehow messed up inside because the entire screen just went black.

    1. It's horrible, isn't it!? I hated that there was literally nothing I could do about it. Sometimes you can do a little percussive maintainence and it will come back to working order but the black screen is definitely new-phone time.

  2. So sorry. That's such a bummer.

  3. Oh my, it's horrible when this happens! Let me tell you, I am a serial phone dropper/breaker. I have washed my phone in the washing machine (didn't realise til I heard it thumping around in the drum!), dropped it onto hard floor so the screen shattered (an iPhone- sob!), left it in public and had it stolen, dropped it in a glass of water off the side of my bed (how does that even happen?!)
    So if you ever think you're silly for smashing your phone, just think of Isabel, your loyal blog reader, who has never had a phone she hasn't smashed, drowned or left in a bar. Then you'll feel better. :D :D :D

    1. oh my goodness!! That is a LOT of creative ways to destroy a phone! I can't believe you drowned your phone in a glass of water! That's (sadly) hilarious just because of how perfectly everything had to line up for it to happen that way.

      My husband knocked his off the bathroom counter once and it dropped into the (thankfully clean) toilet. It came back to life a few days later and I was secretly hoping mine would do the same.

      You sound like an excellent candidate for one of those armoured cases! (and I do feel a little better knowing that other people are worse with their phones than I am!) :D