Monday, April 4, 2016

Loot Crate Firefly Cargo Crate April 2016 Review

When Loot Crate announced a bi-monthly crate dedicated to Firefly, I immediately subscribed. Firefly is a cult-favorite tv series by Joss Whedon. If you are at all geeky, you need to see it. It's sort of a western but in space. It reminds me of Hans Solo and his Millenium Falcon only this time it's Malcolm Reynolds and Serenity (a Firefly class ship).
I watched the movie "Serenity" first and then while hunting for more discovered the TV show. It's kind of hard not to fall in love with everyone on the ship. Or Mal's duster. I want one. Anyhoo, if you like quirky, lovable characters with a little bit of bad ass, this is for you. Also, a very young Christina Hendricks shows up in a few episodes.
This is the first box and it's dedicated to Kaylee.  Kaylee is the ship mechanic. She can fix anything and she's all things adorable and sweet. I feel like she might be the youngest and she's very genuinely concerned about the well-being of everyone on the ship and making sure everyone is getting along.

The Cost: $39.99/bi-monthly

What You Get: A collection of 5-7 Official Firefly Gear & Collectibles, including shiny figures, cunning apparel and other such finery every 2 months. Valued at $65+.

Kaylee being the cute thing that she is, has a Japanese paper parasol that she uses the most conspicuously in the first episode while waiting in the dusty sun for someone to need a ride. In this case, it's the Shepherd, of course.
Little Damn Heroes "Kaylee" Mini Master- Love this! And you can only get it from the Cargo Crate so if you're yearning... You missed your chance and you better check eBay in case some crazy didn't think it was as awesome as I do. I'm not a big fan of TV, I don't watch it much at all. But this show? I still watch it over and over. It's all the things I love.
Kaylee Bear Plush- Kaylee wears a pair of overalls that have patches on them. One of the patches is a teddy bear. This Kaylee Bear wears the same outfit (flowered shirt and green overalls) and in place of teddy bear patch it has a patch of Kaylee instead.
Q-Bit Mystery Figure- You could either get Simon or Jayne and I got Jayne! Yay! Jayne is... complicated. He likes money and guns. And explosions and killing. And he has some issues placing priority on the people around him. Just watch the series.
Kaylee Drink Umbrellas- More parasol! This time for your drinks at the next Firefly Fan Night you host. And yes, we've had Firefly watching nights. Not that we dressed up or anything but just "Hey, wanna come over and binge watch Firefly?" That kind of thing.

Quote Pin- One of the memorable quotes from Kaylee. "Everything's Shiny, Cap'n!" Shiny means good/great/cool, etc but in Firefly times speak. :)

Doodads- Persephone is the name of the planet where the Serenity crew picks up Shepherd (and in the movie- Simon and River). Firefly also is apparently a board game and these are two cards you can add to your deck if you're a game player.
Firefly Concept Art Pring Mini- Aaahhh!! I love this! These are some early concepts of Reaver ships. I wonder if we'll get more like this. I'd like to make a big frame collage or something.

VERDICT: Since I'm already a fan of Firefly and have been for years and years, it was pretty much guaranteed that I was going to like what was included. I didn't realize they were going to do a character focus but that's fine with me! I'm re-watching the movie and the series this weekend with the husband to improve my recollection of the happenings. :D I loved Serenity and enjoyed the focus on Simon and River and their story. There's a little fluff in this box but I'm surprisingly okay with it. At least there wasn't a lanyard.

I have to be honest, I'm still heartbroken they didn't make any more episodes and I'm still holding out hope that one day there may be at least a sequel to the movie. Star Wars did it! And my love for this show and the story will keep my subscribed even though I think it's a little pricy. I just can't resist.

If you would like to sign up for the Firefly Cargo Crate, you can do that here. June's theme is "LET’S BE BAD GUYS!" It will include an EXCLUSIVE Jayne Little Damn Heroes figure, a shiny T-Shirt and more. Of course Jayne would show up in a crate with that theme! Order by 5/15 at 9pm PST before it sells out.

Aaand I'm off to watch a few episodes... Then maybe I'll rewatch Star Wars Rebels. So much goodness.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean in the first paragraph of the verdict section--Simon and River were in the show too. They were also picked up on Persephone along with Book.

  2. Hahaha. By the way I really enjoy your reviews. I'm tempted to get this just to see if I can get that Jaynes figure.