Monday, May 2, 2016

Our Little Roots Seed Subscription Box April 2016 Review and Coupon Code

Our Little Roots is a monthly subscription that sends soil, seeds and plant markers every month. You'll receive everything you need to get the seeds they send growing. One type of seed is sent each month, taking into account the fact that it needs to survive in a variety of climates. Since I seem to kill all seeds that I try to start indoors, I'm curious to see if what was sent will actually grow for me. Zone 7A with a crapton of rain and not much sun. We'll see.
This subscription is designed to get children interested in gardening, nature and how things grow. Getting outside and digging around in the dirt is good for anyone! But if you don't have a patch of dirt, you can do it inside.

The Cost: $11.95/month

What You Get: Non-GMO seeds, soil, and stakes delivered monthly

Blue Lake Bean non GMO seeds- Blue Lake beans are snap beans that grow slightly bushy.  They're apparently the gold standard of beans are are frequently used for pickled specialty green beans. I like the fact that they're stringless.
I really hope I can grow these. This page says that it takes 50-55 days to mature. I'm still worried that we won't get enough sun for these to actually grow beans.
Our Little Roots has been revamped a little bit since their beginning. Now they include instructions, a little pot and even recipes!
I dutifully followed the direction and planted my beans in the pot included. It seems like it needs more dirt but what do I know. Seeds aren't my specialty.

Since there are more beans than space in the pot, if you have other containers or dirt outside where you can plant them, that would be a good idea. Sadly the instructions say that this should only be planted outside when the weather is above 68. Well, that probably won't happen until July so we'll see what happens. I could plant one or two outside (plus the ones in the pot inside) right now and hope for the best.

VERDICT: Unless you live in a perfect planting climate, like say, California, where the sun shines a lot and heats up well in the Spring, this can be a tricky subscription. I would say if you're like me and live in a rain prone, heat deprived area, start your subscription in May with a three month subscription. Although, if you're lucky enough to have a greenhouse, you can do anything you want! At that point, you probably already know everything about planting and have plenty of seeds. Hm.

If you would like to subscribe to Our Little Roots, you can do that here. Use code BAB10 for 10% off your subscription.

*This box was sent complementary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.


  1. This is adorable. I live in an apartment and can hardly even keep a cactus alive, but I'd totally try this. :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I've killed everything I've ever tried to grow inside except a tiny cactus! I have not one living plant in my home. My mom says it's in the genes because she also has killed every houseplant given to her.

      I'm really hoping my beans make it... *fingers crossed*

    2. Yes and yes.
      I recently got a very nice little potted flower from my dad for my 40th; he said I should just water it twice a week, and it should last for at least six months.
      It was dead within three days.
      It's like plants only come to die in my apartment.
      I cut practically everything off of it, and now there are like three branches left, and I am totally determined to revive it, even though I have no idea what I'm doing.
      So, yeah...

      Anyhoo, I hope them beans are going to be the ones to break the cycle! :)

    3. So because of your comment, I went and checked on my beans. THEYRE GROWING!! And apparently there's not nearly enough soil provided so I topped them off. Im not sure it's wise to put them outside yet but I feel with my track record, they might actually do better out there than inside...

      See, you'd think something like watering twice a week would mean that it would be easy to keep it alive! But no. I hope you can coax it back to life... Maybe in a windowsill? I have no idea, don't take advice from me on indoor plants. hah!