Monday, May 9, 2016

Popsugar Mini May 2016 Review and Coupon

The Popsugar Mini box is in it's second month of distribution. After the first month, I was a little leary but since I write a blog about subscriptions, you know I had to get at least one or two more months to get a good feel for it and let you all know how it's going.
The box promises two items valued at $30. The products included will accompany but not repeat any of the products found in original Must Have box. This is a good thing but I think they need to add one more item to make this a value choice for subscribers.

The Cost: $18.95/month

What You Get: The monthly MINI box will feature two similarly themed full-sized products that will complement the regular monthly Must Have Box. The monthly mini subscription box will include products worth over $30.

Zing Anything Zingo Water Bottle- The Zingo is compact, lightweight, and available in an array of fun colors. The newest member to our family is made with a translucent BPA-free plastic that helps hide scuffs, cloudiness, or any other wear and tear that might occur during your busy day!
This is a 22oz bottle which I'm happy about. I like bigger ones. The other thing I love? Well, the entire thing. It fits in my car cup holder. It has an almost textured feel to it so it's not slippery. It doesn't even sweat (or at least it hasn't so far). Plus? This design is the best fruit-water drink bottle I've ever used. I love drinking lemon water already but this saves time, mess and it tastes better longer and having the rind in there means I can refill it several times and still get the taste. Oh, and it doesn't leak (I'm looking at you FFF).
Also, lemon with strawberries? Best.Thing.Ever.
Value: $10 (I actually can't believe it's so reasonably priced. I feel like I need to get another one. And a few for gifts.)
H20+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment- 50ml- A moisture-intensive gel that hydrates the skin while firming and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. A penetrating liposome delivery system and Sea Mineral Complex™ help attract, transport and distribute moisture equivalent to eight glasses of water. Marine extracts of wakame, sea lettuce and sea fennel, provide vitamins A, C, E and Provitamin B nourish and protect the skin.

Well, if you want to buy this, make sure you do it at Ulta. For some reason, Ulta has this at $17.99 but nearly everyone else is selling it for around $36. They have had a package change, it looks like. And a possible rearrangement of ingredients since the parfum, at least, is now down at the end of the list instead of the middle. This version is the new one but most places seem to have photos of the old one up.
I've tried this before in an Ipsy bag and wasn't too thrilled with it. But I have very dry skin. This wasn't hydrating enough for me. This is a bright blue gel and it smells very... clinical.
Value: $17.99? $36? PS says it's $38 on the H20 website but it's actually $36 there, too.

VERDICT: This was actually a really fun box to get. I immediately put the water bottle to use. I am trying to drink more water and having a bottle with me at all times really encourages me to do it. I love the inclusion of a moisturizer and it really does make for a "Hydrate" theme. While it may not work for me, it will for others. But therein lies the rub, I paid $21 including tax for a water bottle. I just think with only two items in the box, it's reaaaaally pushing the lines that people will cross when they're considering personal value to content. Sure, this box is a good value if you love both items. But if you don't? So it's going to be tricky. I really think they should add one more item to the box. Just so there's more options for liking the majority of what's included.

However, you can also consider the gifting factor. Popsugar usually always sends items that work really well as gifts. I can easily gift the H20+  moisturizer to my mom or one of my girlfriends. And that's what keeps me subscribed. Well, that and I'm addicted to Popsugar. Seriously. This is my favorite box of this type.

I still would say that if you can spring for the regular box, it's a much, much better deal. For $39.95 you get 6-7 full size items and the value regularly hits over $100. The Mini, remember, has two items with a value of at least $30 for $18.95.

If you would like to sign up for a Popsugar Must Have box (Mini or Regular), you can do that here. Use code REFER5 or MUSTHAVE5 if you order the regular box (not the Mini, sadly) and you'll get $5 off the regular price.

I'm not sure how long I will keep the Mini subscription but I'm never giving up my regular full size box!

What do you think of all this?!

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