Thursday, May 12, 2016

Covet Crate Girl Boss May 2016 Review, Coupon and Subscription Updates

Covet Crate is a fun lifestyle subscription dedicated to all the hardworking women out there.  And you know that's pretty much all of us! With a special emphasis on a professional worklife, this box is a great gift to oneself. I know this because that's what I did.
This particular box is the Girl Boss Box. There are two versions, this is the smaller one. The larger box is the Lady Boss box and is about twice the price. This May version is the last monthly box and subsequent boxes will be bi-monthly. So if you sign up now, you'll receive the July 2016 box.

The theme for this box is Refresh and Organize. Dedicated to the proverbial spring cleaning it's got all the things to get your house in order. Or organize your office space. Which is definitely something I need to do.

The Cost: $94.95/bi-monthly for the Lady Boss; $54.99/bi-monthly for the Girl Boss

What You Get:  Items include things such as: office supplies and accessories, stationery, office decor, style accessories, beauty and skincare items, office snacks, books, discounts (on things such as business/life coaching, classes, etc.), and anything else that may empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage you.

Parris Chic Boutique Pillow Cover-  These pillow covers are made of a light weight, unbleached Osnaburg fabric which is a faux linen. It comes in a beautiful off white, oatmeal color with black text and it fits perfectly with my sitting room decor. Yay! Love this thing. I was lucky enough to have a pillow form just waiting around (for me to sew up something awesome) so I'm able to use this right away (even though the pillow is actually one size too small). Time to hit up the craft store.
Value: $20
Order from Chaos by Liz Davenport- This is an organizing book for disorganized people. I am not disorganized or forgetful. This is a system to clean your desk and a way to help you prioritize. I'm thinking that someone disorganized who can't meet deadlines probably isn't a lady boss. Or a girl boss... At least in my old line of work. But if you WANT to be one and you struggle with miscellaneous issues, this book is for you.
Value: $12.99 on Amazon
Poppin Bits + Bobs Tray- A small white tray with three compartments. A pad of sticky notes fit in the square and so does the box of paper clips. I am now inspired to rearrange my office desk and my blogging space. Must.get.uber.organized!
Value: $5

Poppin Assorted Paper Clips- I haven't needed paper clips in awhile. However I think these would work great at holding together fur seams when I'm sewing. I'll have to try it.
Value: $4
Covet Crate Watercolor Print- A very pretty print. I've run out of frames, now, though. /sigh I need to get some cheap frames somewhere so I can hang all this in my office. I like it so I better hunt some down.
Value: $10?
Covet Crate Watercolor Notepad and Sticky Notes- Matchy notepad and sticky notes. I love notepads and sticky notes aren't far behind. I'm a perpetual list maker so I go through notepads like crazy.
Value: $5?

VERDICT: Covet Crate is a unique and fun lifestyle subscription. I like the focus on motivation and inspiration and I also appreciate the style. The curation is right up my alley. With that being said, the value is not exceptional, meaning if you're looking for a deal, this is not the box for you. The price paid for the box is usually right around the value of what you receive. This isn't usually an issue for me but it is something I had to accept. It's hard when you're used to boxes with insane values and brand clout. What I don't like (and maybe this is unreasonable?) is the self printed materials. Mainly because it seems like filler. And who want's filler in a $55 box? Or a $95 one, in the case of the Lady Boss box.

If you would like to sign up for Covet Crate, you can do that here. You can get either the Girl Boss or the Lady Boss and use coupon code BITSANDBOXES15 for 15% off your first box.

Here is the current shipping schedule:

Sign up or renew in May or June: box ships in early July
Sign up or renew in July of August: box ships in early September
Sign up or renew in September or October: box ships in early November
Sign up or renew in November or December: box ships in early January

What do you think of this box? Like it? Not your style? Not useful enough? Totally perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins? :D


  1. I like to pick up frames from GoodWill for a fraction of retail cost. Just an idea since you said you need more.

    1. Now that is an EXCELLENT idea! We have a really nice one near us, I'm totally checking it out. Frames can be so expensive!

  2. Well, I won't say " where", but on another site, they think the paper products are Rifle Paper Co. items.

    I had no idea this sub. would be, well, cheap enough not to put brand name jotter type pads or something slightly useful in 2016 that's name branded.
    I like the print, though.