Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jewelry Subscription June 2016 Review

Jewelry Subscription is a fashion jewelry subscription that is customized to your personal jewelry preferences. You'll get the same kind of jewelry you would find in a department store. It's not diamonds and pearls but it's high quality costume jewelry. Some pieces will be sterling silver or gold plated. Which is what I prefer anyway because if anything happened to it, I wouldn't freak out. I would probably be unhappy, though, because what I received this month is super cute.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a questionnaire asking about your preferences. If your ears aren't pierced, you won't receive earrings, that kind of thing. I tend to go both ways with my style. Sometimes I want something flashy and other times I need something classic so I allowed a lot of leeway in what could be sent to me.

The Cost: $17.99/month for one piece, $24.99/month for 2-3 pieces

What You Get: Hand selected, high-quality jewelry pieces chosed for your particular style preferences.

I'm in love with this ring! I had been asked what my ring sizes were and gave my range between 5 and 7 figuring no matter what size was sent, it would fit on at least one finger. I should have asked if ring sizes went smaller (since my pinky is a 4) but I didn't. I just assumed a 4 would be asking too much since they're so hard to find.
This is SUPER sparkly in the sunshine, it's comfortable to wear and sturdily made. I think it's going to hold up really well and the jewels seem very secure in their settings. I wonder if there's a matching necklace...
This is a necklace and bracelet duo in silver tone. I'm not a huge fan of hearts but I am a sucker for sterling silver and these are pretty cute. Sort of dainty but fun at the same time with all the chains.
I had a hard time at first because the necklace was so tangled but I finally figured out what the problem was and managed to get everything in order. I like that it's a piece I could toss on with just about anything. After wearing it for a day I realized it tends to get sort of irregularly spaced out on my neck but it still looks kinda cute.
Both hearts are stamped with 925. I think of the two pieces I like the bracelet the best.
Super cute! It's not too big either which can be a problem for me. I hate it when they slide down to my knuckles. Eh, small hand problems, right? Hah!

VERDICT: I don't buy a whole lot of jewelry because I get so much in subscription boxes but it seems to me that Jewelry Subscription is a pretty good deal. I adore the ring because it's so fun and not something I would normally choose for myself. And it sparkles so much!

If you would like to sign up for Jewelry Subscription, you can do that here. Boxes ship on the 1st and 15th of the month so you should have your first box within two weeks!

Have you subscribed to a jewelry subscription before? What are your thoughts?

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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