Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vitafive Makes Getting Your Daily Vitamins A Breeze! Get 30% Off your First Order.

I have to admit that Vitafive might be my favorite way to get my vitamins ever. It's the easiest, tastiest and most efficient way I've ever encountered. Vitafive sends gummy vitamins by subscription every month. You'll always have what you need and they come in assorted, delicious flavors.
There's a lot of benefit to me in a subscription like this. I hate swallowing pills. I hate the smell of multivitamins in pill form and I hate forcing myself to get one down, chugging copious amounts of water to get rid of the taste in my mouth. So I just didn't take them. Until I found out kid vitamins could be gummy! I thought that would solve all my problems.

Nope. I discovered I'm also lazy. When my bottle runs out, it takes me ages to actually buy another one. Vitafive, on the other hand. automatically sends you your new box so you are never out of vitamins. It doesn't matter if I'm lazy-- they show up anyway!

The Cost: $29.99+/month

What You Get: Individual, personalized gummy vitamin packs in great flavors sent directly to you every 4 weeks.

Popsugar Must Have Limited Edition Summer 2016 Box Review

I had no idea the Popsugar Limited Edition Summer 2016 box was even shipping! I'm pretty sure I never got an email but I was gone for awhile so it may have been part of the mass email deletion I did when I got back. We had a great time but I'll tell you right now, I wish that had arrived before we'd left because it had two things I would have taken with me.
This box is HUGE. It's probably the biggest PSLE box I've received so far. It wouldn't even fit in the space I used to take photos!
Everything was individually wrapped, as it usually is and the info card was right on top. I snuck a peek before I opened everything, I can't lie.

The Cost: $100/box released quarterly. Not a subscription.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Craftly Subscription Box June 2016 Review and Coupon

Craftly is a new subscription that sends unique lifestyle products every month. You might think it has to do with crafts and art but it doesn't! It's actually a fun way to get a box of "you'll never guess what" in your mailbox. I had no idea what to expect and ended up with a big grin once I pawed through the contents.
This is not a sample subscription. You'll get full size, high quality items ranging from handcrafted goods from independent artists or snacks and tech products from small businesses and brands. The variety is very wide ranging and unisex so everyone can get a dose of happy mail!

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get:  Every month, you'll receive a delivery of 4-5 full and deluxe size items in art, tech, snacks, grooming products, home goods and more!

Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Review plus $5 Off!

The Allure Beauty Box has been a subscription I'm loathe to give up. I like the brands, product variety and the price of this subscription. All that  makes it feel a little more luxe than Birchbox or Ipsy but with the new Sephora Play box, Allure is getting a run for it's money. I can't decide which I'd give up if I needed to only get one. Based on this month's box, I have to admit, Sephora would be the keeper.

Don't let that deter you though! Sephora Play is still on a waitlist and the Allure Beauty Box still has all the things I like to find in a beauty subscription.

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five or more deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products as well as fragrance.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Popsugar Free Gift with Purchase ONE DAY ONLY

 popsugar coupon deal
Popsugar is giving away a FREE Stowaway cosmetics Creme Lipstick trio today only! These lip cremes were in a past box and I loved them all! Especially the Raspberry color.

The set has a value of $30 and orders for the June 2016 box will receive it with code PINK!  Code is good from Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 5:00 a.m. PST until Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PST or while supplies last.

So use code PINK to get the free Stowaway cosmetics set or you can get $5 off with code REFER5.

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Glossybox June 2016 Beauty Box Subscription Review and Coupon

The June 2016 Glossybox has a Tony Awards theme. It has a specially designed box and includes products for getting you "red carpet ready." It would take a lot more than what showed up in my Glossybox for that to happen! :) While I always love getting the special box designs, the contents of my box were very, very ho-hum.
You'll also receive a fold out information card which I forgot to snap a photo of. It gives a little information about each product along with some beauty tips. It's not super indepth and I wish it gave a little more information on how to actually use some of the products.

The Cost: $21/month.

What You Get: Five luxury deluxe sized beauty essentials, from both well-known and emerging brands, delivered to your door each month.
Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara- Waterproof black mascara. The best part about this product is the tip that Glossybox included on the information card. You can extend the life of your mascara by adding 3-4 drops of saline eye drops into the tube and stirring. Totally doing that!
I haven't heard of this brand and it looks like it's brand new out of Netherlands. 
Value: $19

LA Splash Lip Lacquer High Pigment Collection- This is made just for Glossybox. It has a cream to matte finish which is nice. I received the color Red Carpet. Not a color I wear very often, I have to admit.
Value: $18
Sinful Colors K.J. Trend Matters Satin Collection- This is a very cheap, affordable nail polish. I'm a little surprised to see it in a Glossybox. I'm also hating the fact that they put something with Kylie J's name on it. I try as hard as I can not to support that insanity. I can't even. Am I weird for wanting to just toss it because of that?
Value: $3

TanTowel Half Body Classic- I have so many of these! I've never used one but I think some people swear by them. I do need a (fake) tan but I'm so terrified of streakiness.
Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce- Extra strength finishing spray. I like this brand and I continue to hoard all my samples. I refuse to give any away. I probably have enough for the next ten years though. 
Value: $4

Sebastian Dark Oil- Add this to a moisturizing conditioner then let it sit as a hair mask for 5-10 minutes. I totally need to do this because my hair is so crunchy from sun and direct dye. It has argan oil in it for moisturizing.
Caolion Premium Hot and Cool Pore Pack Duo- Of course I love seeing kbeauty brands in Glossybox! That makes this the best thing in here. These are wash off masks. One is for cleaning your pores and the other for calming irritation.

VERDICT: Well, I'll be honest. This Glossybox is probably the most boring one I've had in a looong time. Super boring. And it felt very cheap. I think that was because of the unknown mascara and the Sinful Colors polish (especially with that K-Klan endorsement *shiver*). Thankfully, most boxes aren't like this and I'm looking forward to the next one.

If you would like to sign up for your own Glossybox, you can do that here. Use code GLOSSYPOP to get a free full size Pop Beauty Kajal Pen through June 30th!

Did you get something better in your box this month?

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Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016 Classic Box Review

Walmart has jumped on the beauty sampling box bandwagon. They're pretty hit or miss but for $5 it's hard to resist. I get the "old lady" classic box but there's another version called the Trendsetter for those under 35.
For those curious, these boxes are not high quality makeup and skincare. They are mostly drugstore brands and/or products you'll find in a Walmart. I should also warn you that sometimes the boxes can be horrible and packed with foil samples. I almost cancelled after my Winter 2015 box but decided that for $5 I might as well just continue.

The Cost: $5/quarterly

What You Get: Deluxe size products and foil samples with the occasional full size goodie.

Sephora Play! Beauty Box Subscription Review

Sephora is currently expanding their subscriber base for their new beauty box, Play! by Sephora. Emails for those who've been on the waitlist have been rolling out so check your inbox! This is a super fun beauty box and it's quickly becoming one of my top ten based on brands and sizes. Normally I'm all about the Allure Beauty Box but it looks like Sephora might squidge it out of my top spot.
With each box, you'll receive a fold out pamphlet explaining what you've received and how to use it. This is actually really nice because you can learn some new ways to apply old favorites.
There's also a monthly theme and June's is "The Minimalist." As with most beauty box themes, it's a very loose theme but I don't mind. Oh, and you'll also get a little cotton drawstring bag to hold all your goodies.

The Cost: $10/month

What You Get: A collection of five deluxe samples plus a fragrance in a cute bag, delivered monthly.

Enjoy Leggings June 2016 Subscription Review and 50% Off Coupon

Enjoy Leggings is a subscription that sends a new pair of fun, patterned leggings in the mail every month. I'm not going to lie... I'm kind of in love with this whole idea. I've basically lived in the last pair of leggings they sent and even wore them camping because they are so ridiculously comfortable!

Not only that but I saw the same type of leggings while I was out and these are $4 cheaper. Easy peasy decision. You choose your size and then sit back and wait. There isn't a profile system except for size because they send one style of legging to everyone. Sizes start at 2-4 (Small) and go to 14-18 (Plus).

The Cost: $16/month.

What You Get: One fashionable and fun pair of quality leggings every month.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

FabFitFun Summer 2016 VIP Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

This review is for the FabFitFun Summer 2016 box which is still available. So if you love it, you have a chance to snag one still. Fabfitfun is a lifestyle subscription box that ships out quarterly. Each box has items relating to beauty and skincare, makeup, home items and fitness focused products. It's a lot of fun because you usually won't find these items in any other subscription boxes.
Every box comes with an informational pamphlet detailing what you've received. There's also usually a few bonus (or sponsored) items as well. I realized after I put up this photo that I forgot that stuff AND one of the products. Whoops! I'll have to rectify that later.

The Cost: $49.99/quarter

What You Get: The latest and greatest full size products in food, beauty and lifestyle categories with a total value of more than $200.

My Texas Market June 2016 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

My Texas Market features Summer Road Trip Essentials in their June 2016 box. I definitely wished this had arrived before we left because I would have taken every single thing with me! My Texas Market sends small batch, artisan items from farmer's markets and local Texas businesses. It's a great way to get a taste of Texas without having to leave the house. It's also a LOT of fun.

The Cost: $35/month plus shipping (It's $44.90 total to WA)

What You Get: A combination of wholesome and homemade specialty food products, handmade candles, soaps, or other beauty products or other health and wellness items and/or sustainably-sourced coffee and tea, unique crafts or locally made chocolates and candies.

Popsugar Must Have June 2016 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Popsugar Must Have is one of my absolute favorite subscription boxes. If you're going to try a subscription but you don't want samples, this is the one I recommend. You'll receive full size products that you can use forever. If you find that you won't use something you receive, the items are nice enough that you can easily gift them if you need to. Due to the mystery nature of subscription boxes, you won't love everything 100% of the time but for me Popsugar Must Have comes the closest over and over.
Every box comes with an information card explaining what you've received along with a few tips on how to use the products and retail values.

The Cost: $39.95/month

What You Get: Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food.

Birchbox Beauty Box Subscription Review June 2016 plus Coupon

Birchbox is the classic beauty box sample subscription. Each month you'll receive a box with five samples ranging from skincare and makeup to chocolate or tea. It's a lot of fun and is one of the most affordable subscription boxes out there.

The Cost: $10/month

What You Get: Five samples and sometimes full size items, including everything from makeup and skin care to non beauty essentials like candles and tea. Plus a really great points program.

Something Snacks "Crunch Cravings" June 2016 Review and Coupon

Something Snacks sends a themed box of all kinds of snacks every month. You'll find a variety which includes something international, sweet, crunchy, spicy and just generally delicious. It's a little bit of everything all in one box.

The theme for this month is "Crunch Cravings" and since that's basically the story of my life, I knew I'd love it instantly. And I did! So much goodness showed up in this box. I even took some of it with me on our camping trip!

The Cost:  $13/month

What You Get: Each box will contain 7 new and tasty, hand selected snacks.  You can expect something familiar and something more out of the ordinary.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

MunchPak Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

MunchPak is an international snack subscription that allows for quite a bit of customization. This review is for the regular MunchPak which comes with 10+ snacks. It also has a drink add-on. If you love getting mystery snacks, you'll get a lot with this box. I'm a big fan of not-too-healthy snacks (sorry, mom) because I like to enjoy what I'm eating. Not that I don't like baby carrots and hummus on occasion. You know what I mean. A snack box like this is something special!
Normally, you're probably used to getting a snack box once a month. Not with MunchPak! You can get one a week, twice a month or once a month. That's a lot of options! Personally, one a month is good since it takes me about that long to get through this many snacks.

I like the regular size with it's 10+ snacks because when the Mini arrives 5+ snacks just doesn't cut it. I'm SO tempted by the Family Pak with 20+ snacks but seriously, it would take me forever to get through that many.

The Cost: $19.95/month for the Original MunchPak, $9.95/month for the MunchPak Mini and $39.95/month for the FamilyPak

What You Get: The Original MunchPak contains 10+ snacks. The MunchPak Mini contains 5-6 full size snacks from around the world and the FamilyPak has 20+ snacks.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 3B Box June 2016 Asian Beauty Subscription Review

The 3B Box is an affordable monthly delivery of Asian beauty and cosmetic products. It has been a nice mixture of full and deluxe sample sizes since it's inception. Popular, along with excellent but more obscure brands, have been featured and this month is pretty stellar in that regard. It's what I consider an Asian beauty Birchbox. Relatively inexpensive and a way to get some interesting new products. Especially if you're just getting into kbeauty.

The Cost: $12/month

What You Get: Four to five deluxe size Asian beauty samples from Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

TeeBlox June 2016 TShirt Subscription Service plus Coupon Code

TeeBlox is an affordable, easy way to get new, licensed screen tees in the genre of your choice each month. I get this subscription for my husband but easy to change the sizes so I have sneaked one or two in for myself. He likes it because he gets a lot of comments on his shirt collection. A collection which has grown exponentially now. So many t-shirts, so little time!

The Cost:  $9.99/month plus $2.50 shipping

What You Get: One 100% authentic licensed geek and gamer shirt delivered to your door every month. You'll also get two extra goodies that could be posters, comic books, decals and/or stickers.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Shaker and Spoon Cocktail Subscription Box June 2016 Review and Coupon Code

Shaker and Spoon is a subscription designed to help you create some of the best cocktails ever without having to break the bank on special ingredients. You will need to supply the alcohol but other than that, everything is included to make 12 perfect drinks. Each box comes with three recipes with step-by-step instructions so you know you're doing it right.
The month of June features cocktails made with sparkling wine. Bring on the bubbles! When I read the list of what's included in the box, you should have seen how excited I got! FUN things are included! I told my husband we were having drinks right then (except I forgot we didn't have champagne). Once I got a good look at everything and told him about what he would be able to taste test, he went out and got two bottles.

The Cost: $55/month

What You Get:  Each month you'll receive everything you need -syrups, bitters, garnishes and citrus- to create at least 12 cocktails from 3 unique recipes.  Recipes will include step-by-step instructions using housemade specialty syrups and fresh fruit.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Popsugar Must Have Mini June 2016 Review and Coupon Code

This is the third Popsugar Must Have Mini box by Popsugar. I've been subscribed from the beginning and I think this might be my favorite one yet. I like both products included but I haven't yet decided about how "worth it" I think it is.
This is a fun box which is supplemental to the regular size Popsugar Must Have box. The Mini will have two items with a value of at least $30. Interestingly, I took a recent survey and one of the questions asked was if there was a discount for purchasing both sizes, would you get the Mini? I'd love that!

The Cost: $18.95/month

What You Get: The monthly MINI box will feature two similarly themed full-sized products that will complement the regular monthly Must Have Box. The monthly mini subscription box will include products worth over $30.

Friday, June 10, 2016

GlobeIn Subscription Box "Picnic" Review and Coupon

GlobeIn is a subscription box dedicated to finding fair trade, handmade, ethically sourced products from direct sources or vetted partner organizations. That means you're getting the real deal! GlobeIn is serious about what they are doing- helping global artisans while sending subscribers a little bit of what's out there in the world.

This subscription allows you to experience the world and it's artisans without leaving home. The themes of each box make it even more fun. This box has a theme of "Picnic" and its about getting outside and enjoying the sun on your face.

This review is for the Artisan Box but there is also a smaller version-- The Benefit Basket. The Benefit basket comes in a handwoven basket (made in Mexico) and one handmade, curated item. This review is for the Artisan box.

The Cost: $40/month for the Artisan Box, $19.99/month for the Benefit Basket.

What You Get: In the Artisan Box, you'll find exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans curated around a monthly theme. The Benefit Basket will have one handmade, globally sourced item along with the GlobeIn signature woven basket.

Box of Style Summer 2016 Review and $10 Off Coupon

Rachel Zoe's Box of Style is one of my favorite quarterly boxes. It's one of the best fashion boxes out there, especially if you have Rachel's style. While I'm sort of in between, I've pretty much loved every box, even when it took me out of my comfort zone.
Since this is a quarterly box, it does have a seasonal type theme. This Summer box is all about vibrant colors and hot weather essentials. I'm pretty happy with what arrived. I was a little unsure about the jewelry piece but it's far better than I was expecting.

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: At least five products worth over $300 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle carefully curated by Rachel Zoe and her team.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jewelry Subscription June 2016 Review

Jewelry Subscription is a fashion jewelry subscription that is customized to your personal jewelry preferences. You'll get the same kind of jewelry you would find in a department store. It's not diamonds and pearls but it's high quality costume jewelry. Some pieces will be sterling silver or gold plated. Which is what I prefer anyway because if anything happened to it, I wouldn't freak out. I would probably be unhappy, though, because what I received this month is super cute.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a questionnaire asking about your preferences. If your ears aren't pierced, you won't receive earrings, that kind of thing. I tend to go both ways with my style. Sometimes I want something flashy and other times I need something classic so I allowed a lot of leeway in what could be sent to me.

The Cost: $17.99/month for one piece, $24.99/month for 2-3 pieces

What You Get: Hand selected, high-quality jewelry pieces chosed for your particular style preferences.

Chococurb Mini June 2016 Chocolate Subscription Review and Coupon

Chococurb is a subscription sending specialty chocolate each month. If there was a subscription for a choco-holic, this is the one. You'll receive superb chocolate from all around the world which means it's possible to get chocolate you've never even heard of. Everything is delicious!
There are two sizes of Chococurb boxes. One is the regular Chococurb subscription that has 5-7 different chocolate products in it and the other is the gift subscription Chococurb Mini with 3 chocolate goodies. This review is for the Mini version.

The Cost: Mini- $20/month, Regular: $35/month

What You Get: Mini- An assortment of 3 specialty chocolates, Regular- An assortment of 5 to 7 chocolates or chocolate related items. These items can come from small, local chocolatiers to more established, national brands.

RawSpiceBar "Cambodia" Spice Subscription Box Review and 50% off Coupon

RawSpiceBar is a subscription for the kitchen! You'll receive three different spice blends each month all curated around a world cuisine. I've been particularly enjoying the variety the recipes they send add to my menu. Since the spices are usually the most expensive and elusive part of recipes from exotic lands, this is an excellent way to try new things without breaking the bank on your spice cupboard.

This month the spices and recipes feature Cambodian cuisine. The traditional dishes have been influenced by China, India and France and are a balance of salty, sweet, spicy and sour. Foods like mango salad, coconut curries, stirfries and barbeques are common.

The Cost: $6/month

What You Get: Three spice pouches, which are enough to create 3 individual dishes serving 4-6 people. The total amount of spices will typically weigh between 1-1.5 ounces each month. You'll also receive recipes and cultural tips and notes.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Try the World Specialty Food Subscription May 2016 Review and Coupon

Try the World specializes in introducing subscribers to authentic, well-loved foods from countries around the world. This box is basically a food adventure without having to leave your home. The May box featured "Sweden" and I found it to be a wonderful mix of useful, tasty products. This box was curated by Chef Emma Bengtsson who is originally from Sweden but now works at Aquavit in New York.

Try the World has changed quite a bit since I first encountered them and all the changes have been good. The price has lowered, there's a new, smaller Snack Box and you can now subscribe monthly and bi-monthly if you like!
The presentation of this subscription is so well done. Included in every box is a colorful fold-out information card that describes what you've received, recipes for what's included and some tidbits about the country.

The Cost: $39.99/month or bi-monthly

What You Get:  A carefully selected collection of gourmet products most representative of the featured country's cuisine.

Club Sassy Leggings May 2016 Subscription Review

This might be one of my new favorite things. Club Sassy is a leggings subscription that sends a new pair of leggings to your door every month. I've started loving leggings with a tunic top or for working out in and I'm starting to amass quite a collection. The more, the merrier!

Club Sassy sends leggings in regular, curvy and little girl sizes so there really is a pair for everyone! You'll get one random pattern each month. This month there were three different patterns- Shirley, Eleanor and Oprah. I received the Oprah.

The Cost: $16.99/month (for Regular), $18.99/month (for Curvy), $14.99/month for Girls

What You Get: A new pair of colorful, comfy and sassy leggings each month. Available in women's regular and curvy sizes and little girl sizes.

Olfactif June 2015 Fragrance Subscription Review

Olfactif sends beautifully packaged unisex indie fragrance samples every month. You'll receive three different scents created by some of the best "noses" in the industry. These are not brands you'll find in department stores, they're from independent perfumers with an extra dose of creativity and ingenuity.

This month features three fragrances from 4160Tuesdays. London-based Sarah McCartney is a self-taught, critically acclaimed perfumer who loves to give each small batch fragrance a fun title type of name. Two of the perfumes this month ( Midnight in a Palace Garden and Maxed Out) have been nominated for the Fragrance Foundation best indie perfume 2015.
If you are a fragrance conoisseur, you're going to love it. Hard to find, exotic and international brands can become part of your perfume library. I've found several that I've loved over the course of the last several months. Trying new perfumes can be quite addicting.

The Cost: $18/month

What You Get: Three niche perfume samples in 2.25ml spray vials, carefully packaged and sent to your door every month. You'll also receive $18 toward the purchase of a full size bottle for the month.