Thursday, June 30, 2016

Popsugar Must Have Limited Edition Summer 2016 Box Review

I had no idea the Popsugar Limited Edition Summer 2016 box was even shipping! I'm pretty sure I never got an email but I was gone for awhile so it may have been part of the mass email deletion I did when I got back. We had a great time but I'll tell you right now, I wish that had arrived before we'd left because it had two things I would have taken with me.
This box is HUGE. It's probably the biggest PSLE box I've received so far. It wouldn't even fit in the space I used to take photos!
Everything was individually wrapped, as it usually is and the info card was right on top. I snuck a peek before I opened everything, I can't lie.

The Cost: $100/box released quarterly. Not a subscription.

Tofino Towel Co. The Chesterman- Round towels seem to be the thing these days. I now have two of them but besides being round, they're very different! It's huuuuuuge! I probably should have taken it outside to get a photo. Maybe I should just go do that...
This is 100% cotton It feels very absorbent (although I haven't tried it yet) and I adore the design and the tassels!! Did I mention it's gigantic?
Value: $74.99
Sugarfina Ice Cream Cones- Gummies shaped like ice cream cones that taste kinda gross. Flavors are strawberry, vanilla and blueberry. It's a good thing I didn't love them because my horrible dog ate them. I had left them on the floor when I took the towel outside to get a photo. I came back to a slobbery mess. Yuck. Also, Sugarfina is way too expensive so just get the same things on Amazon for a fraction of the price. They just buy and repackage bulk candies you can get pretty much anywhere.
Value: $7.50
Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist- As with any face mist, do not allow this to evaporate on your face. I suggest applying it right before a moisturizer or at least patting it in. It's not straight water but you want to make the most of it, for sure. This has a pH of 4.5 so it has an exfoliating effect which is pretty nice. Get rid of the dead, dull cells and reveal the new! We all want that. This has witch hazel in it, which has a concentration of probably 12-14% alcohol. I'm debating using it anyway, though.
Value: $32
Londontown Lakur Royal Wedding- This is a summery coral color which would look great if I had a tan. But I don't. Ive never heard of this brand either but that's not saying much. They're also 9-free.
Value: $16
Hat Attack Twisted Stripe Tote- I'll be honest. I have absolutely no idea why this tote is so expensive! It's a straw tote! With thin leather strips for handles. It is admittedly huge and appears to be well made but that's way too much money.
I looked them up and they've been operating since 1981 but still only make $1-5 million a year. And they appear to be mostly sold on places like Zappos. I thought maybe it was a name brand that I hadn't heard about but it appears not.
Value: $95
Corkcicle Canteen- Is it bad that this is close to my favorite thing in the box? I am super happy to have this. It's triple walled, won't sweat, is vacuum sealed and has a nice shape for gripping. The only thing it doesn't have is a way to attach a carabiner to it in order to attach it to a loop on a backpack or something. It's supposed to keep hot stuff hot for 12 hours and cold stuff cold for 24 but there's an asterix that says "results vary based on external factors." Hah.
Update: So this thing is magic! I put hot water from my Keurig into the canteen, sealed it shut, left it on the counter then checked it 13 hours later. STILL HOT! Actually hot, too. Not tepid, not lukewarm but "Ow, I stuck my finger in hot water" hot. I'm convinced!
Value $28

VERDICT: Overall I was pleased with the contents of this box. Was it worth the amount paid? For me, I think it was. I now have a beach towel, an AWESOME canteen and I'm going to use the Herbivore Botanicals, too. Could I have gotten that for less? Yeah, probably. I'm mainly skeptical about giving a $100 value to a tote. Pfft. I think if I was on a budget and splurged for this, I would be more grumpy about the tote. That's the thing about these kinds of boxes, though. It's a gamble. That's part of the fun. But if you hate gambling, stay away!! Haha! I know I'm pushing my luck when I order the Limited Editions so the only person I have to get mad at is myself. Know what I mean?

Pesonally, I do prefer the  monthly Popsugar Must Have boxes over these. You can get three months of Popsugar for the price of one of these and I'd say if you're waffling go with the regular box! Sign up here for the Must Have box if you want to check it out. Use code REFER5 or MUSTHAVE5 for $5 off your first box.

UPDATE: Apparently I'm out of the loop but my box shipped late. I didn't even know though I did wonder where it was. I just got an extra gift from Popsugar today-- a set of 4 Govino 16oz wine glasses! I love these for camping. :) Oh, and they are dishwasher safe!

Give me all your honest thoughts on this box! What do you think of the contents?

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