Tuesday, May 3, 2016

BeautyDNA April 2016 Personalized Beauty Subscription Review and BOGO Coupon

BeautyDNA is beauty subscription that sends personalized skin, hair and body care products each month. They've changed the personalization questionnaire a bit since I took it but I just scoped out the new one and  They want to know everything about your skin, your concerns, your hair, your eyes, your lips and your body. This is so they can choose the perfect product for you using their algorithms.
Here's an example of one of the pages of questions. Just note that they mention that while they do try to accommodate as much as possible it's not guaranteed. In other words, on this page I've chosen Alcohol-free. With one box chosen out of the 8 it's more likely that you'll get that choice. If I were to choose ALL the boxes on this page, it would be likely impossible to be matched with a product that fits ALL of the criteria but you would get a product that fit the best with the most of your personal criteria satisfied. Know what I mean?
Here's how they matched me with my product. Yay for moisturizing, glycolic acid, peptides and hyaluronic acid! And no lavender. Although, if you have an allergy (like I do to lavender) you should email them after you sign up and they'll put a note in your file so you NEVER get it.

They scan through the thousands of beauty products they have and find you the perfect full-size product that addresses one of your skin, hair or body problems. They promise to not to send an item to treat the same area twice. So you'll get a skin product, then a hair product, then a body or lip or eye or whatever product! I personally only want skin products but I've been pleasantly surprised with what I've received.

The Cost: $25/mo with free shipping

What You Get: One (possibly two) full-size products specifically tailored for you from your profile. You'll also receive a card explaining exactly why the product was sent.

This month I received Dr. Brandt DNA Firming Neck Cream. I think I was matched with this product because it's as close to the face as you can get and still be a body product. Because they like to rotate which area of the body they're sending things for every month. Not everyone can go through a full size in a month. Not me anyway. It's one of the reasons I only subscribe off and on.
This does have ingredients I like, and while this maybe for the neck, I'll use it like a regular moisturizer. What's good for my face is good for my neck anyway. Speaking of necks... It was my neck that first made me realize I was getting old. If only I'd been slathering it with product my whole life, maybe it would have happened later.
Value: $65

VERDICT: I like BeautyDNA because you really can get an excellent deal on products you've never tried before. I can't dig through all the beauty products in the universe to find one with all the things I like but BeautyDNA can! It's been a really wonderful subscription for me even though I sub off and on. It takes me awhile to get through full sizes so I subscribe for awhile then stop until I catch up. The brands they send are also very good and some are prohibitively expensive any other way. Plus the brands!! They work with companies like Moroccanoil, Natura Bissé, Dr. Brandt, AHAVA, COOLA, SkinCeuticals, Avene, Skyn Iceland, Drunk Elephant, Briogeo, Alchimie Forever, G.M. Collin, PCA Skin, Philip B, June Jacobs and Glytone. So yeah, fun times!

If you would like to sign up for BeautyDNA, you can do that right here. Use code ECBOGO to get your second month free! If that doesn't work use this link to get $10 off your first month.

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  1. I LOVE that cream, and I use it on my face. Face comes first and since I like most of poor Dr. Brandt's products, I really did love the sample Sephora sent me once.. That jar should last you a very long time, BYW!
    I'm so happy you got a great product.

    1. Oh, good! I like knowing I'm not the only one that would rather put this on my face than just my neck! It is a huge jar, too. I should use it all over just for kicks. :D