Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Try the World Specialty Food Subscription May 2016 Review and Coupon

Try the World specializes in introducing subscribers to authentic, well-loved foods from countries around the world. This box is basically a food adventure without having to leave your home. The May box featured "Sweden" and I found it to be a wonderful mix of useful, tasty products. This box was curated by Chef Emma Bengtsson who is originally from Sweden but now works at Aquavit in New York.

Try the World has changed quite a bit since I first encountered them and all the changes have been good. The price has lowered, there's a new, smaller Snack Box and you can now subscribe monthly and bi-monthly if you like!
The presentation of this subscription is so well done. Included in every box is a colorful fold-out information card that describes what you've received, recipes for what's included and some tidbits about the country.

The Cost: $39.99/month or bi-monthly

What You Get:  A carefully selected collection of gourmet products most representative of the featured country's cuisine.

Gille Double Chocolate Crisps- These chocolate cookies are made using ingredients local to Sweden and are part of the traditional Swedish "fika" or coffee break. Enjoy just as they are or dipped in tea. These are very light, crispy and very tasty.
Nordic Fudge Rosehip Fudge- I don't think I've ever heard of fudge with rosehips. While I didn't mind the rosehip taste (it reminds me of tea), I wasn't a big fan of this fudge in general. I'm not sure if it was the texture or the combination of flavors but I didn't like it.

Tillmans Elderflower Saft Syrup- This has a light, refreshing flavor. A little goes a long way and I used one of their recipes to make myself a crisp summer drink. I smushed raspberries and cherries and tossed them in with the elderflower syrup and some club soda. So good!
Lakritsfabriken Sweet Licorice- As opposed to salty licorice, of course. I don't really like salty licorice but the sweet kind? Yes. This is a super soft, chewy licorice that tastes just the way I would want it to. The flavor sticks with you, too. Licorice is very popular in Nordic countries so I'm not surprised to see it in this box.
Lisa Ellas Sweet and Hot Honey Mustard- Winner of the Gold Medal at the World Wide Mustard Competition, this mustard is made in Sweden using local mustard seeds, honey and spices. My husband loves mustard of all kinds and I know he'll appreciate this.
Hafi Lingonberry Jam- This is a slightly tart jam made from lingonberries found in wild, eco-certified forests. Lingonberries are very popular in Swedish dishes. Growing up we had them with our Swedish pancakes (basically crepes).
Lofbergs Ground Coffee- If you're going to fika, you need some coffee! Fika is a tradition somewhat like afternoon tea or a coffee break. Drink coffee, have some sweets or pastries and chat with friends or coworkers and you'll be enjoying fika.

Morsjo Deli Flatbread Crisps- These are thin and crispy and taste slightly of the oil they were fried in. I ate them with hummus and was very happy with them. According to Try the World, I should also top them with lingonberry jam. I'll definitely do it!

VERDICT: I loved the variety of products included and I was happy to see that they were all actually made in Sweden. The presentation is excellent, the extra information included is interesting and I like the fact that it's curated by a Swedish chef. Plus, everything tastes good and will be fun to use! That elderberry syrup is perfection even by itself with sparkling water.

If you would like to sign up for Try the World, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES to get 15% off any order.

What do you think of this box? I've never been to Sweden but I'd love to go. I think I'd try to find all the sweet licorices to taste test. :)

*This box was sent complimentary for review purposes. All opinions are mine.

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