Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trendy Butler May 2016 Menswear Subscription Review and Coupon

If you're looking for a menswear subscription, Trendy Butler sends monthly shipments of clothing from socks to joggers and jackets. When you sign up, you'll be asked about your style and preferences. This is a fun subscription and I've been happy with the quality of what we've received. When I first subscribed, the brands were all new to me, and now I'm a little more familiar with what gets sent, I see the same ones pretty regularly. I don't know if that's because of my husbands preferences or his size.

My husband is tall and athletic. He's 6'1" and around 187 pounds. He's very broad shouldered and muscular so it can be hard to find clothing via subscription that fits properly. Shirts tend to be difficult because either the sleeves aren't long enough or aren't wide enough through the shoulders or chest. This issue eliminates a lot of what TB has to offer, especially button ups unless they're huge. The problem with huge, as muscular, athletic men probably already know, is that if it's wide enough in the chest, it's a swimming pool around the waist. Fit is difficult!

If you are slim and lean, though, this subscription was made for you. You'll likely fit right in to everything. Maybe it goes without saying but fit, average body types tend to do the best with mystery clothing subscriptions. If you're on the short side, the big and tall side or you know you have a body feature that you have trouble dressing yourself, a clothing subscription is not the answer. Trust me.

If none of that applies to you, read on!

The Cost: $65/month

What You Get: One to three high, quality stylish menswear items worth at least $150 from well known and up-and-coming brands.

First up, fill out your profile. Pick your colors, patterns and styles. Then a stylist will choose your clothing and send off your package. I have to admit that in the past this took quite awhile. When I first subscribed, it took nearly a month. Since then, it seems like the process has been streamlined and it's a lot quicker.

I've talked to a stylist via email and given some recommendations. This month I think that memo slipped through the cracks as one thing I mentioned was definitely no joggers. No tight-ankled anything. Maybe in the 80's working out in hammer pants was the pinnacle of fashion forward but thankfully, times have changed. Or have they?
A/Jeans Joggers- We received a pair of black jersey joggers in this month's package. While these horrified my husband so badly that he wouldn't even try them on, they are very well made. I cannot fault Trendy Butler in the quality department ever.
The craftsmanship is good, the fabric is a nicely weighted polyester (not my fave but it stands up well against pretty much everything). It's nice that there are zippers to keep the pockets closed. I guess you really could jog in these.
Since my husband hated them, I decided to appropriate them for my own purposes and they are SO comfy. I mean, of course they're way too big, even if I cinch them as tight as they can go, but these are seriously soft and lounge-worthy.
Value: $60?
Kinetix The Shoulder Hoodie- This is a lightweight, french terry gray hoodie with a rounded hemline and raglan sleeves. It's made from super soft cotton. One thing I like about Kinetix is their fabric drapes so nicely. It's nice and light which is good, considering summer is almost upon us. (Although here in Seattle, that's debatable). This was my husbands favorite piece.
Value: $99
Kinetix Bay Thermal Tee- This is a crewneck, super soft, cotton/poly t-shirt with a rounded hemline. The one thing I notice about Kinetix tees is that the necks tend to be huge! My husband likes to wear a tshirt underneath whatever he's wearing (even if it's another tshirt) and these look really strange with a regular crewneck underneath because so much of the undershirt shows around the collar. It's also strangely long for a tee.
Value: $55

VERDICT: First, while the style may not be entirely my husbands cup of tea, I can't deny that I've been very happy with the quality of what has been sent. I like the brands although I wish they didn't repeat so often. I'd like to see a wider array. However that could be entirely due to the fact that my husband needs larger sizes to accommodate his shoulders.
When evaluating a subscription like this, I'm less concerned about the total retail value and more focused on whether I would pay the amount that I did for what I received. Would I pay $22 for the joggers? If I liked joggers (I mean, if my husband did), yes, I absolutely think they're worth $22, probably more. The hoodie? Yep. $22 seems decent. The t-shirt? Eeehhhh... probably not but close. Worth the subscription cost? If we liked everything, yes, I think so.

If Trendy Butler looks like just your style and you would like to sign up, you can do that right here. Use code BITS10 for $10 off your first month.

I'm curious to know what others are receiving and if they're similar to these. I wonder about variations among profiles.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. I hope you enjoy having an opportunity to see the styles included. No compensation was received. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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