Friday, June 10, 2016

GlobeIn Subscription Box "Picnic" Review and Coupon

GlobeIn is a subscription box dedicated to finding fair trade, handmade, ethically sourced products from direct sources or vetted partner organizations. That means you're getting the real deal! GlobeIn is serious about what they are doing- helping global artisans while sending subscribers a little bit of what's out there in the world.

This subscription allows you to experience the world and it's artisans without leaving home. The themes of each box make it even more fun. This box has a theme of "Picnic" and its about getting outside and enjoying the sun on your face.

This review is for the Artisan Box but there is also a smaller version-- The Benefit Basket. The Benefit basket comes in a handwoven basket (made in Mexico) and one handmade, curated item. This review is for the Artisan box.

The Cost: $40/month for the Artisan Box, $19.99/month for the Benefit Basket.

What You Get: In the Artisan Box, you'll find exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans curated around a monthly theme. The Benefit Basket will have one handmade, globally sourced item along with the GlobeIn signature woven basket.

Peace Picnic Blanket- This blanket was made in Cambodia. It's quite large and has one "tarp" side and one soft blanket side. This is absolutely going to get used. I'm bringing it with me on our next camping trip, for sure!
Neem Wood Travel Cutting Board- Made in India, this small cutting board is as soft as silk. It's so smooth I don't even want to get it marked up by knife cuts. It is the perfect size for sneaking into a backpack, though. I used it to cut my lemons and limes already.
Color Travel Cup- You won't forget which cup is yours with this colorful one! It's metal and good for both cold and hot drinks. I'm debating taking this one with me camping with me just to show everyone which drink is mine. :) Made in India.
Bottle Basket- I have to admit that I couldn't figure out what this was for until I saw the description. I was thinking maybe it was to store forks and knives. Holding a bottle is far more interesting although I bet it can be anything I want it to be! It doesn't fit a champagne bottle but wine would be fine. These are made by a family in Mexico who use the money from GlobeIn to reinvest in their business. They're saving up to buy metal forms for weaving palm hats. A worthy endeavor, I must say.

VERDICT: If you love supporting artisans and helping those around the world earn a living wage, you're going to enjoy everything about GlobeIn. Besides supporting a good cause, GlobeIn also sends some of the most unique and interesting products. You will never find these things in any other subscription. Most of the time everything is very practical and easy to integrate into your regular lifestyle. I like being able to do that with my products. I think my favorite thing is the Peace Blanket but it's basically a tie with the cutting board. So fun and useful.

If you would like to sign up for GlobeIn, you can do that here. Use code WELCOME to get $10 off a 3 month subscription of the Artisan Box. Sign up by the 15th to get this the "Picnic" box!

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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