Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Olfactif June 2015 Fragrance Subscription Review

Olfactif sends beautifully packaged unisex indie fragrance samples every month. You'll receive three different scents created by some of the best "noses" in the industry. These are not brands you'll find in department stores, they're from independent perfumers with an extra dose of creativity and ingenuity.

This month features three fragrances from 4160Tuesdays. London-based Sarah McCartney is a self-taught, critically acclaimed perfumer who loves to give each small batch fragrance a fun title type of name. Two of the perfumes this month ( Midnight in a Palace Garden and Maxed Out) have been nominated for the Fragrance Foundation best indie perfume 2015.
If you are a fragrance conoisseur, you're going to love it. Hard to find, exotic and international brands can become part of your perfume library. I've found several that I've loved over the course of the last several months. Trying new perfumes can be quite addicting.

The Cost: $18/month

What You Get: Three niche perfume samples in 2.25ml spray vials, carefully packaged and sent to your door every month. You'll also receive $18 toward the purchase of a full size bottle for the month.

Goddess of Love & Perfume- This fragrance has a plethora of fruity notes like peach, plum, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, grapefruit and yuzu. That's not all either. It also has oakmoss, bergamot, patchouli, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley and vanilla. It's like all the things in one spot. To me it smells like an old lady. And the second I put it on both dogs started sneezing which I thought was kind of funny.
Midnight in the Palace Garden- I think this is my favorite one. It's light and not super long-lasting but it has notes of blood orange, plumeria, jasmine, vanilla, coffee, cedarwood and sandalwood. While I'm normally not a fan of florals, I adore plumeria and jasmine. Mixed with sandalwood? Mmm!!
Maxed Out- You'll find notes of rum, coconut, lime, tobacco, coffee, cannabis essential oil, musk, vanilla and cumin in this. This is basically a tie for first but for a different reason. This smells fabulous on my husband. On me it goes rummy with a bare hint of tobacco but on him it's cedar, tobacco and musk. The best part is that he likes it, too!

VERDICT: I honestly don't know much about the perfume industry but I've had a wonderful time getting to know some of the best indie brands. I've purchased full bottles and enjoyed every spritz. When I first started getting Olfactif, I had no idea there was such a wonderful range of scent combinations. I was used to saccharine sweetness in pink bottles fronted by current pop stars. And I've never been interested in those. But Olfactif has stretched out my horizons and I'm constantly getting compliments on what I'm wearing and asked what it could be. It's a glorious conversation starter, I have to admit.

If you would like to sign up for Olfactif, you can do that here. If you sign up before the 15th, you'll receive this months collection. After the 15th, you'll receive the July box.

Do you subscribe to any perfume subscriptions? While I haven't loved everything scent, the majority have been very, very nice.

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine. Affiliate links were used in this post.

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